Monday 20 February 2023

Big Daddy Volunteer CPF Contributions For You!


Big daddy good or what?


By raising the CPF limit from $6K to $8K, some who are already doing voluntary contributions to CPF today can save the trouble in future...

Big daddy will ask your employer to do it for you!

Now that's service or what!?

Good, better, best!!!

As for those who are transferring their CPF funds out to bank fixed deposits or treasury bills, presumably there are better vehicles than CPF out there, be glad you can still transfer them out!

Think of those who want to preserve more take home pay to speculate in cryptos, options, futures, overseas properties, baseball cards, Hello Kitty collectibles, antiques, fine wine; etc...

Well, sorry. 

It's for your own good.

Why does big daddy need to raise the CPF limit?

To keep pace with inflation.

I see.

To hedge against an asset that loses its purchasing power over time, the solution is to accumulate more of it???

Nanti dulu...



  1. Is definitely beneficial to the middle income earner, when u top up, u only top up your own, but now, the employer also need to top up 16 percent of the extra

    But I think I will hear a lot of conspiracy theories than appreciation.

    I dun really worried too much how they tweak CPF here and there, contribution rate, income ceiling and maybe also withdrawal date

    I am more worried when we dun have enough workers (local) to contribute to the pool, due to bad economy

    1. Sillyinvestor,

      Don't get me wrong. If I'm still working fulltime, I'm all for it!

      I'm just trolling those CPF acolytes who are ever so eager to volunteer their own milk and fleece instead of asking their employers to "contribute" more into our CPF ;)

      Maybe I came from a time where BOTH CPF contribution rates from employer and employee were equal.

      It seems no one cared or bothered to wonder why we have to wait till we are 60 and above before the employer CPF contribution rate exceeds the employee?

      And only after quite substantial cuts in the total CPF contribution rates after age 55?

      A pity-fxxk?

      Big daddy smart. Just raising the CPF limit alone is getting the employers to contribute more.

      Subtle and less hassle than to raise employer's contribution rate to match the employee.

      Landowners not as "easy-going" or easy to "persuade" when it comes to parting their own milk and fleece...


      P.S. If you are worried not enough youths to subsidise your future retirement, that meant you have not voluntarily contributed to CPF to save on your taxes?

  2. Smol,

    Decision by Authority. One just focuses on doing the things of own interest.

    No much of concern if one does not have commitment and lives beyond the means.


    1. WTK,

      Yes, focus on what we can CONTROL and INFLUENCE ;)


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