Friday 15 March 2013

Time - the only constraint that matters

Last night, I had a chance encounter with two ex-bosses (husband & wife team) from my IMM  sofas selling days.

My, it's 20  years since we last saw each other!!! Their baby son (he was a toddler running in the showroom then) is now serving NS in the police force. Man, do I feel old! I was 25 not so long ago...

I was sadden to later learn an ex-colleague of ours has died at the young age of 43. Heart attack. He was related to my ex-bosses by marriage.

I had older colleagues and friends moving on before me; but this is the first time someone younger than me has left... It's a bit surreal. I am 3 years older than him.

We had an interesting relationship back then. 

I was the top retail salesperson at our IMM showroom and he the top "part-time" retail salesperson at our company's warehouse showroom

He works in the warehouse during the normal workweek and moonlights in sales during the weekends

So there was friendly competition between us, but since we both also came from humble beginnings, there was comradeship too.

Forever and ever

I wrote in "My Story" that money lost can be earned back; but time lost...

I used to make personal plans assuming I will live forever. 

I plan to retire at 55.

I plan to travel to XXX and YYY one day.

I plan to take up ZZZ lessons next year (and next year, and next year).

I plan to read this book soon. Sure one! Promise!

Sounds familiar? 

Balance between Time and Money

Vagaries of time

Time is the only constraint that really matters.

Hoarding sucks if tomorrow never comes.

Spending like it's no tomorrow can cause a big handover when you wake up at 90 penniless if had planned to live till 80 only.

What ifs

If you knew you have 6 months or 2 years more to live, would you continue the same path as today? Now that's the real test of our so called "passions"!

Some will continue working till their last breath as they are doing what they love.

Some will drop immediately the little lies and excuses they have told themselves . Nothing like a little urgency of time to shine some clarity in our lives. 

To focus on what really matters. From our own perspective - not anybody's else.


If relationships are important to you, that's another potential blindspot.

Do not assume people you care about have unlimited time too. Thinking they can wait till you have reached X goals or achieved Y successes.

"Success" can be a bit hollow if you have no one to share it with. 

Stress test your plans with Time

1.  Would you still be pursuing this course of action if you had 2 years more to live?

2.  Is the sacrifice in time away from people that matters worth it? 

Who knows? You may discover "enough" is good enough after all!


  1. i have a suggestion to let your time continue, want to hear?

    1. CW,

      That's the secret of immortality!

      Oh dear, if there's life after death, I think I'll have to kneel on bottle caps and explain to my ancestors why the line has stopped with me.

      Somehow I don't think they will buy my it's for the environment and planet earth bull story... Less 1 person, less carbon footprint?

      I don't get baby bonus from garmen; but I think I deserve a gold medal from tree huggers?


    2. dead!

      i mean my (trading) computer break down this morning! @$^%$#

      lucky i got my reserve com but still a chaos cos the market is also in a choas.

    3. ya, CW is spot on! thats how and the only way we can continue our time.

      you SMOL better work harder haha.

      so if you run out of money, get it from your kids, and if have left over, give it to them, money management!

    4. hey SMOL, its not that difficult now that you are financially stable and still can er can the one one right?

      its not too late!

    5. coconut,

      Nah! I'm into love and romance; but I have no paternal instinct today. That may change in future, but not today.

      I haven't grown up yet ;)

      I am a Thalassaemia Minor carrier. Big words to mean I got hereditary anaemia.

      Big daddy likes to play with eugenics; I'll be a good boy and practice "the bad genes stop with me" proactively.

      Will I get a citation for it?


  2. Totally, Jared ;-)

    @ CreateWealth8888: Good one!

    1. Ronian,

      Isn't it nice we both have someone that matters?

      Love. Ah...


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