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Sunday, 28 January 2018

Why you strive so hard?

Some of my competitor promoters don't like me.

They knew as a part-timer, I'm paid an hourly rate; no sales commissions.

Quite a few are baffled why I'm so "energetic and robust" when it comes to serving customers?

Why I just don't let the sales go to those who depend on commissions instead? 

Sounds familiar? That's why socialism should not be taken to the extreme where people don't take responsibility for themselves anymore...

Some of the "weaker" and "low ethics" ones, seeing I'm good at what I do, even offer me "private commissions" if I sell their products or brands! (They share part of their sales commissions to me)

Travel or food bloggers anyone? Just sponsor my rooms and meals and I'll sing and dance for you!

(Wait. That includes me! I'll do anything for a drink, remember?)

Let's just say I belong to the upper band of promoters who can sell.

Yes, there's a pecking order in your company. Don't pretend! And in school too! Its everywhere!

I've a 2 years sales record to back it up. Its not self delusional "ah Q" me pretending.

You'll be surprised how many people think they are No.1, but to their peers, bosses, and HR, that's another story... Some just don't have self awareness on themselves.

There's this younger 30 plus male promoter in my product category. He is at best "average". Nice guy though. I like him. So where I can help, I help - without telling him what to do.

He knew I don't need the money. So why do I still want to risk "upsetting" other full time promoters who can't stand the sight of a part-timer beating them? 

I told him:

Thoughts lead to actions

Action lead to habits

Habits become your character

Character determines destiny

How much he can absorb its up to him. 

Like many "average" performers out there, he is using the "excuse" of being agreeable to avoid striving to live up to his full potential.

Of course the other promoters don't give him grief. He's not a threat; not a competitor. He's almost transparent.

Big tree attract wind.


  1. You work lesser hours so you have too much reserve energy to burn during weekends?

    1. CW,


      To have peak performance, companies should just have 2 days work week ;)

  2. CW, that part is true only to a certain extend when compared to oneself. Of course I teach better when I have more time to prepare me lesson and go into a classroom not totally already shaq out.

    But I close my eyes beat any "no heart" teachers even if they have half my workload.

    I totally understand what Smol is saying, just like some of my underachievers don't understand why I still spend so much time preparing my lessons and playing with kids.

    I am already at the top, what is there to hankers after? I am utterly surprised when they think preparing for lessons means filling up an mental excel in 10 min and then go into the classrooms

    My best teacher tell me marking is siong and my weak teacher tell me.marking is siong. It's both different. Siong for the strong teacher because he prepare individual feedback for pupils so that they can progress. The other just feel.it takes a long time.

    I hope they understand where I am coming from when I said with more than an decade of experience, I still spend hours preparing for lessons even if the curriculum is the same.

  3. Smol,

    I can really relate to that sort about being agreeable. In civil service, there is this idea that we cannot depend on people, should not be person dependent.

    I have 2 colleagues which I really respect. Simple words like 走一步是一步,when they slog after the weakest pupils really tug my heart strings.

    We are the ones that adminstratror type of bosses dun like. What happen if everyone do like u do, asking pupils to stay back, etc...

    Hello, we are not taking anyone else time to spend more time, was reprimanded for not being in the hall earlier, and when confronted by adminstratror, just said" I am just waiting to get caught, it won't happen again." She ask me to see boss to explain what happened, because she can't find me.

    I go to my boss, waiting to tell her the same words, she simply talk about the issue that she need to settle and grudgggely said she has done it on my behalf.

    No words, no questions, she knew I am coaching kids.

    That's why I am still staying out. Think when she is gone, most probably I will be asking for a transfer soon

    1. Hi SI,




      一起加油! :)

    2. Sillyinvestor,

      Have you read Philip Yeo's - Neither Civil Nor Servant?

      The 85% - they are happier surrounding themselves with rules, SOP, never straying from precedents; etc.

      We need such people to hold the structure and be the "foundation".

      The rest of the 15%, we let them soar and be themsevles! Just restraint them once in a while so they don't break too many things all at once! LOL!

      We have benefitted from our 伯乐 (mentors) that recognise us for who we are - if not you won't be where you are, and I where I am ;)

      That's something we should never forget - 感恩。


  4. Hi SMOL,

    I believe that the world, including yourself is not served the best if you do not strive to be the best in what u do. You are the best because that's who u are. Nobody looking at you, you will also not cut corners because you are not doing for others to see. I think your friend needs to know that.

    I think next time u open a skillsfutures course on selling lah! Lol

    1. LP,

      Hence my story of cold-blooded reptiles and warm-blooded mammals.

      Some people just don't have an internal combustion engine in them. They need the heat (carrot and stick) from outside before they will do anything...

      We can taste the difference between a hawker who takes pride in his craft - doing the same bowl of fishball noodle for 20 years - versus some "hawker" you pluck off the street at the food courts.

      I can't give skillsfutures courses - I don't have the needed "certifications".

      But of course I can give "underground" private lessons to those who are willing to pay in coffee!


  5. Hi SMOL,

    This resonates! We are very similar. Always being seen as the 'spoil market' one. LOL.

    We are only good if we can 举一反三, not only able to problem solve but also able problem find before everyone else spots it. If we need the boss to tell us WHAT to do and keep lamenting there is no direction, we are already few notches from being able to 'make it'. If the boss has to show us HOW to do it, we can't even justify our paycheck! Can't fathom how those who are 举一反零点五 can still think that they are super high potential and ask to be provided with 'management' opportunities.


    Self awareness seems like a rare commodity. :)

    1. Endrene,

      You super sharp!

      Often when founder of the company or VIPs visit our offices, there will be a hurried email from HR to everyone to clean our desks and you know... "Hollywood"!

      I tell my staff to ignore. Just be normal and themselves.

      Scored so many brownie points until the other shepherds turn red with embarassment and anger. Hee, hee.

      Hello! You think the founder and VIPs never worked for others before? They don't know what's Hollywood?

      My boss and boss's boss noticed and tested me further. Scored more brownie points when I told them it would be even better if HR stop sending out such emails ;)


      These 举一反零点五 people are easy to spot. Their lingos are:

      No direction or support from boss/company (Eh, you're hired for what?)

      Where's the guidlebook to copy from? (See? Memorise 10 year series until can't think for yourself!)

      School never teach us how to be financially free... (Epic fail. I don't even want to make a wise crack... These people make great customers for financial gurus though!)

  6. Hi SMOL,

    Finally have some time to type a longer-than-normal response to your post.

    Once upon a time, an upper middle class frenemy told me that he will remain brash and overconfident for all he wants. According to what he learned from his seniors, noobs will always hate those who are more successful than themselves. Hence, he has no qualms to display his excellence and if he is hated by the noobs for that, so be it. Noobs don't matter because they will never "amount to much." He has earned some hate from the noobs he despised, and the noobs somewhat begrudgingly respect him for it.

    What if one fine day said noobs end up being his boss? After all, wind water take turns spin.

    He strives hard. I strive hard too (because I like my job and I like to collect achievements). Boss not around, we still work. If no work, we spend time coming up with solutions to potential problems, etc. (He's not my colleague btw, just sharing what he will do, based on how well I know him).

    To people like my existing colleagues, we are sibei spoil market. Why go above and beyond the call of duty? For myself, I force myself to learn skills that are required for the next bump in pay grade.

    Funnily, like your reply to Endrene, my existing colleagues are the type who "Hollywood" a lot. Boss come to our satellite office to speak with them, I steady pom pi pi leave for lunch when it is lunch time. I did my work well, I have a clear conscience. Instead, they looked at me as though as I am insensitive, that I should remain in the office and kay zhua and listen to what our bosses say even though it does not concern me directly.

    Why?!?!?! Why is this Unintelligent Nerd so unlike us? LOL!

    1. Unintelligent Nerd,

      Some people go to the beat of the drums in their hearts; they don't need others to tell them what to do. They're "automatic".

      Some prefer to march in step with others. Blend into the herd. Don't stand out. Follow others.

      I mean we are who we are.

      Thoughts are attitude.

      Attitude leads to us doing what we do.

      What we do reflects our character.

      In some environments, my character not welcomed; in some, its highly recognised.

      I go where I am welcomed ;)


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