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Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Chiang Mai Jan 2018 - Roadside Eating

Arrived at Chiang Mai, Thailand last evening around 5:00 pm.

Staying at this hostel near the old Southern City gate:

Yes, I got a bunk bed in a 12 people room. In case you were wondering, 300 baht is around SGD12.00 per night. 

The "bosses" are all so young!? This one is the elder brother who runs the restaurant outside the hostel. The younger brother is handling the hostel check-in, check-out.

Must be a family business thingy.

I staying on the 2nd level. 

Went out for a stroll and to dinner.

Raise hand how many of you young enough to remember Singapore had telephone wires above ground just outside your HDB flats like the picture above?

We take it from granted. I was amazed advanced cities like Taipei and Tokyo still have these wires all over some of their residence areas...

What luck! Stumbled onto a night market selling roadside food!

Its been ages since I've eaten by the roadside. Of course at night can't see the car fumes so easier to pretend and forget. The locals come in their scooters to "da bao" and zoomed away. 

Nice colours of dusk. I pretend its a phoenix; not a man that farts jet fumes out of his....

I do miss roadside eating in Singapore. Last time young did that a lot in Chinatown before it was "sanitised".

Now I can only think of two roadside eating places in Singapore:

1) Satay club at the Lau Pa Sat. Have not eaten there though...

2) The artificial eating street at Chinatown that's aimed at tourists? How many locals you find eating there? Who ate there before? 

I have a standing joke with my elder sibling. We noticed at the old Chinatown roadside eating places, the pushcart hawkers only have 2 wash basins to wash the dirty dishes - one for lather and the other filled with clear water to wash away the suds.


Don't ask, don't see, don't think about it.



  1. Looking forward to your hostel stories, if any! Playing host @ a hostel was one of the more memorable times I had.

    12-man room! Hopefully you are the one who is disturbing others with your snoring! You wouldn't want it to be the other way round with you enjoying the 'symphony' lol!

    1. Kevin,

      No worries! I got serve BMT. I got experience sleeping with a section of men ;)

      I chose this hostel precisely because its new ;)

      My bet paid off!

      Last night only me and another guy who left in the morning.

      Tonight, 2 new guys came.

      So only 3 of us in a big room :)

      Hope my luck will continue until Thursday night!

  2. Ah Chiang Mai!

    It bring back memories of me and wife newly just married for a few years, we were there eating at a restaurant and one woman kept smiling at me.

    i dared not looked at her.

    Fortunately i escaped being mesmerised lol.

    1. temperament,

      Hmm... You must be handsome! Or F4 pretty?

      Which is it?


      Girls only smile at me either because I've left my fly open or there's something stuck between my teeth :(

      Life is not fair.

  3. Hi smol

    I haven't go chiang mai before, I like this nice place also. Cooling & cheaper & nice people as what I heard from fren.

    Actually my fren jio me go chiang mai this week, but my schedule not allow got some work related issue... sigh

    Enjoy ur trip :)
    Eat more & post more food pictures... hehehe

    1. sy sy,

      Its smaller and less crowded than Bangkok.

      Very comfortable to walk even in the afternoon as the humidity is low; I hardly sweat at all!

      Mornings and evenings the best! Air-con temperature outdoors :)

      I ate too much yesterday...

      Today control a bit.

      Very cheap does not mean I should eat more!


      OK! Enough break. I'm now off to the night bazaar! Here's its one hour behind Singapore time.


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