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Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Chiang Mai Jan 2018 - This what big daddy don't want in Singapore

I feel for the common folk who wanted to buy an economical Honda cub in Singapore for work... I mean the COE as a percentage of the total cost is ridiculous!

The irony is the professional who buys a Harley for aspirational reasons just looks at the COE price tag with a shrug.

Once you have visited Taipei, Ho Chin Minh City, and most South East Asian cities, you would understand why.

I have no complaints here.

For the sake of consistency, I don't know about you, but I do hope we don't let the idiot rental bikes get out of hand in Singapore... I mean its such an eyesore with all that indiscriminate parking. 

Talking about rental bikes, I was so surprised to see them here in Chiang Mai!

Don't worry. They are a completely failure here when we can rent a scooter for a song!  

And just when I was going to write that I've yet to see anyone riding the above bikes, I just saw 2 Mainland Chinese girls riding them...  

Want to make a bet where you think these 2 girls will leave the bikes?

Thankfully for the residents of Chiang Mai, these 2 Mainland Chinese girls are the outliers.


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