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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Meatballs at 10 cents - you not afraid of crowds?

I was intrigued when I saw photos and news of the big crowd of born and bred Singaporeans queuing for 10 cents meatballs.

They can't be the same people who are having angst and fear over the "overcrowding" of Singapore I guess?

It's the same when it comes to the IT fairs or departmental store sales. You not afraid of a little crowd are you? Not when there's a bargain! If you don't hurry, you'll lose out!

No wonder before every beauty contest, the organiser will throw some sweets out and the free-loaders will come.

All is forgotten; all is forgiven.


When you fall for "free" stuffs; you lose a little of your free will, a little of free thinking, and a little bit of personal freedom.



  1. When price drops so low, got balls to buy. LOL!

    1. haha, if they act the same manner as when stock market clash, q up to buy, they will be rich.

      but 10c a meat ball? how much can they save? unless buy 1,000 lots, er thats i million meat balls haha.

    2. coconut,

      Equities is funny this way. Most retail buy (I am one of them but reforming) when prices are high. But when prices are low? We hid under our blankets. LOL!

      I think to do well in investing, we must rush for 10 cents meatballs if equities give us such offers like in March 09 again!

    3. the problem when stock market crash is that no one know where is the bottom. no one knows when to start buying even if you have the guts to do so.

      if you are the buy and hold type, you may be sitting on big paper losses. and with limited funds which we all do no matter how rich you are when crisis comes, how to buy?

      using past incident and historical data and prices as guide is not a good idea! and not every meat balls that drop to 10 cents is a good buy.

      as a speculator, i do hope these crises comes more often, and there bound to have lots of people making big mistakes during these times.

  2. One day i met a Taiwanese on Changi Beach many years ago. He asked me why Singaporeans were on the move all the time. Where had the time to stop and think and therefore be "creative". What he stopped shot of saying was why we were like a headless housefly, flying aimlessly; So 4KS one.
    Do you think Singaporeans now are getting better or worse?
    i think it's getting from bad to worse. If not one funky old man wouldn't says, "Singaporeans are daft and Fts have more spurs and are hungrier." So that FUNKY OLD MAN whose son screwed up Singaporeans, no wonder.
    But i think that's exactly what the LEE,s dynasty wants out of Singaporeans.

    1. temperament,

      It's the shirt sleeves to shirt sleeves in 3 generations effect.

      It's all about perspective and life experiences.

      You were a young man when Singapore gain independence with no army and no economy. You have seen Singapore before it's "success".

      I being born in 1967 has grown together with Singapore's progress; and have seen the transition from attap and zinc roof houses to HDB new towns ;)

      Those born after us have different values (nothing wrong with that).

      I got my start on the selling floor of department store at 16. What can I say when some of the young now say these jobs are "beneath" them? No one wants to serve?

      I am indeed hungrier, leaner, and quicker when running with my graduate cohorts - cannot compete on paper compete on sweat? LOL!

      No one owed me a living. I'll never use this embarrassing "Singapore born and bred statement" on myself.

      I'll stay clear when people start comparing pedigree...

      I stick with social mobility and meritocracy ;)


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