Saturday 23 March 2013

林憶蓮-鏗鏘玫瑰 - Song dedication to Tulip Girl

A special song dedication to a Tulip trader friend.

I've noticed very few Investor bloggers put up Youtube songs in their blogs. On the hand, I've found quite a few Trader bloggers share music in their blogs.

I guess Traders are insanely aware of their emotional roller-coaster and inner demons. Music is a way to communicate with our souls.

Music drowns out the deafening white noise of our thinking. Only then can we hear the soft murmurs of our hearts. 



  1. traders (those full time one) have to sit in front of the computer whole day long, what else can they do at the same time watching the market?

    listening to songs.

    1. yapi, my new comps is up and running, now i'm testing and ready for tomorrow.

    2. oh and this month, even though its still a few days before month end, my trading result is back on track after 3 miserable months.

      as a trader, one have to wait patiently for his play to come and not force through, there are times when condition are right and times when conditions are not, still i have to perserve cos i don't know when condition might change.

    3. still not sick of this song, so many singer sing, this one is good. why?

      my kind of music, my kind of place, my kind of girls (ah huay ah lian) haha...

    4. That's rare!

      You seldom make comments during the weekends ;)

      1. I see you got new toys. Enjoy!

      2. Jan I gave back some kopi money. Feb zero trades - I holiday mood and nursing my finger cuts. I walked away ;)

      This month I got lucky finally!!! Made some kopi money back by shorting the SIMSCI and EUR/USD. Got my mojo back :)

      3. LOL! I prefer the Feng Fei Fei version. You and your pool tables. How you play with the distractions of the mei meis?

    5. on second thought, what you say might have some truth in it. it does flatten the emotional part.

      what trader trying to achieve is emotional balance between win and lose, music or songs does play a role. next time try to really listen to songs when you have a very bad day, i think its very difficult.

    6. you (coco)nuts!

      with girls like that around you play even better!

      well, those miserable months was also due to my directional trades gone wild. i do make up on spread trades to cover, this month i same same, those shorts finally got pay off.

    7. by the way, did you realise the 4 dancing girls (wow how lovely they are haha) are actually 2 twins?

    8. My mistake! I forgot about peacocking!!!

      No wonder I'll call myself a trader especially when there are girls around. It's so much sexier and mancho than calling myself an "investor".

      We boys do silly things in front of girls, don't we?


    9. how funny it is, i can identify similarity but i can't differentiat them.

      i have a family friend who has a twin, ever since they were baby until they are 21 this year, i still cannot differentiat who is who.....

    10. and when i want to call either one of them, i call both of their names haha.

    11. I've never dated twins before.

      Must be fun trying to figure out who is who?

      Da mei can kiss; xiao mei cannot.

      Exciting! LOL!

  2. Got fetish for twins?

    Eh! I don't play with you anymore. Got to go sleep now. Tomorrow must wake up early to play EUR/USD on the Cyprus outcome.

    May the force be with you!

    1. haha, no no no, fetish for spread haha...

    2. Ai yeah!

      Now EUR/USD in no man's land... If it rockets up to 1.3150 or dive down to 1.2880 I would jump in bravely. Patience...

      Just made 6 pips shorting JPY/USD for 1/2 hour holding period - now my personal record in shortest holding time. LOL! I really lousy as day trader!

      Very embarrassing. But at least now can afford to pay for attas Japan noodles for lunch.

      Crazy! $15 for a bowl of soup noodles when at hawker centre, I can buy a plate of wanton noodles dry and another bowl of dumplings soup for half the price!

      Or maybe I should visit Funan's maid cafe... At least got ice cream for the eyes. Alamak! Am I becoming otaku?

    3. why you want to translet trading money into something else especially things you like? please don't do that, trust me. better still, don't even think of what amount it is when you close a trade.

    4. I understand what you say.

      Don't worry. I only count my money when I leave the table; never when I'm at the table ;)

      Money is useful only when I convert it to something I like.

      I'm not trading for a living. I'm trading for kopi money. It's different.

    5. what do you mean you are not trading for a living?

      when you trade, whether full time or part time or part full time or full part time, is part of your living.

      you have to view trading, just like anything else, is part of your life activities, not something that you have to depends on to survive.

    6. OK. I am not hardcore.

      I just soft-porn ;)

  3. Very beautiful lyrics :-)

    I've always loved Sandy Lam's voice. Just wasn't aware she still releases new album.


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