Monday 1 August 2011

Are you the Opinion leader or Follower?

Where do see yourself in this picture?

Like lemmings to the cliff, there is one species of caterpillar in Athens where they will do mass migration to god knows where every summer. To new sources of food, I guess. It can be a frigthening sight - caterpillars everywhere! (You can stop laughing at me now)

Most will stumble onto the pavements and get stuck in the water drainage holes by the side of the road, or they will be crushed by the cars if the lead caterpillar decides to march across the road.

Like the human wave military tactic used by China in the 50s, it's an awesome sight (I can speak American OK?) to see the caterpillars march on despite the carnage up ahead. Perhaps they can't see beyond the ass of the caterpillar in front?

I was going to write a satire post on the "herding" behaviour of humans - be it in politics, our investment decisions, or our lifestyle choices (fashion, for eg).

Then it struck me! (I realise I like to use "then" a lot. A very Singaporean trait - then, hor!)

If a picture is worth more than a thousand words, whatever I write will be superfluous. Silly me!

I shall stop and leave you alone with the picture above, and this question:

Where do you see yourself in the picture? (Ouch!)


  1. both a leader and a follower. use to be more of a leader.

    in fact when i was a child, i'm the king! who dare oppose me haha, i'll get him even he is hiding on top of the trees.

  2. I see a millipede standing on my shoulder.

  3. Chim!

    I see myself a follower. Hoping to emulate the successful traders I've met. But hopefuly I don't get "trampled to death" before I get to become a leader!

    Then again, I might never see myself a leader if I always see myself as "still learning".


  4. a word for smallfry, wow thank you very much!

    i really mean it! you words i can only hear from my family and closest friend, never from others. it is them who guide me through with very frank opinion.

    my behavour in blogging is like a child out of control, always think i can muscle in and tell everybody what to do. i really must weak up.

    however its a lot of fun doing it. thanks.

  5. 1) Children king Coconut,

    Your're the man! The child in you is what keeps me intrigued. I have no problem saying to you: "Lead the way captain!" - only for fun and games hor ;)

    2) Wealth Journey,

    Hey, don't look at me! I am not going to shoo away a millipede that's flashing his underside to me! I am going for my camera! Don't move!

    3) Isaac,

    You reminded me when I first discovered hair growing out of weird places after puberty - now that's disgusting! LOL!

    4) Aloha sm@ll.fry,

    You already have the answer in you ;) Mine is low level chim. For high level chim, look at Coconut's recent comments at Fat's blog - atomic bomb analogy! Now that's high level kung fu!

  6. Oh ..
    maybe I didn't made myself clear..

    I was trying to tell you... "I am the giant". Standing on the shoulders of Giant - Get it? ..bawahaha.

    Just kidding about me being the giant. I just want to convey the phrase that it does not matter whether we are at the end or the beginning as long as we stand on the shoulders of giant. :)

  7. Hi Jared

    The herding mentality is actually hardwired in our brains. I read the book, "Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion" by Dr Robert Cialdini which explained why we behave in the way we do in chasing property prices or following the herd in trading stocks and shares.

    Powerful book that sort of helps to also make us less susceptible to the scams and schemes dreamed up by people to get you to invest/buy things from them.

    Be well and prosper.

  8. 1) Hey WJ!!!

    I missed your word game with me completely! Shame on me! I was thrown off by the image of the millipede flashing ala Men in Black at me.

    2nd time caught with my pants down in front of you. Eh, why you like to pull down my pants? Cannot like that!

    2) Hello PG,

    You are very well read! Impressive. I guess that's how market manias and irrational exuberence are formed.


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