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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Be careful what you wish for

Peter is your typical nouveau riche guy who made a couple of millions in his late 30s.
Loud-mouthed, quick talking, super confident, and oh so full of himself... Can’t blame him; everything he touches has turned into gold lately.

Over at drinks with his piggy and doggy friends, perhaps it’s the alcohol, or maybe it’s the euphoria of the moment, Peter plonked his drink on the table and waved his hand at his friends:

“You know what? Would it be nice if we can buy a machine that can bathe us, feed us, and at the sound of our voice, we can control all the TV and audio devices in our home? Money is not a problem! Limpeh can afford it!”

“Good morning Peter!” chirped the young nurse as she draws open the blind. “You are looking better this morning!”

Peter gave a gentle nod as he went back into recollecting the last words and events of that night. Most of it was a blur. He recalled leaving the club and driving off in his Porche...

The next thing he remembered was waking up in a daze at the ICU unit of this private hospital. That was several weeks ago. 

Peter has since learned that he has crashed into a tree that fateful night. And he is now paralysed from the neck down. 

Lying all alone in a super-duper first class hospital room with all the bells and whistles money can buy, Peter has all the time in the world to replay the events of that day over and over, and over again.  

No, there are no machines bathing and feeding Peter. It’s done by hand from the nurses. But what do you know!? Peter can control the big screen TV over his bed by barking commands at a mouth piece near his pillow. Well, you can’t have everything can you? 

“I’ll be back with your breakfast shortly,” said the young nurse as closes the door to Peter’s room.

Wait! There! You have to look carefully. But if you do, you could see the faintest tracks of the tears running down Peter’s eyes. 



  1. Hi SMOL

    It is a very sad story indeed. Even if the rich guy is arrogant and is a scumbag, he deserves my pity.

    I hope we can thank god for the everyday life that we have.

    1. B,

      Well done! I am impressed!

      You are not quick to place a "label" on the guy :)

      Empathy and sympathy are feelings from the heart. People with heart are more fun to be with ;)

  2. Replies
    1. Aloha Brian!

      It's fictional. Although there's a bit of that guy in most of us at some point in our lives.

      It's partly based on my past experiences and what I've seen around me.

      I am the arrogant scumbag.

      I wanted to say I WAS, but that's arrogance rearing it's ugly head again.

      I am more contented, more grateful nowadays.

      I smile more too :)

  3. i have 2 cats (oh no, not again) at home, a black and a white, they are all doll face persian. ever since i acquired them a few years ago, i was thinking of breeding cats for a hobby, why not? they are very cute indeed and so many people would like to have one at home.

    after reading and research, i decided not to. here is an article about breeding cats.


    now, if you are thinking of making money in trading, then change (in the article) breeding into trading and cats into money, everything else stay the same.

    yes, you have to be responsible for the money you make in trading too and find them a good "home".

    1. so, still want to trade for a living? haha

    2. coconut,

      You are the 2nd trader with Asperger syndrome that likes and keeps cats as pets. Interesting.

      I like the fact that you can't herd cats. Meow.

      Yes, if you are responsible with money, it will reciprocate back.

      If you thrash money, it will bite back when we least expect!

    3. second? who is the first?

    4. oh and why you think i can't be a responsible cat breeder? don't look down on me ok haha.

      ya looking back when i just started trading, free money what so i spend wildly, damn i should have know better.

      however, don't mix up respecting money with unwilling to lose money, they are very different espect of trading.

    5. Aiyoh!

      "I like the fact that you can't herd cats."

      I not saying you can't breed them. I am just sharing that I like the cat quality where we (humans) can't "force" them to do our bidding - unlike other animals like sheep and dogs :)

      I don't like to be "herded" too.


    6. oh! my mistake. even so i don't think i can be responsible enough to be a breeder. even if i want to, my cats wouldn't agree haha (they are terarised)

      cats are wonderful pets, they are clean and easy to take care of, eat very little and very playful at times. my 2 cats behave more like rabbit than cats haha. very good temperament.

  4. Hi Jared

    Powerful short story. I am reminded to be thankful for the little blessings in life and to appreciate life more daily. :-)

    Be well and prosper.

    1. That's true Panzer.

      It's a joy to appreciate what we have; and not assume life is a straight line extrapolation.

      Enjoy the moment.


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