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Tuesday, 30 January 2018

It's OK


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    1. CW,

      Well, that's something for spiritual people to ask their shepherds.

      What's the reason for their existence here? Especially when the "real" living comes after?

      I guess its a much simpler question to atheists who live in the here and now ;)

      I can't answer you myself. I still have demons in me to cast out.

      I just know its good to have "enough" ;)

    2. Happy can liao lorr, kekeke!!
      In other words, don't dwell on the negatives, focus on the positives & ur strengths. ;)

      Unpleasant stuff just avoid, mitigate or resolve, overcome if you feel garang. :)

      Don't sweat the small stuff, manage the big stuff...

    3. Spur,


      The better question is whether we happy or not ;)

  2. Hi SMOL,

    Wah, that's the lead singer of one of my fav bands leh :)

    Regarding the message of the post, I'm still of the belief that we must strive and be ambitious, so we do what we can to make ourselves happy or rich or whatever goals you want. Yet we should be okay with the outcome after we've done our part.

    Hard to describe. It's like a thin line between being ambitious and letting go.

    In summary, it's ONLY okay after you've tried what you can do to change the results. Let it not be an excuse to do nothing and be fatalistic.

    1. LP,


      There's music in your soul!

      Idiot! You saw through the link between this post and my previous post ;)

      Ying and Yang go together. One cannot exist without the other :)

  3. Change what you can.
    Accept what you cannot.
    The wishdom to know the difference.

    1. Basichuman,

      Welcome to this watering hole!

      Yes, what you say require wisdom.

      I've seen people set goals on activities they can neither control nor influence...

  4. It's ok not to be ok.

    It's not ok to be always ok

  5. After all is said and done, just remember it's O. K. to be ME (Just a "Botak Chet" trying to be ?)

    Me lol!

    what's can i be?

    1. temperament,

      If I don't respect myself, accept me for who I am - just pause for a while - who else would?

    2. i think it is something more than what U said.

      If U can not accept yourself, U will either be a phony or go mad one day.

      And i read somewhere, in Japan alone there are more then 500,000 people living daily who are unable to function as a normal beings.

      And almost all of them are in at least middle income family.

      In fact due to modern technology, there are more depressed people in this World then in the past.

      Go and google about it.

      So it is very important to understand Me is Me as early as possible.

    3. temperament,

      Of course it does!

      What I've said are the basic levels.

      Then there's ikigai - the reason why we get up in the morning.

      That will only come into play when we respect and accept ourselves first ;)

      In Japan (and elsewhere), their job is so closely linked to how they identify themselves in society that once they become jobless, they can't function well...

      And this cultural thinking is from one export from China to Japan - Confucianism.


      Intellectuals, peasants, artisans, merchants.

      If you don't have a job and contributing to society, WHAT are you?

      In China, there's Taoism to counter-balance Confucianism - Taoists are like the hippies of the 70s in olden days ;)

      No need to study for Imperial Exams if you never wanted an Official post in the first place.

      All they do is live in the bamboo grove, play music, write poety, and drink to their hearts' content!

      I suspect these "immortals" are the "financially free" folks of yore?


  6. Haha,

    To accept ourselves? I wonder how many calories. Really answer who am I

    1. Sillyinvestor,

      Letting go is not the same as "letting yourself go" ;)

      Being fat is not a sin; gluttony is.

      Wait a minute, I'm confused...

      That's where your OK and not OK comes in ;)

  7. Hi smol,

    Typo la, the irritant auto correct typing.

    I mean who can really answer the Qn "who am I"

    1. Sillyinvestor,

      Ah so!

      I was thinking why are you "sensitive" on your body weight?


      Who am I?

      Who else better to answer this question but yourself?

      Silly me!

      Majority of us would prefer someone else tell us so!

      This way, if things do not work out, we can blame that person!!!

      We don't have to take RESPONSIBILITY for our decisions and actions...

  8. I see this is another of your post to facilitate what you already know from your life experience. Since you are older than most of us, I'm sure you're wiser too.

    My opinion is that progress comes from insisting "it's not ok". Happiness comes from knowing when "it's ok". I think without the hole in your heart to tell you that it's not ok to lose to those with better qualifications, you could not have become a Man of Leisure by 45 years old. I guess you're a happy Man of Leisure because it's ok to drop out of the rat race since there are no more holes in the heart. Wish you happiness all the way :)

    The question is (directing this question particularly at myself) ... for the many financial bloggers who seek early financial freedom, do we stop progressing after we are satisfied with "it's ok" upon achieving that pot of gold? This kind of question can tear one apart... Really ok or not ok?

    1. hyom hyom,

      There's a lot of wisdom in what sillyinvestor has said:

      It's ok not to be ok.

      It's not ok to be always ok.


      That kind of questions who can answer you but you yourself?

      Why are we here for? Why do we get up in the morning?

      To pursue wealth, money, and riches? Of course we sugar-coat it by saying its financial freedom... (Still crass right?)

      Observe the "animals" that come here. Spot any with art, culture, and song in their hearts?

      OK, not everyone interested in the Arts... How about artisans who take pride in their crafts?

      Spirituality anyone?

      Then compare with those who only have $ in their souls. How different is our community with the prosperity gospel churches?

      Sheep pay shepherds to talk down to them their lives will be much better once they have more money...

      Now that's something to think about ;)


  9. A practical question.

    Is it O. K. or not O. K. once U have a $ Million in CPF's OA + SA, like CW8888?

    If U continue to be in the stock market, does it means U are still not O. K.?

    Actually, i always feel O. K. if i don't have to spend any money.

    But i am still living and who knows when i really need to spend?

    Rule out frugality & miser - just don't need to spend money.

    Is, doesn't need to spend money O. K. with U?

    1. temperament,

      If you don't need to spend MORE money, the question is do you need to take greater risks by INVESTING to EARN MORE money?

      Interesting right?

      If we lead a HDB lifestyle (with occasional eating/shopping in JB), the interests from CPF with $1 million is around $3-4K per month. And this is excluding CPF Life!

      To some its plenty enough; to others its too much of a lifestyle paycut as they aspire to a country club or marina yacht retirement lifestyle.

      We choose our own poison; just as long we pay for it ourselves!

  10. Opps!

    Actually i need to spend money (unnecessary) after taking over a 10 year-old Honda Accord from my late B-I-L.

    And DTL is just downstairs.

    We just use the car mainly to NTUC S. Market and back.

    How wasteful can i be?

    1. temperament,

      It sort of put "free" car into perspective isn't it?

      "Free" has maintenance and running costs attached ;)

      I prefer to be "wasteful" over penny pinching.

      Its nice to have surplus and extra :)

      Even nicer no need to eat water melons all the way to the green parts ;)

      Whenever you feel like being "wasteful" even more, jio me and CW out for coffee leh!

      I would like to see how CW react when you treat him as 小弟.


    2. Don't be like that leh!

      不 要 害 我 lay!

      Age is one thing.

      Wisdom is another.

      Besides, i have given my respect to CW. & U.

    3. Do U notice i very, very seldom "kar cheow" other bloggers except U & CW?

    4. temperament,

      You sweet talker you!

      I'll take that as a compliment ;)

      And I must say my thanks to you, CW, and coconut.

      Without you 3 older bros, I'll be accused of bullying "youths"!

      But as everyone can see, I like to poke old fogeys too!


  11. Hi All,

    Long time no see. Good to see still the usual suspects! Hope 2018 is as good.
    I was driven back by the sudden volatility.

    Is it ok to be poor? what is poor in $ to one maybe rich or reasonably comfortable to another. So how to define? It is relative isn’t it? Singaporean poor Vs India poor?

    Wisdom - lots is mentioned. Definitely not by age, it’s more with experiences and exposure, or by ???

    Then the question is how to define wisdom? By wealth, or health or relationships w people, husband n wife unity, family bonding, success of children etc etc

    Hence there will never be a clear benchmark when it is leave to us.

    what is right or ok to u, may not be right or ok to me. It is always ambiguous and open to arguments. Never ending again...

    same for happiness. You can be happy, but your happiness can actually caused unhappiness to another.. yes, we dun really care.. bcos we are in general “self-centered” maybe?

    Maybe definition of wisdom in a quote below..

    “If you are clever in this world, you make a lot of money. But if you are wise, you make the most out of life”.

    Hope i dun bored u guys. just something for u all to ponder, since we are old friends. hahaha

    1. Rolf,

      Welcome back!

      Yup, its the same old gang of poets, philosophers, and spiritual people over here ;)

      The grey, fuzzy folks are still having fun bantering with the black and white, precision in 2 decimal places people!



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