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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Let me be there - Olivia Newton John

I am very much inspired and moved by Panzer's monday post about happiness:

Panzer's: happiness-is-little-moments-in-time

It brought up memories of the people who were there for me when I was young...

So for all the parents with young and "young-at-heart" children out there, this song is dedication to you all!

And perhaps a gentle reminder on what's really important years from now. It's not the expensive presents or overseas vacations that we remember fondly when we grow up... It's whether there's someone there for us - even if it's a scolding or beating. It shows you cared.

All right, how can we sit and listen to Olivia? Come on everyone! Get up from your chair! Move your feet and sway your hip!

Yes, that's right! You sir! And you madam! Thanks! You're a good sport!

Isn't it fun!?

Hum along now. Get ready! The chorus is coming... 1, 2, 3,

Let me be there in morning...

Allo sir! Yes, you there! Please come down from the desk. Don't get too carried away...



  1. i have only one song for her, this is it.

  2. song exchange,

    the market mode sound more like the following song, a great song written in 1937.


    and if you wonder how i look like 20 years ago, just look at the picture haha.

  3. Hi Jared

    I enjoyed watching ONJ while she appeared in the "Grease" film. The soundtrack from "Grease" also rocks! :-)

    Thanks for sharing the song by her, it brings back memories.

    Be well and prosper.

  4. 1) Hello Coconut,

    Thanks! I love Japanese Enka (演歌)

    So you belong to the "pretty boy" type! LOL!

    2) Your're very much welcomed Panzer!


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