Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Please don't call me uncle!

Last weekend, I went to the thousand hands Kuan Yin temple at Waterloo Street to say my thanks.

Then I went to Sim Lim Square to look see look see. I am looking for a 11.6 inch notebook to complement my 7 years young Dell desktop PC. Something light that I can carry along during my walk here walk there excursions in Singapore and overseas.

Guess what?

Every freaking shop I went into, the sales assistants all asked: "Uncle, what you want?"

OK, I've been called Uncle before. But not by everyone! Once in a while can tahan (take it); but this is too much!

I am especially sensitive since I am currently undergoing my mid-life male menopause.

I think I must go to Queensway and print my own personalised T-shirt:

At the front: "Uncle your head!"

At the back: "Call me yan-eh" (handsome)

How? Power?

Qian pei (seniors), I need your advice. At what age did you all finally accept and is at peace with being called Uncle?

Now I understand why my female colleague in Singapore never talked to me for 3 months when I jokingly called her "Auntie". Ouch!

The joke's on me now :(


  1. Hi Jared

    Don't worry, I'm 40 already and have been okay with people calling me uncle since I have nieces 15 years ago..hahha..

    Age is an attitude so don't let external labels affect your own sense of your internal age :-)

    Be well and prosper.

  2. my life path... at the coffeeshop...

    Kopi-Soh will call me..
    <21yrs - BOY
    <35yrs - Yan-Dao
    <39yrs - Lao-Bang..

  3. SMOL, I hope you understand... printing a T-shirt asking people to call you "Yan-Eh" won't work..

    For some things in is bestowed upon you, not forced by you.. hehe..

  4. I am 34 currently, I look younger than my age due to the facial regime I went through and exercises.
    You should go if you want to look younger, am not sure if it is too late, but exercise can you look younger too as I believe my earlier years of thaiboxing training helps.:)

  5. My friend has a tee-shirt that says


  6. Hmm.. soon someone will stand up and give up MRT special seat for you. It is definitely the time to accept unclehood. hee hee!

  7. Hi SMOL

    It's your hair style lah!

    However, I guess that the sales at Sim Lim Sq tend to be young Malaysian and the have a habit to call those in the late thirties and above, 'UNCLE!'

  8. Wah lau!

    I not sure whether you all comforting me or rubbing it in ;)

    Lucky my best friend is a girl. I think I better seek comfort in the bosom of her company.

    You guys har!

    1) PG, most labels I can accept (poor, weak, slow, etc) but this uncle label... Discovered my "shaolin golden bell" weak spot!

    2) WJ, I think next time I go coffee shop must find old kopi-soh so she can call say: Ah Dee, what you want? Laugh, wait you reach my age then you know! Maybe you cry louder than me? LOL!

    3) Guru, your "am not sure if it is too late" cuts like hot blade through butter. Try talking like that to your significang other and see if you get a slap! Hmph!

    4) Patty, I will print "资深美男". The "少" a bit over. You the best! I think you got training from your women friends ;)

    5) Qian pei CW8888, if people give MRT seat to me I lagi cry...

    6) YJ72, argh!!! Being called uncle not enough... Now kena critique about my hairstyle. You...

    You guys should go see how women comfort each other.

  9. like that also upset!

    i have been ask whether i'm a senior citizen at the @#$@% NTUC supermark. (i guess they have some discount or something for senior).

    i got a little upset not from the cashier but when my wife keep laughing non stop.

    get use to it man.

  10. Coconut,

    I need time to heal mah! Tonight must go down to the alley and sing "Memory".


  11. hey bro, another tip: collagen pills :)
    staying young at heart is most important. remember the 60 year local actor that has made this 25 year old pregnant? cheers :P

  12. Guru,

    LOL! I still in my preference for mature women phase. That means I still young at heart!

    But I think the day I start to "byo" (look at) at sweet young sailormoons, I'll know I am uncle liao!

  13. i'm mid-thirties yet always being called "ah di" or "xiao di"

    so angry, i decided to keep moustache and beard.. haha

  14. Karma came fast and furious. The delivery xiao di from Union Gas called me 'UNCLE' when I open the gate for him :(

  15. 1) Babyfaced, argh!!!!

    Go away!

    Just joking. I've calme down already after 1 week.

    I now back to my former self. Can look into the mirror and waggle my eyebrows and still say: "You sexy thing!" LOL!

    2) YJ72,

    Ha ha! There is justice! I think I must check-out SKII. Boink, boink!

  16. i think sufficient sleep, a good diet and regular exercise will slow down the aging process

    but then stress management and good genes also important :P

  17. Babyfaced,

    Lucky girls like mature man ;)

    Ha ha! We win some, lose some.


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