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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Middle path and Yin Yang balance

By nature, I have a glass half-full view of life.

Have to. For those of you that have read "My story", if I wallowed in self-pity or engage in mindless complaints, I would not have moved on and forward.

I have discovered that having too extreme view of things is not conducive to my independent thinking. I think the big word is polemic (me showing off a word I learnt recently).

Having said that, if I only see one side of the argument, I may suffer from blind-spot to the opposing view. I want to see with stereo vision (then got 3D effect mah)!

That is why even though I like to use leverage, I keep close company to "qian beis" that prefer to pay down their debts ASAP. Their reasons are all very valid! I use these reasons as "warning" signals or indicators to alert me when I have veered too much with leverage :)

Same for visiting blogs of active full-time traders. Even though I am not an active day trader, I have learnt a lot and have found techniques and strategies that I can apply for my dividend investing and swing trading. They are also my "gold fish" indicators on the "sentiment" of the market.

I am damaged in a sense I have been brought up to respect elders and "seniors". All things being equal, I tend to give more weight to "qian beis" who have eaten more salt than rice over me. But the drawback of "experience" is we tend to stick with our tried and tested ways. To get that breath of fresh air and "why didn't I think of that?" inspiration, I visit blogs of young investors who amaze me with their youthful exuberance. Especially when it comes to new technology and riding the next high tech revolution!

Looking at both sides of the argument is not the same as sitting on the fence - this I have to stress. I have my own opinion and point of anchor; different views are welcomed to test and strengthen my position. Metal is not strong if not beaten. The saw gets sharpened through friction. I am not afraid to admit I am wrong.

Today, I have added to my blog (way down at the bottom) 4 "unofficial" blogs of gurus who have a more "pessimistic" view on the world economy. For the faint hearted, I would not recommend you read them. But for those who are like me see the world as glass half-full, these gurus have very interesting counter-viewpoints. I see opportunities within all this doom and gloom ;) 

What? Roll-over and give up? This on-going credit crisis is small potatoes compared to our "qian beis" who lived through Singapore's independence struggles of 1965, and the pull-out of the British army in 1971.

I stand tall and walk straight.


  1. oh absolutely, don't follow their (senior) advise, or anyone for that matter.

    for trading and investing, if you can't come up with your own ideas, don't do it.

  2. haha, above is not an advice, its an opinion. (slapping my own face haha)

  3. LOL Coconut!

    You think why I hide behind stories, satires, and jokes?

    I let others come to their own conclusions :)

  4. Hi SMOL

    Experience is the best teacher, especially if one can get the benefit of others mistakes without having to learn from them ourselves :-)

    Be well and prosper.

  5. True Panzer.

    Alas, some mistakes I still have to experience for myself despite watching the mistakes of others...

    I don't know pain until I've been burnt myself :(


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