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Saturday, 9 March 2013

Changi Beach Park

Yesterday Friday late morning, I decided on a whim to visit Changi village for Nasir Lemak lunch at the renovated hawker food centre.

On the way there, I decided to stop by Changi Chapel and Museum. Finally stopped to smell the roses instead of rushing from point A to point B.

Changi Chapel & Museum

This is my first time visiting this historic place despite passing it quite a few times in the past. It's funny that I've visit war museums of other countries, but in my own backyard, I've never made an effort to remember and honour those who have gone bravely before me.

The little notes left by visitors who were descendents of those POWs in Changi prison were most moving. And the thousands of little cranes offered by visiting Japanese students made me smile that all have not been in vain. There's hope.

I was caught by surprise the emotions that welled inside of me. The last time I felt this way was visiting Anne Frank's museum at Amsterdam.

The triumph of the human spirit is indeed uplifting.

Changi Beach Park fishing

After lunch, I decided to walk across to Changi Beach Park to look see look see.

Hey, not bad for a lazy Friday afternoon. Some anglers were braving the noon day sun fishing!

Changi Beach Park under canopy

It's so nice to walk under the shaded trees with a strong sea breeze blowing in my face. It reminded me of my NS army days. Take cover in the shade and koon (sleep) during field camps!

Changi Beach Park in the breeze

Can you feel the wind from the sway of the leaves?

Colours of Changi Beach Park

We don't have autumn in Singapore, and we can't compare to the the autumn coloured trees in China's Jiuzaigou, but we too have beauty in Singapore! Just have to look up ;)

Frangipani tree in Changi Beach Park

And we have nice flowering trees too ;) 

I stand corrected as I am guessing it's a Frangipani tree. I'm not a botanist.

Plane spotting at Changi Beach Park

It's not Frisco Bay, but this is where I sat watching the waves roll in. Every few minutes, there will be a plane taking off and I played the which airline is it game with myself. Time is indeed slow when I am still.

Sun tanning at Changi Beach Park

Last year when I was here, the beach wasn't as nice as today. I suspect it has since been cleaned up. Friday 2:30 pm and this ang moh jogger suddenly decided to chill out on the beach. 

Hmm. Either that's a long lunch, or he is like me having our man of leisure time ;)

I wonder how's it like during weekends? Do people come here to swim and sun tan? Next time must drop by during weekends! And bring my swim wear!

Granddad and granddaughter at Changi Beach Park

This is nice and touching. Can't see well due to the high contrast, but it's a Malay granddad teaching his granddaughter (around kindergarden age) how to fish.

I guess that's how childhood memories are formed. 

I remember tagging along with my grandma during her morning and evening walks. Time was even slower then.

It takes time to forge relationships. 

Small nuggets of "quality time" my foot! Don't believe? If your dad works all the time and mom is a housewife, who are you closer to now that you are all grown up?

If both parents work and no grandparents? You miss your maid a lot right?
Ah! Childhood memories...     



  1. Hi SMOL,

    Wonderful shots! Beautiful sky and scenery. You have captured the peacefulness too, both in the photos and your narration.

    Our country is beautiful and I hope it'll still be when I grow old and have more time to smell the flowers. :)


  2. Thanks Endrene for the compliment!

    Singapore is indeed beautiful.

    I'll bring my camera out more often to capture the mood and beauty of Singapore.

    Hey! 20 years down the road I will call myself a nostalgia blogger!


  3. this is the place we used to swim when we were kids, this place was call tana mera (beach) believe it or not, far away from the tana mera MRT station. there were only birds flying, no planes.

    when we were kids we don't know the danger of this water, like many others and weekend was full of people swimming. but let me warn you that this water is very dangerous, with ubin and tatong on the oppsite, create a very strong under water current and are very deep, DO NOT swim here!

    1. Thanks for the advice!

      I'm not a strong swimmer. I guess I will stick with sun-tanning next time I come back here ;)

      I guess we don't have good beaches in Singapore. The mood is not the same when I can see container ships, bargers, etc just off the horizon...

      A thought always comes to mind - where do the waste of these ships go to? Eeeeee.....

    2. haha you really are so free, all the way from queenstown to changi point just for lunch?! i don't know why the malay lasi lomak stall is so popular, always long Q, i tried but nothing special le.

      but there was a seafood stall just beside the wet market, very cheap and good. but after the renovation, they were no where to be found.

    3. oh and don't drink their sugar cain drink (i bet you did), pay $1.50 with nothing but ice!

    4. coconut,

      Come to think of it, you are right! The nasir lemak is not that special... I prefer the one at Tanjong Pagar food centre - or perhaps that's because of the fond memories of my Gan Eng Seng school days.

      No, I did not drink the sugar cane. I drank the $1 coconut drink. I wonder why... LOL!

      Now pay up! You lost your bet!!!


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