Sunday 22 January 2012

Morning walk at Portsdown Road

I took a walk around a part of Queenstown that I’ve never ventured in for the longest time.

After walking along Commonwealth Avenue, I turned into North Buona Vista Road, passed the Ministry of Education, and right opposite ACJC, I turned into Portsdown Road.

Finally I can see the gleaming buildings of Biopolis and Fusionpolis up close.

But I’m not here for the new and the future.

I’m here to take my morning walk and visit the black and white bungalows of yesteryears. It was 10 am on a Sunday morning. No cars, no people. Everything was still and quiet.

It reminded me of Sweden where I can take long walks in the forest without ever meeting another soul.

Great for meditation and reflections.

Have I found a quiet sanctuary in crowded Singapore? Hope the quiet and solitude is not because today is also CNY’s eve…

A chance discovery! One North Park. They have a park here? Must check it out next time. Explore cutting through the park instead of taking Portsdown Road next time?

Shower in Gold

A gust of wind bellows against the trees. The yellowed leaves left their anchors on the branches and gently flicker down toward the road.

Against the dark of the shadowed trees in the background, these fallen leaves caught the rays of sun behind me, sparkles and glitters in golden sunlit ecstasy as they sashayed passed me. Totally oblivious to my presence.

I stood rooted to the ground, watching this impromptu performance. A feeling of joy ever so brief erupted from my heart. So beautiful, so transient.

Hustle and Bustle

When I have recovered from my stupor, I continued pass the Tanglin Trust School. At Woking Road, I found a dirt trail amongst the black and white bungalows at the Wessex Estate along Woking Road.

Followed the trail, crossed the former railway track, and through the trees, I ended up at the Tanglin Halt Market and Food Centre! Long snaking queues at the few hawker stalls that were open. Lots of uncles and aunties making their last minute buys at the market stalls.

Back to reality. Back to my HDB heartland.Full of sound and colour!

My barrier – A railway track?

I couldn’t help reflecting the contrast between the two sides of the railway track. And why a simple railway track has prevented me from “crossing-over” all these years…

Was it the physical presence of the track acting as a natural demarcation, on was it more a social and psychological barrier of mine – between a bungalow area and a HDB area?

I wonder. 

Are there more railway tracks that prevent me from exploring the other side?


  1. You really going around measuring roads. LOL

    Gong xi fa cai and good health!

    Don't forget to start jogging soon.

  2. Thanks CW8888! Wan Shi Ru Yi to you too!

    I'm not a jogger. I'm more a walker ;)

  3. One of my favourite pastime is also measuring road at those quiet sanctuary lined with black and white colonial house. However, instead of using bus no 11, I will use my car :)

    My favourite used to be Selatar Camp and it is a pity that the rare sanctuary has strung by at least by half due to the aviation hub!

  4. Ah! YJ72,

    You like to "eat wind" too!

    I must get my scooter one day to enjoy the wind flowing through my hair.

    Hmm. I think I need to re-phrase that... But under the helmet, who can notice?


  5. That was where I stayed at 2 years ago!! :D
    Not the bungalow, but the HDB just right beside the rain track, always go and cross the rail track to enjoy the bungalow.. :D

  6. Hey hydrogenperoxide!

    Then you know Colbar and the Temasek club nearby ;)

    I so embarrassing. Lived in Queenstown all my life only been to Temasek club for swimming once during my primary school days.

    Never been to the old Colbar. Now can only see the "rescued" Colbar.

    I've walked along the railway track many times though when young. And when the train horns, we would jumps off the tracks in panic! LOL!

    Strange I never crossed over to the bungalows...

  7. Hi SMOL

    It's a nice neighbourhood there. At least the Government preserved the black and white bungalows. I used to have an old childhood friend whose family stayed in one of those condos. Was really big with high ceilings.

    Enjoy discovering more of your old neighbourhood.

    Be well and prosper.

  8. Happy New Year!
    Re-awakening one's senses and to be touched by life's little surprises are some of the great joys of life. Enjoy!

  9. Thanks and Happy New Year to you plumerainbow!

    Life is good!


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