Sunday 5 November 2017

Investment Not Required - Real Life Cases

I think I'll follow up with more real life cases where Singaporeans are living or retiring well without the need for investments.

Remember this old post:  Landed Property and Car with $6K per month Household Income

Here's one interesting case about a 67 year old ex-Regional Sales Manager's retirement in Singapore:

What's my takeaways?

1.  Staying healthy can be more important than dollars and cents.

2.  CPF savings enough if you had a good career and didn't over invest in properties so that you are asset rich but CPF poor. 

3.  Flexibility and adaptability give us options. Driving weekend taxi is not "beneath" an ex-Regional Sales Mananger...  "Downgrading" from HDB 4 room to 2 room is not a loss of face...  Isn't doing what we feel like doing without fear of what others think - freedom?

Investment Not Required

Let's be honest now. 

The harsh reality is for the majority of people, the more we invest, the more we lose.

Everyone is sharing "succcess" stories, but where are the "chop fingers" examples?

Only CW mentioned about them in his blog.

Just like entrepreneurship, can't be the majority of new startups and new businesses all succeed right?

You really believed the spin vested interests are telling you?

Look, if you don't invest, how do they earn commissions and fees from you?

No, I'm not telling you not to invest.

Financial freedom is more than $XXX passive income or multiple baggers in capital gains...

If you are a stay-at-home dad or mom, your CPF is a pittance. But if you had brought up your children proper, do you have to worry about your retirement and anxious your CPF not enough to qualify for CPF Life?

Wait. Is there such a thing as retirement from being mom and dad?

No, invest only when you enjoy so. 

If you don't enjoy this craft of investing, then no big deal!

Don't have to feel pressured to join the other lemmings. Yes, most of us have no clue ourselves!

In bull markets we are louder than a peacock; in bear markets we are quieter than the church mouse... 

With a bit of common sense and listening to your heart, you'll find your own path.

Its OK to take the path less travelled.


  1. Smol,

    The ironic is, those who are suited and ready for investment :

    E.g. Zen, right temperament, has capital, basically has the 3M. Investment is just the icing on the cake. They have the cake already.

    It’s peope like me, who want “extra pocket money” that might be better off saving more.

    Lol. It’s just me

    1. Sillyinvestor,

      I think many can relate to what you have just said ;)

      When we try very hard, that thing we covet just elludes us.

      When we don't care, everything just seems to fall into place???

      I do find it a lot "easier" when I don't have to TRADE for a living!

  2. A saying in hokkein.. “hua hee tio ho”

    Some people love Starbucks coffee and they’re able to tell me how wonderful it taste like..
    Some people like Ya Kun coffee and gladly enjoy it
    Some people like 3-in-one coffee and stick to that for years!!

    Isit really necessary to have Starbucks coffee everyday? But atas leh...

    Eh wait. Hold on there.. some people hate coffee!!

    Do what you’re comfortable with - you lead your own life :)

    1. sleepdevil,

      That's why Aesop fables have the story of the Dog in the Manger.

      Its a poke to those who cannot have something, also insist others cannot have also.

      A tyrant!

      I mean if you find Starbucks too expensive, then don't drink lor!

      Others can afford why you bother?

      To each his own ;)

  3. temperament,

    The saddest thing is when we try to please EVERYONE, we lose sight of the "me" inside of us.

    We don't want to be self-centred, but neither do we want to look at the mirror and not recognise the reflection looking back at us...

  4. temperament,

    Many in our community mostly care about financial freedom...

    Not realising if we still seek the approval and affirmation from others, then its merely keeping up with the Joneses in another form...

    Hence the orgy of "benchmarking" of portfolio size and "passive" income ;)

    Its a "disguised" form of my "one" bigger than yours!


    Freedom from "benchmarking" is when we have reached a spiritual or philosophical realm where a lot of things we thought matter a lot - don't matter anymore...

  5. I wanna fully pay my house, then rent out the whole thing. Move to Penang. Can rent condo and cover food and probably more. Only problem is my wife dun wan...

    1. ERSG,

      Hello! You wife got career to achieve over here mah ;)

      Too soon.

      When she retired and have "enough" career wise - nothing to prove anymore - then quality and pace of life becomes more important. Stay anywhere also can just as long happy!

      Conversely, there are many Malaysians who are willing "give up" landed property and car in their hometowns to work in Singapore - stay in pigeon hole and take public transport.

      But then career and income a lot more "exciting" lor!

      (Most of the Malaysian promoters working at my weekend sales gig have cars in JB. The more successful ones drive their JB cars to Singapore; those so so ones leave their cars back in JB to avoid the toll)

      Havng said that, not everyone has a citizen of the world mindset judging by the Singapore only stocks many prefer.

      For those of us that are adaptable like our ancestors who came to Singapore (quitters from their countrymen perspective), there are a lot more OPTIONS open to us during our retirement!


  6. Different strokes for different folks.

    I have a fairly good idea of what I want to do in the latter part of my life, and it doesn't involve cars, condominiums or landed property.

    Don't pursue FI because others are doing it. That's still running around like a headless chicken!

    Different strokes for different folks.

    1. Kevin,


      Today's "Financial Independence" is just another euphemism for "I want to be rich!"

      Less crass; but still little lies we tell ourselves we not money minded ;)

      No soul, no culture, no life, no relationships.

      But hey! Want to know my networth and passive income?

      No. All I want is:

      Why stand when you can sit? And why sit when you can lie down?


  7. Last time stocks is only for rich people play one.
    Now anyone just buy 100 share also call themselves shareholders.
    Net assets few hundred K can write Blog liao.
    Youngsters starting out only aim to replicate the portfolio.
    Snake Oil people going around promising great return.
    Money so easy to earn meh?
    Too many people in Singapore are wired to make fast money and in the end lose track of their interest/passion.Everyone just want to faster finish running and rest.Then what?
    I seriously don't know what I want to do when I retire or will I even retire? Hard to 'put down' hard fought empire..sigh!
    Maybe I just write a Blog and give advises then, have to rely on viewership from SMOL.

    1. WolfT,

      And I thought I'm the politically incorrect one!


      Give chance. Diversity. Let a hundred flowers bloom mah!

      Just last month, I removed 10 or more bloggers from my "Ebony and Ivory" links... No new posts for the past 18 months :(

      Natural attrition will weed out those "3 minute passion" bloggers.

      Hey! I'm coming close to my 7 year itch soon!?

      Thank goodness I didn't have any SMART goals when I started blogging :)

      If you were investing (working) to escape, of course super easy to "put down" or "let it go"!

      But if we were investing (working) to achieve, then there's only "transition" - like electrical energy changing to heat or light ;)

      After 18 months of sabbatical from full time work, I found working 16 hours during weekends is my sweet spot.

      Tell you a little secret. I do look forward to my weekend sales gig.

      Can flirt with the lady customers; and I get paid for it too!

      You buy me a drink I'll sing like a canary for you and promote your blog big time!

      But after you see the way I write advertorials, you'll probably "beg" me to stop and desist!

      Ha ha!

  8. Hi SMOL,

    Nice Post. I think that life can be that simple. Follow the heart and it will never go wrong.


    1. Ben,

      Welcome back! Its been quite a while ;)

      Thanks! We like to complicate things sometimes...


    2. Hi SMOL,

      It's quite some some time since I last made my comments. Life is already so complicated. Why make it more complicated?

      Simple lifestyle is the way to go. Clear cut with no qualm!



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