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Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Ode To Joy


  1. Paiseh... deleted previous message... wait spoilt the surprise liao... hahaha...
    I watched this before, very nice...
    Enjoy :)

    1. sy sy,

      Beethovan's Ode to Joy is the final movement of his last symphony - Symphony No. 9.

      Its considered one of the greatest works in western music :)

      Beethovan was the first major composer to use the human voice within a symphony; had an orchestra bigger than any of its time; and a playtime longer than any other symphonic works...

      After this masterpiece, other composers began breaking the rules of classifical period compositions ;)

      Just an encouragement to youths!

      And something for old fogeys who tend to stay within the tried and tested ;)

    2. Hi smol

      Thanks for effort to sharing with me the long story from Beethoven :)
      I don't understand the music composer stuff, music study stuff... but I do like to listen to music be it classical or modern but only don't know how to appreciates hard rock... hahaha
      If u happen to go to his hometown can try to attend some musical function there :)

    3. sy sy,

      Can appreciate good music you already ahead of the rest who wouldn't touch music unless its an examinable subject!

      No need to know the backstory if you not into historical trivia.

      Now Singapore rich. Can afford to buy Art and Culture from abroad. The major acts are all coming here ;)

  2. People tend to stick to the tested methods. There are many rooms to the exploration of the alternatives which are largely untested and experimented.


    1. Ben,

      Art and Science have one thing in common - forging new frontiers :)

      Craftsmanship is a combination of Art and Science ;)

  3. Sing song and talk cock or sing a new song and finding cock to talk?

    1. Opps!

      Here comes the black and white precision in 2 decimals places no fun police!

      Everything must have a proper "definition" first!

      Anyone care to answer CW?

      I cannot describe the taste of mango. I pass.

  4. Aiya,

    SMOL is what we Chinese says, "Kong Way Pee Chio Qua Ho Tia".

    Beside he has snake-oil inside him.

    So what's the Fuss?

    So what's the problem?

    Of course SMOL can both lah.

    i. e.

    "Sing song and talk cock or sing a new song and finding cock to talk"?

    Sorry, i think all of us do at times.

    Only so far i think no one can beat SMOL.

    But it's a kind of fun if U can stand the pokes here, U will learn something one.

    1. Thanks temperament for helping me out!

      Hee hee.

      I can sing better than I can talk :)

      That's the england translation in case youths cannot catch the Hokkien dialect by temperment.

      And I thought:



    2. i think it should be your talking sounds better then when U are singing.

      Ha! Ha!

    3. Or may be, should be Your talking sounds even better than your singing.

      i. e. U already sings so well.

      But U can even do it better with your talking.

    4. temperament,

      LOL! My bad england translation :(

      "Malu" again... It should be:


    5. 说得比唱还好听!

      Ha! Ha!

      We all try to do that at times but so far only very few here can do it like U.

      i think u are the best here so far.

      i think Jesse may overtake U one day.

      She is still very young U know.

      Ha! Ha!

    6. i mean "SimplyJesMe" can talk like U one only not so much male chicken like U lah.

      Ha! Ha!

    7. Opps!


      But i think if she wanted to , she can talk male chicken too.

    8. temperament,

      See lah!

      Talk about xiao mei mei you become "anxious" 结结巴巴...

      Ladies never talk “male chicken". Hello!

      They only keep each other "updated" on the latest happenings...


      I see you have met up with Jes already. Old fogey you not slow leh... Well done!

      Respect :)

    9. Hey!

      Are U trolling me?

      i just like her "outspoken directness" and the courage to do the things she wants to do.

      How many man not to mention woman can says "I did it my way"


      At least i am doing it some way if not fully my way.

    10. temperament,

      Sorli, sorli!

      Sticking my tongue out :P

      Ha, ha!

  5. There U go again.

    Showing how much snake-oil U have in U.

    U can be the devil's advocate anytime.

  6. Hey!

    i mean U can be the Chief of Pokers anytime.

    No sweat!🤑😁


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