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Thursday, 21 July 2011

Me and my scooter

Taken last Autumn Nov 2010 at Gothenburg, Sweden

Man, I feel frisky today!

Let’s take my scooter for a spin. Yes, it’s time we do the deed together!

As I approached my scooter, I whispered softly: How are you my baby? Don’t worry, you are in good hands. Leave the driving to me. I’ll be gentle.

I gently lift the cover off. Slowly revealing the front tyre… I gasped as the headlights are revealed. Heart beats fast. Breath shorter…

Ever so slowly, the handle-bars, then the black soft leather seat are revealed. I licked my lips in anticipation… Finally the rounded bottom of my scooter is exposed. You are beautiful my baby! I couldn’t hide my excitement any longer.

I lift my leg and stride across the saddle in one smooth action. Turn on the ignition and gently squeeze the accelerator. I am a man with slow hands. I’ll let my scooter warm up. I won’t ride her cold; that will be painful for her engine.

My scooter moans… She is ready. I kick-off the stand and with a jerk, I’m in.

Into the saddle, I gently gave the accelerator a few rhythmic turns. Off we go!

Attentively, I listened to her moans and groans. I will playfully ease off the accelerator each time her engine strains; and will accelerate hard again. This gets her into the next higher gear.

Perspirations start to drip from my forehead. Back drenched. Go baby go! Scooter and I are locked as one.

I see a hill approaching. I urge my scooter on. Let’s ride the crescendo together! I push hard at the accelerator. Hands clenched tightly at the handle bars. White knuckles showing. Thigh muscles tightened against the front of the saddle. Shoulders and spine arced backwards.

At the very top of the hill, we jetted off into the air. That brief moment of climatic joy seems eternal! I tilt my head back and released all my energy. Every muscle in my body relaxed. Wind blowing in my face. I am in nirvana!

We landed back to the ground with a thump. I slumped my limp body over the handle-bars. No more acceleration. We just let gravity take us down the hill. I am spent. I need to pull-over and rest.

What a ride!

Me and my scooter.


  1. Words of encouragement from fellow writers from www.voicesnet.org
    where I've posted my english poems and prose.

    It's my first attempt in writing in metaphor.

    1) Chetan Sharma from India wrote: novel poem. the scooter must be feeling overwhelmed as this poem is dedicated to her :)

    2) Susan Burns from Ireland wrote: lol i need a cold shower enjoyed tis thanks Susan x

  2. Interesting read but wonder why it has sexual innuendos all over. If I substituted 'scooter' with 'lady', it would read like a sexual escapade!

  3. Hello Anonymous 3:39,

    It's my first attempt at writing in metaphor :)

    Just having fun experimenting different styles of writing!

  4. you and your scooter both looks sensitive.

    1. Hello Android Developers

      Better sensitive than no feeling ;)

  5. Hey ur white vespa nice lei :)
    But I don't know how to ride... sigh

    My dad Grey Honda not ancient lah... very common 1, round headlights just the 1st gear have to step behind. Normally the gear is step in front 1st then 2nd then 3rd...
    Wait I find from Google...
    Looks like this grey 1 lor...

    Some kampung ride bike no need wear helmet, very shiok 1... cos I kiasi drive slow slow 1... if fast can not lah, must wear helmet cos very dangerous de...

    1. sy sy,

      At your kampong very common. Singapore you spotted how many recently? Don't say grey, the blue and white honda cubs are becoming a rarity here too!

      In Malaysia, a lot of things are just a "recommendation" ;)

      That's why that bald Malaysia comedian joked how to tell Singaporeans apart in KL?

      Singaporeans are the idiots who use the overhead bridges!


      Ah! That's how you seduce your Ah Bang ;)

      Ride in the wind and let your hair flow freely!

  6. Yahor... really never see 1 Honda cub here at all lei... hehehe
    My kampung still have to wear helmet cos got a lot mata rounding asking kopi duit...
    but if i go to my fren kampung there, no need wear also can... maybe less mata over there bah... me got accident with my bike b4 so I prefer wear helmet for protection...
    My hair too short to flow lah... lol only can attract street dog chase behind my bike... hahaha

    1. sy sy,

      That's why when you mentioned Honda cub, I knew you're cousin from up North ;)

      Long hair, short hair also boleh!

      Stay sassy always ;)


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