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Monday, 16 January 2012

New Blogger's threaded comments don't work for IE PCs

Another virgin post!

And its about solving IT issues!

Me? You got to be kidding!

Last week, I noticed something new in some blogs that belonged to the Blogger family - threaded comments!

What's that? It's a new trick where we can "reply" directly to a specific comment in a blog. That's super cool!

I thought its something new found under gadgets, but I couldn't find it. So I've forgotten about it until this weekend when I tried to view the comments of blogs with the new threaded comments feature...

When using IE9, the moment I clicked on the comments, it returned the blank screen of death or the brower hangs  :(

I even wrote to one blogger asking her to check her comments settings!?

It's a man's thing. If something is not working, it must be others at fault. So embarassing!

For Internet Explorer readers

If you are an IE user, click on CW8888's blog and click on the comments and you will understand: http://createwealth8888.blogspot.com/ 

(CW8888, don't mind me using your blog as example hor!)

The solution if you are a reader is easy - switch to Firefox or Safari and the problem is solved!

It seems some Chrome users have experienced similar problem with IE users too with the new threaded commenting in Blogger. Which is surprising since Chrome and Blogger belong to Goggle. The developers don't talk to each other?

For webmasters using Blogger

Either disable threaded commenting (for now) by changing Embedded comment settings to either Full screen or Pop-up settings... Wait till Goggle engineering has fixed the problem before restarting Embedded threaded comments again.

Or you can heck care! You could also be are a Firefox or Safari fan; and if not now, when better to give IE the "twist" of your bayonet? LOL! 

What did I learn?

New IT bells and whistles are good; but there could be bugs. Let others be the guinea pigs first!

It applies to IPOs too. No track record means I am either buying into an investment theme (flavour of the month) or making a stag trade (find someone to offload our newborn quick!).

Hmm... Maybe I should stick with the old Chinese wisdom: The longer the distance, the better to test the horse's stamina ;)

Oh yeah! For those skeptical listening to a person making a virgin IT problem solving post (good for you!), here's the official link where I got my information:

Official Blogger help forum


  1. Hi Jared

    Learning never stops and as Confucius himself or one of his disciples remarked that we can learn from anyone and everyone.

    Useful to know about how threaded comment feature works in some browsers but not others :-)

    Be well and prosper and wishing you a bountiful and prosperous Lunar New Year 2012 of the Dragon filled with health, wealth and wisdom.

    P.S. How are you settling down back in SG? :-)

  2. Hey Panzer,

    For the past 2 weeks I've been on "holiday".

    Exploring different parts of Singapore. Things look familiar yet different.

    Last Sunday, I even tried to find my old 9 RITC Taman Jurong Camp at Corporation Drive after 24 years' absence. Everything has changed! Lots of new HDB flats!

    Lucky there's one block of old HDB 3 room flat and the market still around. If not I would have no clue on my bearings! The camp is long gone and they are bullding a private condo over it now.

    Visited Clementi Mall just now. Now I understand the purpose of the population growth. It's to support all these "look alike" malls! It seems now every town has one of them? But where's the soul and character? So commercial...

    I guess 15 days after CNY will I start to get on with "work" - start looking at the markets for opportunities. I traditional; 1st to 15th no work! I lazy or what?

    After the 15th, I will probably be bored and start contacting you all for coffee ;)

    Now family and me time first priority!

  3. Hi Jared

    Glad to see that you are chilling out and becoming a local "tourist" again to re-familiarise yourself with old landmarks :-)

    Have a great year of the Dragon! :-)


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