Saturday 14 January 2012

I love books!


I love the smell of the pages as I flipped through them
dozing off with one on my bosom in bed
using it as my knight in shining armour to squash the scary spider (splat!)
the dust reminding me how long I’ve cheated on my promises

The yellowing of the pages and mildew spots mirror that on my face
nothing beats a friend that sticks with you through our trials and tribulations
never mind if the pages were dog-eared or if I’ve gone forgetful
it’s time to give you a hug my special friend!


  1. A commment I posted on a very interesting wanderlust blog I found recently.

    It just came out naturally. I guess I was inspired!

  2. I foresee the future generation will be using E-books, tablets products to read. :P

  3. Yes Guru,

    Today while having lunch at a fast food joint today, I saw 2 precoscious girls barely 6 r 7 using their daddy's iPad while eating. It struck me that's the way of the future generation!

    I am a product of a different generation.

    My book shelves will have physical books. Funny how today's Sunday Times have an article on the demise of shelves too ;)

  4. Hi SMOL,

    I love books too and spending money on books is probably the only descretionary spending I engage in. But like you, I also have quite a few books that I somehow can never finish reading :p

    Actually I don't mind ebooks. Saves trees!


  5. Hi Sm@ll.fry,

    It's reassuring to surround myself with gobod books that I can refer to whenever there's a need.

    Why memorise when I know where to find the information ;)

    I am one of those tree-cutters who insist on a hard copy when it comes to anything beyond 2 x A4 pages long.

    That's why I limit my posts to max 2 x A4 pages ;)

    E-books? Nah!

    Salut to you too!


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