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Friday, 1 March 2013

The life of Pi and my own Exodus

Have you watched the movie “The life of Pi”?

It’s one of those rare thought provoking movies that makes you think when you leave the theatre.

And it’s visually beautiful too.

For an agnostic like me, there are some similarities between the young Pi and me. I too have embraced a smorgasbord array of spiritual philosophies during my teenage years; albeit superficially.

Warning: For those who have not watched the movie and would like to watch it without prejudices, you may want to stop reading further.

I guess most people after watching would focus on the ending and the two versions of the story told by Pi. And of course Pi’s cryptic: “And so it goes with God.”

Somehow, I didn’t. I am agnostic remember? Both can be right; both can be misguided.

I was stuck and puzzled with the island metaphor instead. What does it mean? What does it represent?

This question has been tumbling at the back of my mind for several weeks now. But I had my “ah ha!” moment last night when someone (I was in a group with strangers) mentioned Egypt and Exodus. 

No wonder I was thinking about “free lunches” recently – my subconscious mind was trying to answer the question that’s troubling me all these weeks.

I’ve been on the island before. It’s comfortable and there are “free lunches” everywhere during the day. But what the island gives during the day it takes back and more during the night. (Are you on the same island today?)
The tooth in the flower was Pi’s trigger to leave the island – despite the risks of being cast away lost in the vast ocean again.
Wouldn’t it be better to stay on the island and wait for rescue by a passing plane or ship?

It’s a bit like Zen. The trigger words for my clarity were Egypt and Exodus. 

Would you leave Egypt for the desert?


  1. When we think we are slaves to our jobs, we will leave Egypt by following the Prophets who have advertised daily they can lead you to Land of Freedom where Secret of Easy Bread will be found.

    The Prophets can even show you their Daily Bread. No desert! No worry!. Just follow me!


    1. CW,

      I hear you.

      To learn more about fishing, it's OK to read, take a course, attend a seminar, learn from a mentor, etc.

      Not everyone can go the self-taught route.

      I just find it interesting that some people after attending a course on "how to fish", continue on to subscribe to a "free fish" alert service or newsletter.

      Didn't they just learned HOW to fish? Or was it a course "how to let others fish for you"?

      With humility, finance professors are wrong. The market is not efficient.

  2. Hi SMOL!
    Read the book but haven't watched the movie yet. Love the book! For me it was how a young boy managed to survive against all odds, perhaps with the possibility of unthinkable violence - we would never know and it's not important because that's not the point of the story. What if we were in Pi's shoes? What would we have done? Humanity's code of convention has its limitations. In forming our worldview - whether we call it morality, philosophy, religion, faith - a tempered view is more compassionate than an absolutist one.
    I think everyone takes something from the story. Glad to hear you share yours.

    1. Hi plumerainbow!

      Yes, we each take something from the story.

      Funny how when I stretch my hands wide in the field, a breath of fresh air in you came across my cheeks ;)

      I've just started a 3 year spiritual journey (leaving my island of denial and sanctuary from thinking for myself).

      I want to be less judgmental, less certain, less black and white, less so sure of myself.

      We can do with a little bit more kindness and compassion in this world.

  3. Haha :-) Hi Jarred! I watched it a few months ago. I really enjoyed it. The tiger was pretty realistic, even though it was mostly CG. Hmm...I don't know what I would have done. Sleep on the trees to avoid being eaten at night and roast some meerkats during the day for food? Or leave the island completely and hope to find "real" land eventually? Good question. But there were no women on the island. So maybe leaving it was a good idea ;-)



    1. Ronian,


      If only the meerkats were women.

      My life for a night with a thousand virgins? I'll gladly let the island take me. My life for you!

      Like the cherry blossom, I would have fulfilled my "matrix program" in a burst of colour!

      Never mind the fleeting brilliance is but a foreshadow of the petals shower dance. Even in decline, I'll still make the girls go sigh...

      May we both find our promised land ;)


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