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Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Chasing Other People's Dreams


  1. Hahahaha. This is the power of our eyes, brains and heart.

    When the eye see the "perfect" life of someone, from the TV or from the mouth of others or even your friend personally. Our dear little heart will be envy and want to be in that situation. That's when our heart will work hand in hand with our brain to chase that goals.

    Most of the time, Mr Brain is lazy and did not go deeper in. Instead, they only think about the surface, which is what that caused our direction to be "slanted" and only chasing for the "goals" they perceive. Soon later, the brain will forget who they truly are and what they truly want :(

    How nice would it be to be in a Lamborghini, a 3-story mansion, having beautiful wife? How nice would it be to be a F1 racer with many pair of eyes glaring at you in awe?

    1. sleepdevil,

      When youth can write a comment like this, I think old fogeys can worry less on youths and spend more time making sure we don't end up stranded on the beach ;)

      While you are there in Japan, pay attention to how the "old" over there screw youths with part-time gigs and contract work.

      They and their seniority based system...

      Thanks to the startup culture picking up over there, notice more young people are now willing to take risks in startups and not aspire to join big established companies like SONY, Honda, Toyota like their older cousins and parents?

      Come back and rejoice Singapore is merit based!

  2. Any examples of chasing other people's dream?

    1. CW,

      You not shy to come here empty handed?

      Bring your own food and drinks OK?

      There can only be one freeloader here ;)

    2. It is alright to chase other people's dream when it is the same dream and we ALSO believe we can realistically achieve this dream. The dream should be a series of achievable goals based on what resources we currently have and what we can acquire in future.

      I have never chase other people's dream to become entrrpuerer but I chase this other people's dream to become FI and become competent retail investor and benchmark to the world best's investors. What wrong?

    3. The Moral of story : Choose your own dream to chase even it is also same as other people's dream!

    4. CW,

      Well done!

      See? I good sparring partner or what? I know how to play along ;)

      You are your best example of someone who loves colouring books with clear instructions on what colours to use on which sections; once done, you'll get a shining star from the adults :)

      I doodle on the wall; and gets punished for it :(

      Just as long we both HAPPY, and willing to accept the CONSEQUENCES, who cares right?

      Like LP, I prefer honest and real people.

      You are honest.

      You started this Financial Independent journey because people queue, you queue also.

      Not everyone would admit it.


  3. Hi SMOL,

    Let me argue that we are always chasing other people's dream, all the time. There is never once where our own dreams not have the inputs of others. Subtle influences, positive influences, negative influences, role models etc, all these mixed in our mind cauldron to formulate 'our' dreams. Can we really say this is theirs and this is ours?

    So after this post, people realised they are in fact chasing other people's dream. Is this realisation their own? Or is it not-so-subtly being influenced by you? Even the origin of this post must have come from things you that you observed.

    In a broader perspective, nothing is yours nor mine. Everything is ours hahahaha

    1. LP,

      You are right! It takes a village to raise a child ;)

      When we were born, we bear the dreams and hopes of our parents.

      Those in attas school were exposed to dreams of the school founders - how to lead ;)

      Those in nation building schools were trained how to serve.

      Working for others, business owners will shackle their visions on to us with carrot and stick "inducements". Welcome to the team!

      I play the catalyst role ;)

      I only said, "Look at the door over there!"

      What the reader does after that is entirely on their own :)

      I don't write "complete, idiot proof, step by step, for dummies, easy to understand guides to anything!

      At least I don't pretend to have all the answers!


  4. Chase one's own dream. It's more practical and self-fulfilling!

    1. Ben,


      So lonely...

      No kakis with same dream...

      If I fail, I fail alone...

      Want to die, all die mah! At least feel better... Got company!

      And can say we are LEGION!

    2. Hi SMOL,

      Your reply to Ben reminds me of this post of yours:


      It's a sad sight....loneliness and/or being chained by one's own preconceived notions of the world is not "cured" by the presence of others.

      Solitude is not loneliness.

    3. Unintelligent Nerd,

      Ah! You got go all the way back to my early story telling days ;)

      You want to know what's real loneliness?

      Its to be surrounded by a sea of people (that don't matter) and yet feel so lonely...

      And to wake up in the middle of the night and it suddenly hits you the women sleeping next to you is not the one...

      This watering hole is a lot of fun due to the intellectually stimulating bantering with you all! And the diversity of opinions and backgrounds!

      Some are into Spirituality; some are into Philosophy and Metaphysics that sort of thing. If its only about dollars and cents, I'll be bored stiff!

      And with you, I am glad we can explore the Psychological aspects of being ;)

      What I've learnt is the commercial exploitations... Opps! I meant commercial "applications" of Psychology.

      What you've majored in is the 正宗 one ;)

      So don't be shy to poke me!

      Just don't hit the face ;)

  5. Hi SMOL,

    Can we really chase dreams? We chase goals that lead to the dream, and in the midst of it, we sometime forgotten about the dream.

    I like what LP blog about ideas and practicalities. It is difficult to draw the line between contentment and wisdom, and simply reasoning and justifying why not to keep trying.

    If I have the means, should I not aim for FF and more money? Should I not get FF then enjoy my golden time and search for my passion like AK and Paul? Only we ourselves know if we are walking our path or justifying our reasons to give up

    1. Sillyinvestor,

      LP has made his decision long long ago - despite little to no support from family.

      He followed his inner voice (another word for dream); you chased goals didn't you? And those goals were not 100% yours either ;)

      You think why we have mid-life crisis? LOL!

      This is the time when we question all the past decisions we have made...

      Especially after climbing to the top of the ladder, we either don't like the view there, or have an empty feeling inside :(

      Is this it?

      You have already said it but you like to drown out your inner voice...

      Know your dreams first and act on them, goals will flow naturally.

      What's the point of chasing goals and forgetting your dream?

      Same for Financial Freedom. Is it just a means or end destination for you?

      Please don't use FF as an opium or procrastination excuse.

      And by the way, why are you bringing up AK and Paul?

      Why do you want to "memorise" LP's list of 30 reflections?

      Who is Sillyinvestor?

      When you find him, can you tell him SMOL is thirsty?

  6. This topic reminds me we are common people.

    This World progresses only because of someone's goal or dream is "mad".

    1. temperament,


      Most of us are - others queue; I queue ;)

      Only a few "mad" ones will dare dream of opening their own food stall...

      Then comes those who go, "Eh? New store? Let's go try! No try; no know. Good I'll tell others!"

      Sheep, land owner, and shepherd.

  7. About mid-life crisis happened to me when i was about 40.

    i wonder how many had experiened?

    Or some may never experience.


    1. temperament,

      I questioning I ever had one? If I did, it was too mild to be called a "crisis"...

      I had the opposite experience.

      Around my late 30s, I suddenly was able to see things a lot "clearer"!?

      There was this quiet confidence that I'm my own "shepherd".

      I finally understood what Confucius meant by 四十不惑 ;)

      Life got a lot simpler once I figured out why I get up in the mornings - my ikigai :)

  8. SMOL,

    Follow the course of life. Come alone balances go alone.


    1. Ben,

      Everyone wants to sing the Frank Sinatra's song "My Way", but we want to be in the marching band like everyone else too!

      Hence the irony...

      I remember Princess Diana when she had her first born Prince William - the whole nation of Britain rejoices!

      And a few years ago, Singapore wept when lao lee left us.

      Some would argue we don't come alone; go alone.

      That is also true of twin births, and lovers "leaving" together...

      Come alone; go alone?

      That's only for travellers on the Path.

      You can't do my cultivation for me; nor can I for you.


    2. SMOL,

      Well said. You always have the alternative versions. It's always good to have options.


  9. I was losing too much of my own time helping the landowner chase his/her dream. Although I have left, no regret for the experience.

    Chase my own dream? Competency not there yet plus 天時地利人和.
    Help people chase their dreams first, learn from the process and preparing to chase my own...

    1. Rainbow girl,

      Yes. It starts by being conscious we are helping shepherds and landowners chase their own dreams; not ours.

      We all have to start somewhere.

      Then the next step is to be either work towards being shepherds ourselves, or aspire to be landowners if we had it in us ;)

      Then there's the alternative path taken by me - ronin (masterless samurai).

      Neither a shepherd; nor a landowner.

      A leaf in the wind...

  10. Chinese word "Kong bu chu tau"

    By the the time chu tau it si tu

    1. temperament,

      工字不出头—打工是最愚蠢的投资 ;)

      This 5000 years of Chinese widom is not new.

      English educated people had to read Rich Dad Poor Dad to discover or get inspired by what the Chinese educated already knew. LOL!

      Hence, I have a perception a lot more % of Chinese educated seniors are small business owners.

      What to do? Discriminated both in the public and private sector... Must depend on themselves!

      With the recent rise in China, the Chinese educated now have the last laugh ;)


      There are cycles everywhere!

  11. So time & tide wait for no man is true.

    1. temperament,

      That's why no one wants to be financially free by age 80 ;)


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