Friday 29 December 2017

Me? Top 100 Singapore Blogger?

Of course I don't believe!

Received an email today from some "foreign" website congratulating me they have selected me as one of Singapore's Top 100 bloggers!?

Even so kind as to allow me to display their "free" gold medal award on my blog.

I did a quick "trust but verify" check on the rest of the so called Top 100 blogs in Singapore.

The bleeding heart, the fisherman, and the butterfly blogs all not there. And Xiaxue not there too?


How credible are the rankings?

Lucky I'm already as shallow as piss on the sidewalk. So no need ego inflating devices from questionable sources. Inflated piss smells even more!

I not IT savvy. Wait the copy-and-paste "gold medal" is a Trojan Horse how?

Even if "real", would you go round telling the world you got "conferred" an honourary degree from a degree mill? (Evidently some bloggers do)

I mean if its from NUS or NTU, then that's something else! 

Hello! I snake oil remember?

The "foreign" website trying to press my "ego" and "vanity" buttons.

Good try. 


  1. Did they try to sell some booster to push up your blog up to Top 20?

    1. CW,

      There will always be a "hook" as we say in sales.

      Get you interested first.

      Then sell you ever so subtlely SEO tricks ;)

      That's why we give free away samples in the supermarkets or at MRT stations.

      And some customers have learnt the hard way going for "free" spa or facial sessions can be most costly... Imagine being a "captive" audience alone in a room with pressure tactics?

      Free workshop/seminar previews anyone?

      Voluntarily go sign up for 1 hour of commercial.

      Got free food I go! Beside being ex-snake oil, I also professional free loader :)

      Maybe I should jio the freegans along?

  2. I also very scared when people congratulate me, need to think until so many layer.

    1. WolfT,

      LOL! No need to be paranoid!

      Just smile and say, "Thank you."

      We don't want to offend people, do we?

      But in the quiet of the nght, do our "Trust but Verify" :)

      Most compliments are just courtesy "How are you?" sort of greetings. Social glue that sort of activities...

      They are harmless.

      But some are quite "manipulative" in the hands of a skilled Jedi or snake oil.

      Thankfully they only worked on feeble brains... Phew!

  3. Hi SMOL,

    "Even if "real", would you go round telling the world you got "conferred" an honourary degree from a degree mill? (Evidently some bloggers do)

    I mean if its from NUS or NTU, then that's something else!"


    This is why I can never understand why people would rather go to THAT site to get educated than providers like Coursera/EdX/Udacity.

    Come on lah! Besides the need to pay money, you get some dubious individual who claims to have expertise in said subject signing off a "cert" for you. How do you genuinely know they have expertise?

    I am sure that someone putting on their CV a cert from Unintelligent Nerd Pte Ltd is very respectable......NOT!

    1. Unintellinget Nerd,

      When we have a hole-in-the-heart, we are vulnerablec for exploitations...

      Some just crave "recognition" no matter how dubious the source of certification; those who fall for love scams are just lonely souls grasping at the hope someone out there cares...

      Unintelligent Nerd Pte Ltd does sound "fishy"...

      Unintelligent Academy of Super Nerds sounds way cooler and more believeable!


  4. temperament,

    Of course everyone has a price!

    Just as long we find out what's the hole-in-the heart of a person, anyone can be "bought".

    From kings and presidents, to beggars and prostitutes.

    Reveal my hole-in-the-heart?

    That's for you to figure out!

    And once you do, you would own me ;)


  5. SMOL,

    Take it as a compliment. Novethless, you have also made great effort in this blog. Your blog always attracts strong discussions amomgst the FIRE seeking commandres.


    1. Ben,

      My blog's masthead must have confused this "foreign" website as it didn't know whether to pigoen hole me as Top Investment or Top Property blogger???

      So it settled for Top Singapore blogger since I have a "Singapore" in my SMOL masthead?


      You are right!

      I do see it as a "compliment" despite the pokes, we can have a fun and vigorous debate over banal and intellectually stimulating topics alike!

      Thanks for having fun at this watering hole :)

  6. Hi smol

    Should congratulate for getting this award??? A foreign website know how to appreciates ur blog mean good right?
    Don't know why... My feeling macam like this foreign thing is a scam... something fishy...
    Not say ur blog no good hor... just personal feeling only...

    1. Hi Sy Sy,

      I think that the opinion on whether SMOL's blog is good or not, depends on the individual's preference. Some like it and some don't like it. It is all in the eye of the beholder.

      I believe that SMOL is a man of free spirit. He does not bother on whether he has the award or not. The purpose of his blog is to be the platform for all the like-minded individuals like you and me to express his/her opinions on the topics he raises in this blog. The massive comments from various parties are a testamental example of the supports for his blog. I believe that he has already fulfilled the intentions of this blog.

      My two cents of opinions.


    2. sy sy,

      My post is about self-mockery and parody ;)

      Of course I don't believe my blog is "Top 100" in Sngapore!

      That's why I didn't put up the "Gold Medal Award" from a "questionable source :)

      Any idiot can do our own graphic and self award whatever "titles" we want!

      And I already did! I've self-appointed myself as the:

      Singapore Man of Leisure


    3. Ben,

      You have identified my role at this watering hole ;)

      I merely "throw brick to attract jade" (抛砖引玉).

    4. Hi Ben

      I agree. Is really very personal about what is good or not :)
      I don't understand why some blogger got award on their blog page from somebody...
      Actually, as long as the blogger happy with what they blog about & the reader happy can already... hehehe

      Happy New Year, wish u healthy always :)

    5. Halo smol

      Actually to me ur blog is already top 3 liao... is my own personal ranking lah... like that can??? ;)
      At here I can anyhow talk also got reply from u or others... like got interactive like that lah... here all people very 健谈... this I really appreciate... Thanks ya :)

      Happy New Year to all people here & wish all healthy always :)

    6. sy sy,

      Thanks for you kind words :)

      Stay here long enough, you'll spot the "words not said" (
      弦外之音) can be even more fun ;)

      Happy Holidays to you too!


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