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Thursday, 4 January 2018

Focus On Our Strengths

Men have a lot to learn from women!

Women intuitively know how to focus on their strengths:

Got hair; toss their hair back or slide their hair with finger behind back of ear.  

Got shoulders; show shoulders with halter tops or spaghetti straps.

Got bosoms; reveal cleavage or wear T-shirts meant for kids.

Got wasp waists; skinny jeans and tube tops.

Got miles of legs; short skirts and hot pants.

What do men do?

Comb overs. I mean you are drawing even more unwanted attention to your bald patch... Who's kidding who?

And when I were in Secondary 2, there's a male history teacher who wore platforms (3 inches high) and covered them with bell bottoms that were practically sweeping the floor... Yes, he appeared taller, but he looked ridiculous too!

Next time you're bored on the MRT and your smartphone's battery went dead, just have a bit of fun with people watching. Verify what I've said is true or not.

But there's one arena where men are as good as women when it comes to peacocking their strengths. Wink.

Yup, its the so called "financial freedom seeking" community.  

Here, its got percentages show percentages. Got money in 7 digits show the full 7 digits.

And where people who can't afford property investing (yet) gather. (Ouch!)

Yes, property investing here meant 2nd or more investment/rental properties other than the one you living in.


  1. Alamak ... you reminded me of my old pri school teacher ... got beer belly ... but still insist on wearing 30-inch waist trousers ... low slung style ... with the belly hanging over.

    His low slung style pre-dated American hip-hop by about 3 decades I think... but made his short legs look even shorter ... yeah he had to shorten the trouser legs...

    Ehhh... property investment is overrated ... especially in S'pore... more trouble than it's worth unless got networth over $10M ... then maybe worth it to hire 3rd parties to manage tenancy, tenant disputes, maintenance, repairs, etc. The frictional costs for pty mgmt fees is small compared to large asset base.

    Net worth less than $5M definitely easier to use REITs and property / REIT ETFs.

    1. Spur,

      LOL! How could I have missed this classic, "I where got fat? My pant's size is still the same as when I"m in my 20s!"

      The alternative way is to pull our high pants up to cover our paunch - a la Tony Tan style ;)

      I should be laughing... I'm the one with "Italy" too!

      Thanks for your validation. $10 million sounds about right.

      Those who have REAL money where got time to visit blogs and forums? They would be busy appearing in Singapore Tatler ;)

      There was this young (in his mid 30s?) high networth blogger who left the community when he realised the returns from his bonds and equities investments were peanuts compared to the capital gains from his investment properties.

      He used to comment here during my early days. I've since removed his blog from my Ebony and Ivory blog links.

      Property investing is definitely not "passive" ;)

      Land owners securitise their properties and offload them to freeloaders who desire passive and fuss free "property" investing.



    2. Right on the spot.

      Except brick & motar very difficult to goes to zero $ - only if U are declared a bankrupt maybe?

    3. temperament,

      REITs are just securities - paper financial assets; while properties are hard assets. They are not the same as you have pointed out ;)

      Leaving aside this obvious fact, the biggest difference is unless you are the controlling shareholder, as many minority freeloaders have found out with that "banana" reit...

      People can screw with you yet the best you can do is petition this, petition that... Got sound; no bite...

      But if you owned your own properties, you're your own king!

      When I were a sheep, I think like a shepherd.

      When I'm a shepherd, I think like land owner.

  2. your title does not suit for trading, sure die one!

    1. coconut,

      I know where you are going with this...

      That's next level stuff!

      I've always cheered, "Youths, you strength is you don't know what cannot be done!"


      But it will totally confuse new traders if we say our Trading EDGE is we have no clue what doing we?


      Like learning kung fu. We start by memorising the strokes and movements. Then we do our best to forget everything we've learnt!?

      Wait. What?

  3. Hi SMOL,

    Hmm, so that means if I want to highlight my strength, I just need to hide it, then people will inadvertently look at what I've hidden? :) That's a useful tip :)

    Reversing the reverse psychology :)

    1. LP,

      高山不动, 流水不安。

      You guys are getting so creative!


      Let's make this watering hole the murkier the better ;)

      Its a bit like the ink and pencil remark at your Facebook. We can talk in public, but only you and me understood each other.

      Idiot! Why you have to be a guy!? If not it will be so romantic and super cool! Flirting in public and non will be the wiser ;)

      Oh! Happy birthday!

  4. Hi SMOL

    Lately, i have almost to none motivation to let people know much about me. Living a private life is great. I do feel like writing once a blue moon but i am happily occupied

    1. Frugal Daddy,

      Do what's natural and feels right by you ;)

      Most wear a mask; a few like me don't.

      Some are very prolific with several blog posts a day; some blogs a few posts a year.

      Hungry eat; tired rest.

      Happily occupied is great! That meant you have a life in REAL LIFE!

      Have I just poked myself?


    2. Until we treat blogging as non serious matters to pastime we will be able to continue blogging to next decade if blogs still around. We have seen so many bloggers disappeared and also see bloggers threatening to disappear. Lol!

    3. CW,

      Its like my sea turtles story.

      Every year, new hatchlings will emerge from the sand, but most will not make it to the sea... (Most blogs die in their first year)

      Even those who made it into the big ocean, how many will reach adulthood and return to the beach where they were born to start the cycle again?

      We are the survivors.

      You stay healthy you hear?

    4. 讲来讲去is the same thing.those ppl who will understand will already understood.

      Those not, no point.

      So we have to know our motive of the blog.

      Since my is a journal, the accountability is myself. Too many personal details tt not shared also made it pointless.

      I know mamy bloggers wanted to earn money fr their blogs. I dont mind either but my motivation is extremely low yet.


    5. Frugal Daddy,


      If the purpose is not to make money from our blogs, we must at least derive some pleasure from it!

      What's the point of blogging if it becomes like the day job that so many seem to dislike???

    6. Don't get me wrong, i enjoyed writing. Just that i need more time and energy to do more of other things these coming few years. Yes, i made time, for other things. In this context

    7. Also, i don't hate work, just that work is not my priority. Haha.

      I just enjoy challenging people who enjoy working, so that i can 感染 their work passion to keep me going. Lol. Work taks itself aside, Who are born to love reporting to another? Maybe there are people who truly admire their bosses.

      Actually, working life is good, only if we can control yhe working hours. Lol

    8. Frugal Daddy,

      When we enjoy an activity or the company of person, we'll make time for it.

      If we don't, there's 1001 reasons why we have "no time" ;)

      Yes, working life is good when we can "control our own working hours" - which is a symptom we perceive from those who enjoy what they do.

      The real underlying motivation is mastery of our craft.

      Who likes to do something we suck at?


    9. I used to think tt too. We control our time and we made time for things tt matters.

      Reality, that 24 hrs, you can have only that much. There are many things that i enjoyed but i have yet to do. Because, time is allocated to do those "needs" and the priority "wants". This is especially so when you are parents of two without maid and parents help. Lol. I enjoy every moment but there are things Just not reached the queue yet. Maybe never will anymore? Stages of life.

      That is why i said even if i am not working, i have no problem filling up the rest of my life with activities with joy.

      Whether i enjoy my works, very much depend on the people. Mastery of craft is just the basic. Once i mastered, i will started to feel bored. But work is not my priority, remember? Haha.

    10. Frugal Daddy,

      Ah! I see where you coming from...

      When I talk about craftsmanship, I often picture a lone craftsman doing his craft in a little shack...

      After the day is done, then he goes wine, woman, and song with other craftsmen ;)

      Yup, different life stages... There's a season and time for everything...

      The past 4 years, I've not ventured outside of Singapore!?

      I've not missed travelling as there were interesting activities I'm discovering in Singapore ;)

      I hear you.

    11. Wow, what to be discovered in sg? Mind sharing?

    12. Frugal daddy,

      I've realised there are many places in Singapore I've never explored ;)

      Its like being away for vacation and when you return home, all of sudden, you being to notice things in your home you never really noticed before...


    13. FD,

      Do what you feel deem fit.


  5. They say, "Curiousity kills the cat".

    But U are a cat that thrives on curiousity.

    Perhaps U are a crossed mixed cat?

    1. temperament,

      I guess I'm a lucky cat?

      30 years ago, I would have been offended... Calling me crossed mixed? LOL!

      Thankfully, with all the inte-racial marriages, now crossed mixed is normal.

      Hence no longer taboo ;)

  6. SMOL,

    Everyone of us has 24 hours a day. There is this much we can do. The most important and logical thingis that we do things that we like after securing FIRE.

    If it takes a lot of time to secure FIRE for some, I think that it is perfectly alright if the FU money has been secured.

    My two cents worth of views.


    1. Ben,

      My humble preference is to avoid being in a situation where the only "escape" is FU money.

      Its evident in my early chequered career...

      Why be miserable at a place where we spend the most of our waking hours?

      Not happy; I jumped ship.

      Once I've found my "fit", I stayed and have loads of fun for the next 14 years :)

      I came back when I realised mom is not getting any younger... My priorities changed.

    2. SMOL,

      I get what u mean. Continue to find the job which is of our interest with the buffer of FU money as the back-up plan.

      I think that this is a better option than relying solely om the FU money. The critical will be the shift in the mentality in which one should not treat job as the supporting beam. As you mentioned that if one is not happy, jump ship!



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