Thursday 19 January 2023

How to Influence Others to our Benefit


How time flies!

The first time I worked with Stacked Homes was way back in May 2021 where I shared my SERS journey.

Again, not an advertorial, but if you are into properties or renovating your dream home, I'm sure you would have discovered Stacked Homes by now.

The quality of their editorial content and YouTube videos are truly at craftsmanship level.


OK, today is not about them.

It's about me having a vested interest in sharing this article to you:

We Rushed To Buy A Home During The Pandemic: Here's Why It Nearly Became A Big Regret...

There are so many quality articles and YouTube videos at Stacked Homes.

Why this particular article???

Alert and regular visitors of this watering-hole will spot it quite easily. Wink.

Yes, it's that short little sentence, "I regretted not getting the top floor."

Since I'm the snake oil that wears the white hat, I'll share this little Jedi trick we play on our sales funnel all the time.

I could have kept quiet and share the article to you, giving you the "misdirection" it's all about how to avoid choosing an apartment with neighbours from hell!

And you would be none the wiser I'm doing a "psychological operation" on you, "Buy top floor lah!"


That's why when I catch myself doing something a bit out of character. I'll look up to see who is pulling my strings.

When you make a decision, do you spend time pondering whether it's the actual you making this particular decision, or are you merely being manipulated influenced by others?

OK, this will keep you awake for several nights!



  1. This is exactly what sales, marketing and snake oils are doing. Bigger benefits going to them while may enjoy smaller benefits. Win-win?

    1. CW,

      The first person who says "win-win" is usually the one who is having the advantage in the negotiation.

      I always let the other party say it first.

      Letting the other person thinks he/she got the better deal makes for better future business relationships!

      It's the same when we want to cut-loss a relationship.

      Letting the other party think it's them "dumping" us has less after relationship effects!

  2. Hi,

    People influence is common. One will have to assess whether the decision is in-line with one's preference. I think that it will be easy as long as one feels comfortable with the decision. Any form of discomfort is a telltale sign of external influence.


    1. WTK,

      My experience differs...

      It's a lot easier for me if I went along with others. There's no stress or discomfort. I'm not taking any personal responsibility for my decisions.

      The best telltale to know when I have been "influenced" is when things go wrong, I blame others first!

      It's when I have an opinion of my own that differs from anyone and everyone, that's where I find myself saddled with discomfort and loads of self-doubts.

      It only got better after I accepted who I am (penguin that flies underwater). That's when I start taking ownership of my decisions and actions ;)


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