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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

This is your LIFE


  1. I got this pic from La Papillion :)

    The pic has a lot of views and ideas that I can identify with!

    I think its the 2nd time I've shamelessly "stolen with pride" something from LP again.

    I think I am becoming like the "cao kuang" neighbour who likes to borrow salt without any intention of returning... (how do we return salt we have borrowed anyway?)

    Hmm. Next time I better ask for dark soy sauce. Then light soy sauce. Then fish sauce...

    And before LP can say hey! I will switch to borrowing fine sugar, then coarse sugar, then rock sugar.


  2. whats wrong with stealing? we human are the number one thief and copy cat on this planet!

    ofcos we don't call it steal, we call sharing and learning haha.

  3. Hi SMOL,

    LP says "take lah take lah". He doesn't mind de. Try borrowing some money next time. ;p

  4. 1) AK, you BDM so I assume you are in sales.

    Get the customer to say "yes" often enough, and when its time to ask for the order, we will get a yes!

    Old Jedi warrior trick ;)

    You spoil my "kang tao". Now LP will caste his "cao kuang" resistence spell in anticipation of my real intention - borrow money. LOL!

    2) LP,

    Your tavern is so full of interesting characters and wonderful artifacts. How can I not lust after those powerful artifacts to help me level up quicker in our enchanted bloggersphere?

    Thank you benevolent dungeon master. Opps! I meant tavern master!

  5. Hi Jared

    It's not "stealing" if you credit the source. :-)

    Be well and prosper!

  6. Panzer,

    You are right! From now on, I will say "borrow with pride" instead!

    By the way, I have no intention of returning. LOL!


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