Friday 29 July 2011

I just wanna have fun!

Jan 2008 in Shanghai - You may need to click and enlarge the pic to see more clearly

Normally it does not snow in Shanghai, but on that fateful afternoon, it did!

Our Shanghai office was overlooking this lower roof-top, and after lunch, I was looking at all that wonder white snow. Being a Singaporean who does not have much encounter with snow, I just couldn't help not having some winter wonderland fun of my own!

Starting from right to left:

1) That's my first attempt at "writing" with my feet. I do first, plan later. Guess what? After JAR, I sheepishly found I've no space left for ED... So much for my sense of perspective and proportion! That's why I drew the embarrassed smiley face. LOL !

2) Next I decided to skip letters and go for pictures. A dolphin and on the top left corner, a butterfly. (Now why the hell would I draw a butterfly!? Its my innocence lah! Don't think astray.)

3) Ta dah! Now that I've warmed up, that's my "masterpiece" on the left square. A stylised horse inspired from the Trojan horse story. Little did I know then I would work in Athens at the end of the year; my job offer came during May that year. Coincidence? Or providence? Life is so mysterious!

After I had my fun, I went back to work. Then I heard a small commotion. Our office ladies were all pointing and laughing at my "paintings".  Some of the other "young-at-heart" like me, went down and have their own fun at the other empty white squares of snow.

Would you have done the same if you were there? Not "proper" for someone 41 years young?

Notice I shameless put my name and initials for all to see? Now you know one of the reasons why I did not blog anonymously - narcissistic me!

Soft start in peeling the onion.


  1. at first glance, i though it was your office with all the table and chairs haha.

  2. I thought I was looking at crop circles...

    Lol, just kiddin'

  3. Hi,

    its nice.snow.

    I greatest regret in life is never bring myself and parents to see snow

  4. 1) LOL! I wished Coconut! The sky my ceiling, no walls, and surround sound of nature. That's better than the corner office!

    2) Patty, OK I owned up! I had help from my little green friends ;) May the force be with you!

    3) I share your feeling OT. My mom too had not seen snow up close... Now her knees are bad, difficulty in walking.

    One of the reasons I am returning home. She don't need snow. Many times she told me to quit and get a simple job back home; she doesn't need my money.

    Self-centred me did not listen as I was having fun outside. But now I hear.

    OK, better stop. My eyes snowing...

  5. Forever young, I want to be forever young... Do you really want to live forever? ;)

  6. Isaac,

    You now make me want to sing Memories from Cats!

    Hey! I not that old yet lah!

  7. SG got snow-city, right? Still can see snow.

  8. Thanks CW8888!

    I will fine out where and bring my mom!

    The only Singapore snow I remember is at Tanglin Mall during Christmas where they blow a foam kind of fake snow. Mostly I return to Singapore during CNY. Lost touch with Christmas in Singapore liao...


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