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Monday, 11 December 2017

That's why girls are drawn to men with talent


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    1. W Y,

      Welcome to this watering hole!

      Amazing right?

      All this without any precsion measuring tools!

      Its all "freefin"!


  2. Oh dear. That is really too much work. Why not make life easier? Get married. Request from wife whenever there is an urge (assuming she's in the mood too). More practical. Hahaha.

    1. hyom hyom,

      Pray tell how you "got" your wife?

      Please don't say she was "easy"...

      If she found out, she'll make you kneel on bottle-caps!


    2. hyom hyom,

      Very sorry.

      It was thanks to latest Ben's comment at

      Can Investing/Trading Be Taught?

      that I found out I've missed you 07 Dec comment there.

      Replied you ;)

      Thousand apologies!

    3. Hi Jared,

      My wife wasn't too "hard" to get because she is not as demanding as a puffer fish. She wasn't "easy" to get either but thankfully, the effort was one-off. That is the advantage of settling down with a wife rather than keep changing girlfriends. Swinging bachelors who keep changing girlfriends have to work hard like that puffer fish in the video. So much time and money put in, not to mention the heartaches of break-ups and the risk of "fatal attraction" (like that movie).

      One-shot-one-kill is the ideal outcome but that is totally a matter of luck. My strategy to attract the right one then was simple. Just be myself and show my true colors from the start. The problem with this strategy is that a person may end up attracting nobody. The advantage is that he is unlikely to attract the wrong one. Very important for Singaporean guys to take note given how damaging Woman's Charter can be to men. Better marry no one than marry the wrong one.

    4. Hi Jared,

      Aiyoh. No need to reply to all comments promptly or even reply at all. Definitely no need for apologies. I myself don't do that for my online activities, including my own blog. Otherwise, it becomes like another job and no longer a leisure. Why risk another burnt-out? Have fun and continue being your Man of Leisure.

      See, this reply I am making is one week late.

    5. Replying promptly to comments is becoming his job :-)

    6. Hi Createwealth8888,

      Like that, SMOL blog will mati soon. Man of Leisure and pressures of "job" are contradictory. Furthermore, some of SMOl's replies can be as long as his post. Take care!

    7. hyom hyom,

      Eh? You using your own experiences with blogging to encourage me to blog and comment less?

      You har! So precocious!

      Hmm... I seem to have heard such advices before... Why do it? Sure fail one! Sure "mati"! Why tire yourself out for nothing? LOL!

      That's why I prefer to cheer youths on and remind them their strenght is not knowing what cannot be done ;)

      Youths should never trust adults above 30 who have lost their 初心 ;)

      Hmm... I suspect you are mixing me up with someone else... I don't recall ever being burned out from blogging? Have I taken any blogging breaks?

      I thought my problem is I'm enjoying myself so much that I can't seem to shut up!? LOL!

      Thank you!

      It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling that somewhere out there you care about me :)

      Too bad you're a guy :(

      You're right! A man of leisure surrounding myself with men and old fogeys is quite embarassing.

      Give chance.

      Slowly more and more female readers are coming.

      Be patient ;)

      I am!

    8. CW,

      So says the blogger who pubishes multiple posts in a single day.

      And when taking vacations, even has to inform his readers he is taking blog breaks. Old habits die hard...

      You using your heart to measure my gut?

      I'm hungry eat; tired rest ;)

      I am thinking to myself how did you know hyom hyom has commented in an old post???

      When I don't have a "recent comment" widget, and have problem tracking all the comments myself...

      Unless you... Really!!!??


    9. The apology for late response or reply like still in corporate world. No?

    10. CW,

      That was quick!

      At least both of us got the excuse we're not working :)

      We bloody free!

      That "apology" is common courtesy kind like when we late for our kopi meet-ups.

      You mean you never say sorry for being late with friends? You rude fellow you!

      What? You think its the SMRT breakdowns official apology kind?
      Get out of here! LOL!

      Eh! When we meet and I say "How are you?", please note its just a greeting OK?

      I'm not really asking HOW are you ;)

    11. On second thought, now we know which button to press for those on FI or Leisure? Another job. Ha ha!

    12. Hi Jared,

      I'm glad you got a warm fuzzy feeling that I care about you. But the truth is ... I selfish lah. LOL.

      If you get burnt out, your blog is gone and I lose one source of entertainment and education. Fun to read, fun to banter. Hate to lose a blog like your. I'm thinking out for myself, actually. Haha.

      Talking about burning out, reading financial blogs and money forums these days make me worry about youngsters getting burnt out. Retirement target is getting younger (mid-30s??!!) while Singaporeans are living longer. I don't know what they have been through at work but I hope they have enough money to fulfill their family responsibilities and to last till death from old age without burdening other tax-payers. My experience as a salary worker makes me biased. I blame employers for burning out youngsters. Good managers should plan properly to avoid over-loading our youngsters with meaningless or inefficient work. Cut down the bullshit and wayang-shows.

      I hope your patience will pay off one day. Maybe you can ask the old fogeys whether they have daughters or nieces to introduce for our eligible bachelor 黄金王老五 Man of Leisure.

    13. hyom hyom,

      No need to worry about burnouts. "Quitting" solves everything.

      Every 6 months, I'll do spring cleaning on my blog links.

      Just the other month I've deleted some 8-10 blogs that have gone "quiet" for more than a year...

      You still dare to say!

      I've deleted your blog link, then you out of the blue made a post, and I've to add it back in... You still alive!


      The new retirement age for millennials is 35.

      They are not stupid. That's why the smart ones are starting their own startups. I've met some of them who are my "sponsors" ;) (Another benefit of blogging!)

      Do not worry or underestimate Youth!

      Their "back wave is pushing us the front wave". We need to take care of ourselves first least we end up stranded on the beach!

      You bleeding heart you...


      P.S. Don't worry about my marital status. All in good time ;)

    14. CW,

      Have fun using your new found button to press!

      Off hand, I can only think of you, me, Andy, and STE...

      Who else is climbing down the mountain and blogs too?

      Go poke Andy and STE!

      But remember you are more prolific in blogging than both of them (and me)...

      Hee, hee.


  3. Replies
    1. sy sy,

      Wow is right!

      That little puffer fish made the sand castles I "sculptured" look like kindergaten stuff...

      Wait a minute. I was in kindergaten then!

    2. I totally speechless... after I watch that video...

    3. sy sy,

      Can I confirm you are a chio bu?

      Only girls react that way.

      I've always assumed sy sy is a chicks nick. But sometimes reading your comments at CW's blog, I think to myself this girl talks like a man...

      Then I not so sure anymore...

      To female commenters, I like to add a bit of naughty flirting at times.

      Better confirm since I've not flirted with you yet!

    4. Aiyah... not chiobu... aunty liao lor... U see my way of writing u know already u so smart u... hehehe
      My England no good. Everytime I read ur blog I need to find dictionary 1... so my england writing also same same... hehehe

      Actually sy is my initial, I don't know why my name appear like "sy sy"... maybe I create account that time I type wrongly bah... after that I lazy change then just leave it like that lor...

    5. sy sy,

      Ah! So you are jie-jie!


      Now I can be "mouth flower flower" a bit without fearing the "awkward pause" moment in case you turned out to be a guy...


      P.S. After reading your philosophical conversation with Ben, may I share this with you?

      Taking Care Of Ourselves First

    6. smol is still ta kor kor. She is not jie jie but mei mei to you. Lol

    7. CW,

      So you two have gone out already for kopi...

      I jealous.

      I tell your wife!

    8. Paiseh, I not chiobu so no need jealous lah...
      Whenever I go ntuc or market, those aunty & uncle that working or doing marketing will ask me question like "aunty, want buy fish? Today very fresh 1..." or "aunty, do u know where can I find butter??..." hahaha
      Already 习惯了 :)

    9. sy sy,

      I always call female customers older than me 姐姐 ;)

      That's because I hate to be called "uncle"!

      But since I 50 this year now... I guess I must start to get used to it :(


  4. Same as human species; most men will work hard to attract mate. No?

    1. CW,

      The best way to show financial "excess" and "virility" in Singapore's context is Car and Condo.

      You and I both no car and condo...

      How ah?


    2. Then make a sand castle like the puffer fish lor... I believe only those who appreciates will like it

      cheers :)

    3. sy sy,

      You think CW is not showing his "sand castles" in his recent posts ;)

      I've learnt from the women in my life is that true erotica is just showing a hint of cleavage.

      Never go full nudity ;)

  5. Truth is often Stranger than Fiction.

    Or Nature is beyond words sometime - Unbeliever if U have not seen with your own eyes.

    How a puffer's fish has got the brain or instinct to do that.

    Almost perfect.

    i bet many of us can't do that.

    i can't.

    1. temperament,

      I was in the Art Club during secondary school, so I can probably replicate it...

      But that's not the point!

      Its about that song:

      When a man loves a woman...

      P.S. Women readers out there, if your men not even willing to put in the effort, you know what to do. Ask him to talk to the hand!

  6. My view is that there will be a few gals who prefer a plain and simple men. To each of the gals' preference.

    My two cents worth of views.


    1. Ben,

      For a guy who sometimes get shocked by my own reflection in the mornings, I am forever grateful to those women who have an "acquired taste" in men.

      I don't know anything about plain and simple, but I do know ugly - that's why I always call myself handsome (no one else would) ;)

      I've seen quite a lot of beautiful women end up with ugly men. I suspect I know why...

      We try harder and more thick skinned.


    2. SMOL,

      Remember this phrase of "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder".

      I think that the above phrase applies to me. I suppose that you would also agree with me.



    3. Ben,

      How can I disagree?

      I consider myself a "beauty" in the eyes of my beholders too!


  7. But the video never show anything about “attracted” fish lei ....

    1. Sillyinvestor,

      Its much easier to motivate and do cheerleading showing the "attracted fish" - 望梅止渴。

      Its much harder to sell the process alone. Who are the "silly" ones who take this path?

      Be careful of those who dangle carrots in front of you!

  8. Wow, that's the most talented fish artist ever! Too bad the video didn't get to show his 'harvest'.

    1. Naughty girl!

      "Harvest" is rated RA!

      Cannot show in Singapore without passing the censors OK?

  9. What do you call a woman who love a non-talented man?

    Ans: True Love

    1. WolfT,

      Aw... So sweet.

      When in the throes of love, love is blind.

      But when she's shouting at me, she tells me she must have stamps over her eyes when she met me!


      I do love the making-up part though ;)

    2. Why usually true love happens when one is young? That is when we are poor and stupid and innocent. That 刻苦铭心的爱情。What talent are we talking abt? That my friend, love is indeed blind !


    3. WolfT,

      "Talent" is just a metaphor ;)

      A man with love in his soul has "talent".

      Better this than one who counts and records every single cent in whatever they do...

  10. Hi SMOL,

    My initial reaction was one of sadness. I'm not sure why. But I watched it again and I sort of gained some insights.

    We're like the fish. We create something beautiful, attract a mate and the current destroyed it. So we continually do it and keep running on the treadmill. But the beauty of it lies in that this snapshot is not permanent, we glimpsed a second of it and it is gone. That is what makes it beautiful.

    I feel better now :) haha

    1. LP,

      Tied to the Buddhist themes of mortality, mindfulness and living in the present, Japanese cherry blossoms are a timeless metaphor for human existence.

      Blooming season is powerful, glorious and intoxicating, but tragically short-lived — a visual reminder that our lives, too, are fleeting.

      And that's what makes it beautiful ;)

  11. 需要你 我是一只魚
    水里的空气 是你小心眼和坏脾气
    沒有你 像離開水的魚
    快要活不下去 不能在一起游來游去

    1. 有你没你我都能活


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