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Monday, 25 July 2011

SMOL’s fun take on common Singaporean trading words:

Big cap       

Alternate name for big “head”. Positions held by traders who believe size does matter.

Small cap                 

Alternate name for small “head”. For traders who believe technique matters more; not size.

Elliott waves             

Technique used by stressed-out insomniac traders to help them get back to sleep – counting waves as opposed to counting sheep.


For traders who have not discovered the wonders of electricity.

Moving average      

When given their trading report card on their “average”performance over 50 or 200
days, traders will either break-out in rapture or sink into despair.


A short-form way of ordering Macdonald’s double-cheese burger by traders in a hurry.


Companies ran by smurfs. Viewed as safe investment since smurfs are very cuddly and
friendly. Suitable for young children and adults who are a bit “clueless”.


Also pronounced as “ass” chips by non-English speakers. These are companies ran by
sharks. Suitable for investors who are not afraid of swimming with the sharks, especially
shark-fin soup aficionados!


A kind of laxative. Suitable only for traders with strong stomach.


Commissioned middle-man who will go broke if their clients don’t trade enough.

Sure win one!

Sales pitch by ex-durian seller turned dealer. 

Huat ah! 

A very unique war cry used by Singaporean traders who have yet to get over Chinese
New Year’s “lo hei”.

Chong ah!

A phenomenon seen at 5:05 pm after the introduction of all day trading by SGX.
A grand sight to behold when all traders rush to the loo at the same time!


  1. where's the ubiquitous "BB" ?!

  2. Hello Isaac,

    Eh... What's BB? A peranakan trader?

    You can add your own fun take on common words used by Singaporeans at the comments. It will be fun!

  3. I love this one

    Long Term - which most people call their bought-at-the-peak-last-fool-standing stocks. Aptly referred to as "Wrong Term" by mew ge.

  4. Nice one Patty! "Wrong" term to mean Long term. LOL!

    I've heard this one:

    A long term holding for traders is a short term trade gone wrong!

    I must learn the lingo at LP's cbox. You guys have invented quite a few new words (or maybe I am very behind). For a while, I was quite confused with words like "banana" and "CMI". Later on I discovered it meant Sabana reit and Can't Make It!

  5. SMOL,

    you been away from Singapore too long liao huh. CMI is a common singlish acronym lor...hehehe


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