Monday 13 February 2023

Mask Free At Last!!!


Even happier is I got confirmation this morning from my sales colleague next weekend no masks needed too!

3 years...

Nope. Not gonna wear masks on the trains and busses later on when I go out.

But I will wear a mask in public when I visit the doctor or not feeling well going forward. That's being socially responsible.

I don't want to spread my illness to others. Even if it's just the common cold.

I do hope Singapore will become like Taiwan or Japan in this regard. But I not keeping my hopes high...

I'll just do my part. I not going to Indian Chief others what to do.


Then what's with this "arguing with the STOP sign" post?

Notice there's quite a lot (maybe majority) of Singaporeans thought wearing masks can "protect" them from the Wuhan virus?

I on the other hand belong to the camp that sees wearing masks as a way to prevent us from "inadvertently" spreading our illnesses to others.

Same, same; but different.

One group is motivated by "greed". 

Greed for life... I, me, and myself come first. 

The other side is more torn apart by "fear".

Imagine the guilt to know you have caused others harm... No matter how inadvertently...

Knowing what buttons to press is key if you want to influence others.

If you're a fledgling snake oil, don't say old fogey snake oil me never support you.

I've just revealed a bit of cleavage; I don't do full nudity.

The rest you figure out for yourselves!

As always, make money don't forget to buy me kopi!


  1. Hi SMOL,

    I also believe that mask wearing is to prevent others from catching my virus if I am ill. The only way to have near zero exposure to surrounding viruses is to don the "astronaut" suit.

    When mask wearing first started, I ever encountered someone who removed his mask when sneezing. Don't know if that fellow is ignorant or purposely want to spread his germs! *slap forehead*

    1. Rainbow girl,

      If we fear getting the Wuhan virus from others, we may need to wear goggles, put on surgical gloves, don the non-woven fabric gown, and use N95 masks?

      But I get why people would like to cling to the "placebo effect".

      It's like during the Boxer rebellion in China, just stick a talisman on the body is enough to get "no study" foot-soldiers to charge the foreign armies shooting back with their firearms,,,

      There are many parallels in our investing/trading community.

      Take Buy-and-Hold.

      That requires a lot of research and analysis before we commit.

      But if one just spends 5 minutes making the buy decision, discover the position is down -40%...

      Oh, never mind. I'm a LONG TERM investor. Stocks always go up one!

      OK... But that's not how Buy-and-Hold is supposed to work!



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