Friday 12 August 2011

Staying Alive - The Bee Gees

To be alive and well is a blessing I am grateful and thankful every morning I wake up. The markets are just one part of my reason for being. Thank goodness for that!

The Bee Gees are my top 3 favorite bands growing up in the late 70s. Never have so many classmates of my time tried to sing in falsetto! We rue the days of our puberty when our voice broke... LOL!

Hmm. I've not worn white pants since my secondary school days at Gan Eng Seng School (Anson road site). Maybe should buy one just to strut down Orchard road next year? But also buy matching white crocodile underwear. Don't want people to laugh: "Yee, orange one!"

Now who says only Bollywood male leads wear white pants?

But then hor,wiping the seats at hawker center with tissue not very mancho leh! Huh? Go to restaurant? Money used up to buy white pants oredi...


  1. "we did not creat the market. the market created us" - coconut (another one? haha)

    i was from dunman government chinese middle school, such a long name translate from chinese haha. ya 70's was great, we wore blue shorts but ours was mostly tailor made to knee lenght, at least look more like john travolta.

  2. Coconut,

    Grease is the word! Ah... Olivia Newton John....

    I had a crush on her after watching Grease :)

    I will post one of her songs next week!

    Nothing is more alluring than a "good" girl dressing "naughty". Convent girl syndrome!

  3. Hi SMOL,

    I think Bee gees wore their pants too tight, so their falsetto sounds more authentic ;)

  4. I like this song too, all time oldies favorites.

  5. 1) LP,

    Oh! That's the secret! Mr tailor, tight tight at the crotch. I am going to wear it for Bee Gees karaoke revivial night!

    2) What are futures,

    It's good to have another futures trading comrade from the windy city here! I am guessing you around my generation too ;)

    Disco forever!

    (I'm a growth and income investor; but I do throw in a bit of swing trading for spice of life!)


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