Saturday 4 February 2023

Nope. I Not Gonna Bite


Read the physical Kopitiam discount card will be discontinued by end June this year.

OK lor. No discount no discount lor.

Nope. Not gonna be corralled like sheep. I won't bite.

I mean eat at Kofu I also never download the app for 10% discount.

Same for my favourite fast food McDonald, I also never bothered to download the app.

You mean to tell me if you hungry, got Kofu or Burger King in front, you'll make a big detour to Kopitiam or McDonald, just because you want to enjoy the 10% discount or to earn points for free meals?


My friend whatsapped me the DBS PayLah! $3 promotion every Friday.  

Huh? You want me to get up early Friday to "rush" so that I can beat the 100,000 customers only limit? 

Free? Got to jump through hoops... It works better on puppies. I too old and "cat like"... 

No. Hungry eat; tired rest.


If you really that "kiasu", don't want to miss out on every freebie or discount, then don't complain your smartphone got 1001 apps!

That's the trend going forward.

I know what big daddy is doing. Laying the groundwork for that eventuality.

It's OK.

I'll enjoy my current "I have a choice" until that day comes.



  1. How about CDC vouchers? Hardcopies?

    1. CW,

      CDC is not app; its sms with weblink to the actual vouchers ;)

      Big daddy already got everything there is to know about us through Singpass.

      Notice in the latest round, big daddy is already experimenting with "shepherding" its flock - $150 to supermarkets; $150 to hawkers and other merchants.

      You never wonder why it's not $300 and up to us to spend as we like at ALL the participating vendors?

      Next time with improving technology (blockchain), it can be fine-tuned to can spend at supermarkets but excluding cigarettes and liquor ;)

      You and I don't drive. But remember that time they tried to "force" drivers to pump petrol themselves to increase "productivity" at the petrol stations?

      That didn't take off, did it?

      Maybe those who own cars are more likely to be shepherds?


    2. Just curious, what did the drivers do to not get "forced" into pumping petrol themselves?
      They flocked to other non-self service petrol stations? Haha

    3. Rainbow girl,

      That's the power of choices!

      I don't want to be that Model T car customer Henry Ford so famously quoted,

      "Any customer can have a car painted any colour that he wants, so long as it is black."

  2. Mcdonald's my favourite too!

    3-min icons pressing for deals and discounts I think the hoop's very big leh. SMOL, you are the rare few that these apps can't mine your data haha.

    1. Rainbow girl,

      I suspect the management at McDonald don't eat at their own restaurants...

      The user interface at the self-ordering monitors can be so trying...

      I'm a regular. It can be done with 3 taps, but no... Must make me tap multiple screens to lengthen the ordering process...Sigh...

      Of course, we know why! It's so that more pop-ups can appear to up-sell and cross-sell us mah!

      How can traditional media like SPH or Mediacorp compete with the likes of Google, YouTube, Facebook???

      Not when new media know so much about us! Where we have been, what websites we have visited, what we bought recently, and who we been associated with online!!!

      Of course, big companies are not stupid. They also don't want to be dependent and let the likes of Google grab them by the bxxls.

      They have seen how Alibaba and Tencent have become so powerful that traditional banking can be "threatened" - that's until Winnie-the-pooh brought down the hammer not so fast you don't!

      Why outsource to 3rd parties to help them have a bigger hold over you when companies themselves can build-up their own eco-systems to milk and fleece their own sales funnel own time own target?

      That's why any company and every company is creating an app and doing their best to "force" or "incentivise" its own flock to download.

      "Don't be shy, I just want to know more about you!"

      To be effective, the app needs to be linked to our credit cards or bank accounts. Just you wait. Another OCBC like incident may be waiting to happen.

      Some company will get hacked, and opps...

    2. Hi Smol

      Happy 元宵!

      知己知彼 百战不殆

      Like a snake oil will know when and where to apply the oil.

    3. Small Time Investor,


      Poke to see what their hole-in-the-heart reveals.

      Once we know, the rest is relatively easy ;)

  3. Smol,

    Well said. I already encounter the people around me following the Authority's order. I prefer to stick to my preferred way which reasonates with my approach.

    To each of one own.


    1. WTK,

      Trust a fellow traveller on the Tao to appreciate hungry eat, tired rest ;)

      Many say they seek "freedom", yet when they see leashes, quickly put them round their necks.

      See empty cage, can't help but walk right in...

      Like the African monkey trapped by the hole in the ground trap. Just letting go of the cube of salt can escape, but no...

      It's "free" salt what!?

      Let go so "wasted"...

  4. If everyday eat kopitiam, because that is the nearest option at workplace, then better download.

    Otherwise, all the promotion seems to last only a while. My wife have all the apps, Mac like ,,play the games.etx. but the des get more and more lousy unless u play and choke up points

    1. Sillyinvestor,

      If "no choice", then "no choice" lor!

      For those who got choices, it matters less.

      Of course won't last forever one.

      Just like selling drugs, first entice you with "discounts" and "free points"; once you're deep into their sales funnel or eco-system, they will come to milk and fleece you as part of their "captive" flock.

      The stupid store value card tells them nothing about you. But once you've downloaded the app, they'll know everything about you ;)


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