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Monday, 18 July 2011

Bird watching in Athens

I made a promise to a young friend in cbox that I will take pictures of "birds" (that's what the brits call them) in Athens. There! Now I can be released and rest in peace like the green undead warriors in Lord of the Rings 3 ;)

Must say I was very nervous and timid last Saturday... Half the time I was worried a policeman will haul me up to jail for voyeurism!

Ah summer time!

Caasi, do come to Greece during your summer breaks! If you are "adventurous", go to Mykonos island. There are topless and nudist beaches there. And I've heard about the wild parties there...

I've not been to Mykonos though - I am shy and self-conscious of my body (but not my bald head!)...

I know, I know. I lame :(


  1. Ελα μωρό μου τι κάνεις? ;)

  2. Ella moro mou = "έλα μωρό μου" (come on baby)

    "ti kanis" = "Τι κάνεις" (how are you?)

    For the sake of English speaking readers.

    Wow! I am impressed Patty! You must had a great time in Greece too!

  3. SMOL,

    Nice photos!

    Didn't know you have such interest!

  4. wa i eyes all turn very red.

    no, not the girls, you SMOL.

  5. 1) Caasi,

    I don't care! I will wait for you until you get your doctor's licence.

    In 5 to 6 years' time, my engine will need more maintenance. Must give me discount for check-ups at your clinic, OK!?

    See? Now my little reputation is flushed down the toilet.... LOL!

    2) OT, I shame shame.

    3) Coconut, they too young for me! Can kena rotan you know?

  6. LOL~ that's about 25% of all the Greek I know. In my misguided youth, I had embarked on an odyssey across the Aegean in pursuit of my Helen of Troy... and this was one of the 4 magical verses I learnt that ensured survival (the other 3 had to do with ordering souvlaki, cigarettes and frappe).

  7. sigh... why am i still in singapore

  8. wonder if can bird watch in sg? haha

  9. 1) Hello Patty,

    I learnt one important Shanghainese phrase too: Xiu jia, long lor hou ku - Miss, you are pretty!

    They either run away, or laughed. Those that laughed we went for coffee. I missed my frivolous Shanghai days!

    2) OT,

    In Singapore better just bird watch without camera. I see in Asiaone that many Singaporeans take pictures and post on internet. Wait kena "caught" and become famous in internet very malu!

    3) Anonymous,

    Your opportunity will come if you open up to the possiblity that we can work and/or study outside of Singapore. Take baby steps. Try volunteering for short 3 months work/study assignments?

  10. I just realized the cassi part :P

  11. Welcome to Singapore Peroxide! Hope you will like it here.

    Next time I visit Medan I'll write to you for travel tips ;)



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