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Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Good, Better, Best Ways to be Financially Free!

1.  Born rich. Duh! This one most "passive" of all! We don't even have to lift a finger! 

2.  Marry rich. If lucky, we just need one client for our prostitution....

3.  Start a business. Rather be a dog in our own kennel than to be the eunuch at the Grand Palace...

4.  Do well in corporate. Being an eunuch is not so bad if we under one clown but above everyone else! Who knows? May even usurp the throne as history is littered with stewards that overthrew their minor monarchs...

5.  Buy Toto. Ar ber then?

6.  Investing and/or trading. What? Below gambing? Well, those buying Toto know they are gambling. At least they are more honest than investors/traders who are doing the same but pretending they are doing something else by clever use of euphemisms...

Sunday, 17 September 2017






Thursday, 14 September 2017


After my previous post, I chanced upon this old Chinese post at the bottom under Linkwithin:


Non-Chinese reading readers may want to stop and leave now. Sorry.

There's a reason why this post's heading is in Chinese. Duh!

This is what I meant by poetry club. Totally unplanned, unrehearsed. 

Sillyinvestor got the ball rolling with:


LP chimed in with:


I joined the fun revealing my phobia of marriage:


Endrene, the rose amongst the thorns, showed who's boss:


And added this recovery to lull us back to her sweet tenderness:


I had a change of heart:


And LP wrapped it all up by changing structure and form (rule breaker):


Of course this is not the exception. Regular readers will know some of the more scintillating exchanges happen frequently at the most unexpected posts.

Especially comments about sex, religion, and politics!

Sometimes we even babble on with weird topics like - cosmology, philosophy, arts, literature, history, anime, manga, and "char shao bao"!?


P.S. Special thanks to the wonderful and don't take themselves too seriously readers who bothered to take the time to "play" with me. 

Come to think of it, who else would bother to comment to a "blank" post?

Friday, 1 September 2017

Difference Between Being Frugal And Miserly

In my family, I am considered the "frugal" one.

During my early days, I had to be careful with money due to low pay.

Imagine this.

At 16, I was earning $450 per month. Minus away 25% CPF contribution, and after giving mom 1/2 of my take home pay, there isn't much left, is there?

Yes, that was the "glorious" days of 25% employee and 25% employer contributions to CPF. Those who love voluntary CPF contributions must be foaming at the mouths now...


CPF contributions are great for those who earn more. I remember there were quite a few desparate workers at that time who "colluded" with their employers not to declare CPF.

These workers get 100% of their take home pay; while their employer "saved" on the 25% not contributed to CPF. (Don't follow OK? It's illegal)

Of course those of you who earned more will cry stupid!

Well, what do you think of those who don't earn more but voluntarily contribute to CPF today?

Back to my small means.

I remember there was a time where I will let aircon busses pass so I can take the next non-aircon bus - just to save that few cents...

And lunch at Orchard Road not cheap. Fast food was out of the question; too expensive. Thankfully, there was this staff canteen at Goodwood Park Hotel near Metro Orchard and that's where I took most of my meals.

Why am I sharing this?

Its to give you the context and perspective before I go poking at others.

And to show I've been there, done it too.

A frugal person loves to spend less on himself; but when it comes to people that matter, he does not mind spending money on them.

A miser will not spend money on himself and others.

And yes, I stay away from miserly people. They are no fun. Especially on overseas trips!

Girls, trust what your mother says, "Don't marry a miser!"

Don't believe a word he says its because he wants to achieve financial freedom or independence earlier (for the both of you)...

What's the point if he's not going to spend a single dime from his millions on you? 

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

When Our Trades Seem A Little Off...

This how I felt recently...

Until I discovered like the gentleman above, I've been wearing my briefs wrong!


Yeah, now I can laugh. Got stop-loss orders mah!

Imagine if I had held on to my losing trades... I would be totally naked by now... 

How? Yesterday STI down; today up?

I not playing; got more pressing matters to attend to.

Got to buy new underwear!

Sunday, 27 August 2017

Deja vu like in 2000?

Anyone investing/trading around year 2000?


Its more than 17 years...

Now that's a generation ago!


Do the events of today remind you of 2000?

Especially the activities and behaviours of your colleagues, neighbours, classmates, etc?

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Leslie Kee - From Rental Flat To $40K Daily As Top Photographer

Finally an article from our "nation building press" that resonates in my heart:

It Changed My Life: How Leslie Kee went from living in rental flat to earning $40k daily as top photographer 

The "ugly" side of our "financial freedom" (formerly aka I want to be a millionaire) community is the frequent obsession with money. 

Crass. Banal. Bourgeois.

Especially when I read those "financial advice" to youths who have asked the "wrong" question about life. 

Of course there is bias in highlighting this article. 

We tend to identify with others with similar backgrounds and experiences.

Compared to Leslie's childhood, mine would be liken to be born with a silver spoon!

Talk about playing the cards you were dealt well...

If you were in his shoes, would you have just rolled-over and gave up?

Many did.

Drugs, gangs, crime. 

There's some take-aways that I would like to share with youths who have gotten the "wrong answers".

Remember, if the answers did not came from within you, they are usually platitudes parrot by drones and mules. Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing...

1.  We got to pay our dues

Michael Leong - founder of ShareInvestor.com also washed dishes while taking his medical classes in Northern Ireland.

No, I don't mean literally you have to wash dishes... I didn't either!

But I too had to put in my fair share of blood, sweat, and toil just to be able to to afford the learning of my craft.

This is before the 10,000 hours needed to master our craft. 


Yes. Don't huh me!

Unless of course you were born with a golden spoon. Grades lousy but parents can afford to send you overseas to get a degree with little academic respect... But you're a "graduate" still mah!

2.  Success is what we have to sacrifice to achieve it

If you can't spot it, don't worry.

In time you will. Especially when it comes to relationships.

3.  Life is a series of decision points

If you ask anyone who have lived life a little long than you, you'll often find them regretting more on the decisions they did not make over the ones they have made.

Would you make that move to New York, if given the chance?

Would you suffer for your craft even if it costs you your freedom?

Of course "New York" and "personal freedom" are metaphors again.

Tip: If no one asks or headhunts you in your industry, I think you know the reasons why... Its either you are very mediocre, or super brilliant but clueless on "personal marketing"!

4.  A scholar in every profession

Trust in our 5,000 years of collective Chinese wisdom: 行行出状元!

There's another Chinese wisdom that says women afraid to marry the wrong man; man afraid to enter the wrong profession.

If you decide to choose Money, I can understand. 

Its easier to aspire to be a "prostitue". Who wants to toil for our craft?

I understand. I'm a man-whore myself.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Why I Use Stop-Loss

One reason we keep a record of our trades is so we can make logical decisions based on real data - not our biases or what other people say.

You know what?

7 out of 10 trades I've made, if I stomach the unrealised losses and "cheat" as in wait-and-hope for weeks, months, and years (let a trade turned into an investment), these losing trades will eventually be money making ones.

So why do I still use stop-loss to realise the actual loss?

Its because I remember vividly those 3 out of 10 trades that almost killed me! 

I've let a small paper cut turned gangrenous...

Eventually having to chop off my fingers...

Better this than to lose a whole arm or leg right?

Some traders never do and let the poison reach their hearts. And they are heard no more...

So whether to use stop-loss or not for you is not through listening to others or reading books.

You have to experiment for yourself and let your track record tell you - based on hard data. 

Crash got sound.

If you are so good at stock-picking (just lousy at entries) and all your trades will eventually make money, why use stop-loss to protect yourself?

Or if you are skilled at finding 10 baggers to dilute out those occasional small losses like Peter Lynch, why use stop-loss indeed!

That's why whenever I'm in a new job, I prefer to ask for forgiveness than permission. This way, I can flush out the unwritten law of the land - when I still have my honeymoon period!

Crash got sound!


Tuesday, 15 August 2017

The "Free" Trade/Hedge

Shorted the Simsci at 368 Thursday night.

Friday afternoon it closed in the money at 363.7 during the day session.

Weekend no armaggedon.

Monday morning got profit-stopped out at 367.7 during the first 30 minutes.

Well, that trade ended quickly... LOL!

When we returned from our overseas vacation safely, the travel insurance premium we paid is money flushed down the toilet.

Wouldn't it be nice if we can get our money back?

Review your investing diary or trading journal.

Have you noticed if your entry is good, better, best - your chances of getting out unharmed were greater?

It never was about market timing; its about risk management.

OK, not everyone trades with 10:1 leverage to appreciate the nuance I've just said.

Let's illustrate with an example:

If you have entered Keppel at $2, at the current price of $6 plus, it feels like a "free" investment. (If you let this position turn into a loss you have no one to blame but yourself)

Contrast it if you have bought Keppel at $10. 

Making less and losing money not even close to "same same".

Using dividends or entry price as panadols - your choice.

Friday, 11 August 2017

Which one hurts more?

Sillyinvestor, CW, and I were bantering which one hurts more?

1.  Sell too early and missed out on outsized profits? 

2.  Sell too late and left too much money on the table?

Just to clarify. 

Letting a winning position turn into a loss is just plain dumb.

Scenario 1

We bought stock A at $1.00.

Sell at $1.40 for a 40% gain; only to see it go all the way to $2.00 and missing a 2 bagger.

Scenario 2

We bought stock A at $1.00.

See it go all the way to $2.00 didn't sell; only to see it drop back down to $1.40.


Don't talk theory. From your experience, which one hurts more?

You don't bluff!

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

SMOL's Pledge

I, the Singapore Man Of Leisure, pledge myself to strike on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Regardless of ToTo, 4D, or Big Sweep. To buy hope and win extra. 

Based on quickpick, system 7 to 12, Big Sweep tickets, and 4D big/small.

So as to achieve car, cash, and condo.

Happy National Day!

Thursday, 3 August 2017

This Is Why Eating Healthy Is So Hard (So Is Investing!)

Investing is hard right?

Especially for those of you who have been investing for the past 10-20 years.

Remember those "advice" you thought were "gospel" when you started your journey but no longer "true" today?

For those just started recently, if you want to have a bit of fun, write down what you think will get you to the end of the rainbow - be it trading, investing, saving, buying Toto, marry into wealth, kick-ass career; etc.

Then put this paper into an envelop and toss it away in your drawer.

10 years later, open it up to see if the world then is a straight-line extrapolation of today. Wink.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Yield Hogs and Bird Brains

Dividend investing has several derogatory labels attached to it.

Like being called yield hog (its a pig if you don't speak american), or being sneered as an investment style more suitable for widows and orphans...


Why you all looking at me?

Ar ber then?

How much money we need to live off dividends is quite simple to calculate.

If one just need $4,000 per month for retirement, then at 5% yield, we need minimum $2 million to sleep soundly at night.

What's with that "extra" $1 million?

Those who drive a car or ride a motorcycle would know why. Wink.

Now compare the "not greedy" dividend investor above to yield hogs who for the same $4,000 per month dividend income:

1.  Employ a 100% vested strategy of $1 million capital at 5% yield.

2.  Employ a 100% vested strategy of $500K capital at 10% yield.

3.  Employ margin so they can raise enough capital for point 1 or 2...

I've been through Nasdaq 2000 and Lehman 2007 as a retail investor.

I've also experienced the Asian Financial Crisis of 1997 - though not as an investor - but I believe this one caused a lot more damage to the real economy and actual jobs lost.

What more to say if we're already retired and living off dividends that were cut or reduced? And seeing our networth got decimated in parallel?

Without a buffer, you confident you won't lose your head like a headless chicken and sell in panic?

No, I don't believe a word of Janet Yellen when she said we won't see another crisis. Well, that's what Ben Bernake said in 2007 on sub-prime not affecting the US economy too...

Climbing down the mountain

If you already have the required capital (with buffer), you don't need to shoot for the moon when it comes to yield. Boring 4-5% is good enough. 

You understand high yield bonds that pay north of 8% are also known as "junk bonds". So high yielding equities that pay north of 8% meant there's no free lunch!

And if your dividend gets halved or cancelled completely, you won't starve. You still have some cash rotting around somewhere.

I remember my motocycle instructor sharing with us he not so fond of Honda cubs as they lack the "spare engine power" to get us out of trouble in an emergency...

Climbing up the mountain

If your personal expenses at retirement is $8,000 per month, or you want to provide for your significant other ($4K plus $4K), then how much capital you need may depend whether you like cruising with your tachometer straining at the red zone...

The focus is to grow and earn more capital.

The math is simple:

$1 million at 2% yield is more than $100,000 at 10% yield.

Of course taking on bigger risks is par for course when we are climbing up the mountain.

And that's the normal path.

When young, can take more risks. Our bones and skins recover faster. Time is on our side.

But when we use a strategy that's more suitable for climbing down the mountain to climb to the summit...

Perfectly OK if you love what you do and never have a need to use financial freedom to "escape" from work!

P.S.  Context and perspective is important.

$1 million at 2% yield is more than $100,000 at 10% yield.

The story changes if the person with $1 million is 100% vested at 2% yield in equities, while the person with $100K at 10% yield in equities is only 10% vested - he has the balance $900K in short term AAA rated bonds yielding practically nothing.

Additionally, the risk/reward changes depending whether one is climbing up or down the mountain.

That's the biggest blindspot "bei kambings" miss when they think all they need to do is blindly follow their favourite shepherd...

Monday, 24 July 2017

LPG, Newspaper, and TV

Liquified Petroleum Gas

At my current weekend sales gig, one of the home appliances that I help "promote" are hobs (stoves).

When we sell a hob, we need to ask the customer whether they are using piped PUB gas (aka Town Gas), or using those blue liquified petroleum gas (LPG) cylinders.

Of course the majority of customers are using PUB piped gas.

I've noticed the minority still using LPG are the elderly (60s and above). And learnt something I didn't know before - there are some ancient HDB flats that have no piped gas installed for the whole block!?


Yet, there are always exceptions. I'm quite bemused whenever I get customers who are in their late 20s or early 30s opting for LPG.

So I casually surveyed their rationale for doing so.

2 main reasons:

1.  They grew up in LPG families. They never thought of considering the "convenience" of piped PUB gas. What their parents did, they followed as adults. No questions asked. (Big daddy would love them)  

2.  Then there's the equivalent of "giam kana" (stingy thrifty) financial bloggers. They know every nickle and cents about the cost savings from using LPG over piped PUB gas. Very financially literate!

Yes, that type that foams at the mouth over one extra % in bank interests, free miles, and count in 2 decimal places. (What? Someone got to troll them right?)

So don't say got lobang (good deal) I never jio (recommend)!

If you are one of those penny pinchers who believed saving 10 dollars a month compounded by 30 years will lead to a big mountain, then do consider switching to LPG for your kitchen. Especially if you cook a lot! 

(Tip: I got this from a gas technician who uses piped PUB gas for the cooking convenience, but use LPG for his gas fired dryer. He saved extra $20 per month!)

For those of you that have moved recently to your BTO flat or condo, you may want to take a look how many of your neighbours have opted for LPG gas? During house-warming parties, take a peek at their kitchen hobs.

You may even notice the some have opted for the electrical induction hobs. Wink.

Somehow, I am reminded of how good Li Ka-shing was when he listed his HPH Trust.



I prefer reading the dailies in print form (same goes for book reading). I'm an old dinosaur in this respect. 

Once upon a time, there were lots of job ads in the classified sections. Now? Drastic reduction right?

Come to think of it, my current weekend job was found through online job search websites. And my previous one was walk-in when I saw Howard Storage World's job ads outside the store while drinking kopi at Ya-Kun HabourFront...

Have you noticed sometimes there were full page colour ads on the front page of our dailies?

Snake-oils out there like me, we see it as a sign of weakness... An act of desperation... 

For those who are not in sales, think about it for a moment.

Would you walk around dressed in a chicken suit to earn that extra income?


I noticed I don't watch TV anymore.

Yes, sometimes I'll join mom to watch the 6:30pm Channel 8 news. That's more to keep mom company.

Now I watch movies and documentaries on Youtube. 

And surf the web for what's going in the world.

Question. When was the last time you watched TV?

I have a naughty thought. 

Can you make a guess when big daddy would monetise their TV assets?

Would you bite?


Saturday, 22 July 2017

Satires, Pokes, and Bullshits

Have you rolled-eyes at some of the posts and articles that are out there in our financial blogosphere?

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

In This Corner Of The World - Can I Take Setbacks?

Yesterday, I went to Yishun GV to watch this anime movie:

After the movie, my mind dirfted to 2 incidents.

Imagine if we had achieved everything we wanted in life.

We have our own small business - could be a restaurant, cafe, or hostel.

A warm and loving family with children and living with our aged parents; 3 generations under one roof.

Family house fully paid for. No business debts.

Except we work and live in Fukushima...

If I am the only survivor - lost everyone that mattered to me - would I be able to pick myself up and start over?

Imagine now I live in Singapore. Financially free; no need to wok.

I bring my wife and children to Phuket for holiday.

Tsunami struck.

Only I managed to make it back to Singapore...

I still have all my financial networth undamaged; unlike the me in Fukushima.

Would I be less distraught?

Yes, being devastated in my own "castle" with no money concerns is not the same as being devastated in a make-shift shelter and penniless...


Am I wealthy?

My siblings and I get along. Parents still "healthy". I am in reasonable "good" health; although the latest health check revealed I'm a diabetic risk if I don't control my weight (rich man's curse)...

You bet I'm wealthy!

Wait. I double-check. 

Yup. No money goals. 

So why do I get up in the morning?

Saturday, 15 July 2017

Wolves in our midst

Remember the 80s Scholl sandled touts with high waisted pants and permed hair outside of Lucky Plaza? (Millennials, sorry. You too young)

Well, we have them too in our financial blogosphere:

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Netlink Trust IPO - who benefits the most?

If you answered Singtel shareholders... Not bad. You close.

Big daddy lah!

Or to be precise, Temasek. 

Smart people.

Perspective from not bei kambing retail investor  

Those of us who have core holdings that we've owned for ages. Would you sell 75% of a stock that's still growing, performing, and giving you good dividends?

You only do so when the reasons you bought have changed.

Or the valuations have gotten a bit "rich". You take some money off the table... (risk management, re-balancing that sort of stuff)

Talking about risk management. If you have taken too much debt/leverage in your margin account, paying it down is prudent. But you don't sell your crown jewels, do you?

Anyway, if you are a yield hog, you wouldn't want to "share" away 75% of your future dividends right? Got fantastic dividend stock you want to keep 100% of the dividends right?

And if you super bullish on the dividend stock's future prospects, you even will forgo cash and opt for your dividends to be paid in scripts instead. You know, delayed gratification so you don't consume the golden eggs to compond dividends on dividends! You smarter than smart!

Perspective from retail speculative trader

Worth a punt. Maybe.

You stag the IPO.

Animal Farm

Yup, we have bulls, bears, hogs, and now stags. 

Oh! How can I forget bei kambings (little white lamb)?

Where you have lambs, you'll find wolves too.

Who are wolves?

If you don't know, you are bei kambing! (Don't get offended. That's how you tell mah!)

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

TIP - To Insure Performance

In general, most Singaporeans have lost the Art of Tipping. (Or to be precise, never knew it from the first place!)

We can see the fumblings some Singaporeans make when they travel to cities where its expected that you tip.

Many, many years ago, I was on a date to watch the musical Jesus Christ Superstar (she tricked me) at World Trade Centre Expo (now known as VivoCity; and yes, its that long ago). 

After the muscial, there were a long queue for taxis as we were walking towards the taxi stand along the sidewalk.

Right then, a taxi stopped beside us to alight his passengers.

I looked at the taxi driver expectantly.

He pointed to the taxi stand.

I took out a $10 dollar note. 

The taxi driver waved us in.

That's why some people get the best tables at restaurants. The best rooms with a view in hotels.

Many of my customers who are salespersons or business owners themselves will make an effort to look for me when they've decided to buy sofas (now home appliances) from me when they come back after their 2nd or 3rd visit.

They want me to get the sales commissions. 

I do the same when I do my shopping. 

I want the salesperson who treated me well to be rewarded. 

And if the service is exceptional, I'll write a compliment letter.

You should see the service I get next time I revisit the retail shop or restaurant. Wink.

Professional property investors don't do DIY property transactions themselves to save a few dollars. They treat their real estate agents well.

No surprise they get first hand information from these real estate agents when a buying or selling opportunity pops up.

The same for brokers when it comes to IPO allotments, price moving news, or best deals before the rest of the retail investors get wind of it through the media.

Anyone who gets their financial news from the media (or financial bloggers) knows they are at the bottom of the information food chain...

TIP - To Insure Performance

There is a fine line between tipping and giving a bribe. 

That's why I say some Singaporeans fumble at it.

No, they don't teach you in school for this. And please don't blame schools and big daddy for everything.

Do they teach you how to be a good parent in school? (See, drop literature lah!)

So don't say no one teach you financial literacy (hello, there's math), how to be entrepreneur (can teach meh), and how to tip others (watch successful people behave).

Those of you who attend prosperity churches may recognise tipping.

Law of increasing returns. Sound familiar?

The more you give; the more you'll receive.

But do note a MAJOR difference:

Tipping is the more you reward others; the more you'll receive in service back.

The other one is where the more you give; the more the shepherd will receive.

Not the same OK?

Shepherds tip.

Sheep give wool, milk, and meat.

Thursday, 6 July 2017

People Are Like Garbage Trucks

A few months back, an elderly tanned big brawny old man (in his late 60s?) with bad knee and a walking stick shouted at me at the top of his lungs... Everyone turned an looked at us.

He is like your neighbourhood "ah long" or contactor with permed hair, wearing thick gold chains around his stumb of a neck, and multiple "Lords of the Rings" gold rings around his leathery fingers...

All I did was to make a "joke" that if he wanted "free" delivery and installation for the home appliance, I just need to change the price tag to a $100 more...

99.99% of the other customers will get the sugar-coated poke that there's no such thing as "free" delivery and installation. Its either included in the price, or its not.

I am glad I had some "cultivation or training". Although I was caught off guard by this sudden outburst, I simply smiled at him.

Seeing I did not "bite", the old man continued his tirade against me and threatening to complain to management.

I continued smiling at him with full eye contact (its an animal and man thing). No malice, no anger, no condescending pity on him.

It was actually a sorrowful sight.

I imagined he could be a gang leader or someone important in his prime in the 1970s or 80s...

But now... Not in the best of health, wearing all that gold to "mask" his current lack of means... If money was not a problem, why get so worked up on a home appliance that only costs $300? 

Since I've been on the receiving end of patronising smiles before, I made sure my smile is the "stand tall I wish you well" variety - not the "I pity you" kind. 

For that would have made the situation worse.

The old man lumbered out of the showroom mumbling to himself...

It takes 2 hands to clap.

Monday, 3 July 2017

What will you do AFTER retirement?

People who ask such questions are frequently the same person who use "work" to avoid the unpleasant task of figuring out the reason why they get up in the morining (ikigai).

Its not "work" - if you enjoy what you do.

Why stop if its stil fun and giving you a sense of purpose and self actuallisation satisfaction?

Perhaps that's why Warren Buffett, Li Ka-shin, Lao Lee, never retired?

Eh, don't say Li Ka-shin will be retiring next year. "Retiring" at age 90 is not retirement OK?

No need to look up.

Just look around you.

Can you spot some plain vanilla seniors in their 70s and 80s loving what they do so much they still continue to do what they like despite the paycuts and job title demotions?

They are definitely not working because they "have to"; or using "work" as the perfect tool of denial (too busy to think mah!) that they haven't figure out why they get up in the moring...

You know why corporations have grey grey fuzzy fuzzy Visions and Misson Statements before more concrete and SMART business goals?

Concrete goal setting is like climbing a ladder - the rungs representing the various milestones before you reach the top of the ladder.

However, shit happens when you discover at the top and after reaching your goal, that your ladder has been leaning against the wrong wall...


Maybe that's why we have mid-life crisis?

Some woke up one morning and realised they no longer wish to spend the rest of their lives with the woman or man sleeping next to them...

Some found out the same job that nourished and inspired them yesterday no longer motivates...

Want to have a bit of fun learning to read people?

Next time you see friends or bloggers with manifestos to be financially free by age 35, see if you can spot those who are trying to "escape", and who are seeking to "achieve"?

Tip: Those who seek to "achieve" are the ones who have figured out which wall to lean their ladder against first ;)

P.S.  If you need a listening ear to your ikigai questions, just jio me out for kopi.

As a man-whore, professional ethics dictate I won't spill the beans on you. Who dares go to a prostitute who sleep and tell on clients?

Many have asked precision questions like how much money they need to retire...

How many will spend time figuring out why they get up in the morning in the first place?

Any people wonder why after achieving their goals, and having loads of money, still do not make them happy...

Friday, 30 June 2017

It must be bad when brokers start lowering their commissions and interest rates!?

Look! I'm not complaining!

But something is not right when STI is above 3200, with so many new financial bloggers popping out, and so many new players/businesses offering seminars/workshops/trainings to help bring World Peace...

What gives?

No lah!

Cannot because of that cheapo platform that I shall not name.

ComfortDelgro got Uber and Grab as "disruptors".

Who or what you think is making our local brokers do what they do?

Look. No one will voluntarily take a pay-cut, would you?

As landlord, you wouldn't want to lower your asking rent unless no choice right?

Something to talk about over this weekend!

Let's brain-storm!

For the record, I'm not vested in SGX stock. 

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

June school holidays almost over liao!

To teacher friends out there... Hang in there! 

December school holidays only 5 months away. Hope springs eternal!

To parents out there...

Hello! MOE and school teachers not surrogate parents OK? 

Sunday, 25 June 2017

I'm bored. Say something leh!

Let's do something different for a change.

You start the conversation first!


Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Look Good By Helping Your Employer Save Money!

Big daddy has quite a few initiatives to help retrenched and unemployed PMETs (Professionals, Managers, Executives, and Technicians).

If you are one, you may want to explore your options with e2i.

However, you are not the target audience for this post. I'm not a bleeding heart, remember?

If you are a small or medium sized business owner, work in HR, or a manager looking for new help, listen up!

I may have just saved you $42,000 over 18 months. Wink.

Quick test: Have you heard of the Career Support Programme for PMETs? And its enhancements since 1st April 2017?

I bet its a no.

(Hey you from NTUC, put your hand down, of course you know!)

If you hire a PMET Singapore citizen age 40 and above who has been actively looking for a job from more than 12 months, and you pay him/her at least $3,600 /month ($4K for non-SMEs), you can get 50% back from big daddy (cap at $3,500/month) for up to 6 months!

(Who says I can't write in CPF style england? I under why they write the way they do after my sentence above!)

Big daddy will continue to provide salary support to your business for the second 6 months and the third 6 months, but at a sliding lower percentage and salary cap.

You get less if the candidate has been actively looking for a job for less than 12 months, or the candidate is below age 40.

But hey! Its still "free" money from big daddy! Might as well take!

Don't take "white" don't take!

Check out this website if you are intrigued: Career Support Programme

I know. You not a business owner (why would business owner read my blog). And you not retrenched and unemployed PMET. Why should you care?


If you are now looking to hire someone for your department, you may want to consider our brethren who is age 40 and above?

What goes around comes around. 

You never know when you reach 50 you'll be retrenched too...

Besides, helping your employer save up to $42,000 for 18 months will look good to you.

As a business owner, I only care who can help me EARN more or SAVE more. 

Everything else is just bullshit.

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