Friday, 13 January 2023

Uncertain or Fixed Salary?


I have a quick way to "read" whether a person is more inclined to Earn More or Save More.

Just look at their day job.

Of course, there are exceptions. 

That's where Trust but Verify comes in. Wink.

Don't believe?

Just look at insurance and property agents (no basic, pure commissions), they are usually the most "aggressive" risk takers when it comes to investing/trading! No? They are also the biggest fans of FIRE! 

Then look at those who value high certainty in their monthly income. Dividends investing or voluntary contributions to CPF anyone?

Those "cover backside" risk profile surveys are useless.

Most of us like to own self lie to own self.

It's always better to judge what we do, not what we say!


  1. If we are influencers or snake oils, people will judge what we say and then believe and follow what we say. LOL!

    1. CW,

      It's part of self-development as we gain more life experiences.

      When we delve into a new arena where we are totally clueless (bei kambing), we are like a white sheet of paper - anyone and everyone can write onto it, and we'll believe!

      Then we move onto a little bit of knowledge we think we know everything phase (parrots).

      Only when arrived at the we thought we knew but actually have no freaking idea phase, that's where the REAL learning takes place!

      That's the craftsmanship phase. Or 10,000 hours. None of that passive, passive, no need effort fairy tale stuffs.

      Influencers and snake oils can only prey on the bei kambings and parrots.

      Why would craftsmen want to be sheep when they are shepherds?

  2. hi, may I check is there any way to contact you for sponsorship or paid collaboration?

    1. getrichinfo,

      Go all the way to the bottom of the website and click "View My Complete Profile".

      There you can see my email contact.

      Warning: You may want to read a few of my past sponsored posts.

      I write the way I write. Quite a few sponsors ran away after discovering although I'm a man-whore, I don't milk or fleece my readers just to make a buck ;)

  3. huh, smol,

    I thought it is prudence to have some balance.
    Those pure commission, maybe a bit less aggressiveness in equity?

    I see it slightly differently

    Those with fixed income, stable income,
    think of investing as "gambling" and is another pot of gold, and when they fail, say they are down on luck

    Those aggressive sale people, may or may not invest on their own, but their do their due diligence before they invest

    like you said it. There are exceptions !! Perhaps many. But that is my feel, which is quite different from yours

  4. Sillyinvestor,

    I curious. How many insurance or property agents you know personally?

    If yes you know quite a few, are they likely to be traders or long term "investors"?

    You are a teacher. Although you are into equities, do you use margin to leverage your returns?

    How about options, futures, or warrants?

    Why not?

    You have a fixed and stable income job. Why aren't you treating "investing" as gambling?

    I agree. There are exceptions!!!

    I don't listen to what others say, I pay attention to what they do. Wink.

  5. I do know quite a few...

    Surprising, many said they rather let the pro manage their money for them, and then their are the property clan of investors

    I do know of some traders, but most are intelligent, careful etc.

    Maybe my sample size are small

    Around those around me, drawing a stable pay, not just teachers, hearing what they say about business or investment, is quite obvious they know nuts about shares and are likely to get smack by Mr market...

    1. Sillyinvestor,

      You are honest. I give you that.

      Why would graduates sell insurance or properties when their paper qualifications mean nothing?

      It's not as if you got Masters you get a higher commission rate...

      It's because not anyone and everyone can make it!

      The financial rewards reflect it.

      Why do those who are "risk adverse" in their stable and safe jobs want to embrace risk by "investing"?

      That's because they were SOLD that stocks always go up in the long run...

      You don't need brains, just passive and faith will suffice.

      Got dividends win oredi. Unrealized losses are not "real"...

      Look! Anyone and everyone can do it!

      Like the Emperor's clothes, everyone just pretend and play along...

      If we agree not anyone and everyone can do sales, why then accept anyone and everyone can do well in "investing" ?

    2. Hi hi SMoL

      Long time never to and fro and be irritating hahah. Let me do it

      I think the escape mentality goes both way.

      Is the grass always greener moon always brighter on the other side

      Those emperor's who self delude, the key is delusion, not about risk taking, earn more whatsoever

      U know of no one who ways think and actually become a sale person e.g. property agent, insurance thinking is a good way to get rich? Or bobian?

      Are they also not people who sick of the 江湖, and wanted a 9 to 5 job?

      U ask me why I didn't use leverage,? I doing it means I am not risk adverse? That's just half the equation ...

      I might when I think I have the competency for it. I thought I never step out of Singapore too, and a trickle soon become a flood.

      Wanton risk taking is emperor mentality, nd not have anything to do with their state of disposition, regardless of their jobs ..

    3. Sillyinvestor,

      It's fun right?

      I do enjoy intellectually stimulating debates provided we don't take ourselves too seriously ;)

      You may want to take a step back and look at what you are doing.

      Do you not find yourself sounding like one of your students?

      Argument by exceptions ;)

      The day I discovered and accepted myself as a penguin, I found peace and serenity in being who I am.

      I'm no longer envious or jealous of the eagles and condors of the world, nor trying to be like them.

      They soar in the skies; I fly underwater.

      It's OK. If you don't want to "identify" yourself as risk-averse - it's cool too!

      This watering hole accepts anyone and everyone - provided you don't go yalor, yalor!


  6. So I think the fairer statement to make is those in sales tend to be less delusional, since the sales figure speak for themselves.

    This hold true more than risk takers ba

    1. Sillyinvestors,


      Isn't that euphemism for "censorship"?

      Of course, there will be exceptions like those who joined sales because of "bo bian" - can't find other jobs otherwise.

      Just like when economy bad, there will be no shortage of graduates applying to be teachers...

      No one is saying one profession is "better" than the other.

      If one is seeking stability and consistency, one would choose that path.

      On the other hand, for someone who can stomach feast and famine cycles in their incomes, they would choose that path that offers them a shot at that fabled $1 million in yearly income ;)

  7. Hi SMOL,

    I am late to this debate as I had a busy start to the New Year and foresee that it will stay this way throughout the year. Busy is good right? So they say.

    I will be 62 this and you know what happens at 62? They (your boss & the HR) will have that "conversation" with you about your "plans". Do you want to continue working or retire?

    I had my "conversation", a 2 mins "conversation" that went like that:

    Them : "You will be 62 soon and we would like to know your plans as to whether you would like to continue working with us or retire at 63, the official retirement age."

    Me : "I would like to continue working please."

    Them : "Great! We will put you up for 5 year extension at your current appointment and on the same terms."

    Me :"Thank you so much!"

    Now the fate of my employment extension is in the hands of the CEO. If approved, that would mean that I could potentially work till 68 (63 + 5 years). Whoa, what did I get myself into?

    I made the above decision because :

    1. I am still healthy, I can still contribute and my employer valued my contributions
    2. I have no idea what I would do in retirement. Some say boredom can kill. That scares me.
    3. I want that sense of purpose, mental and social engagement
    4. When you have a good thing going on, let it continue

    The other equally important considerations:
    1. Medical coverage.
    2. The remuneration is good.
    3. I have financial goals to meet. The top three goals are:

    a. Passive income to be above $200K a year. Finally achieved this last year (2022) at $227K.
    b. Net worth goal
    c. CPF 4M65. Currently at 3.4M62. Another $600K in three years to achieve. With T-bills at elevated yields and deploying our OA funds into them, we might be able to hit 3.5M62.

    Not an easy feat to meet the last two goals since the wife retired two years back.

    So, what has the above to do with what profession has bigger risk takers?
    Can you see any relevance?

    1. mysecretinvestment,

      We are never "late" or "early" at this watering hole; there is no timer.

      We come and go as we please ;)

      I knew you would move the goal posts, didn't I?

      In contrast to the majority in our community, it's clear from your sharing you're not seeking to "escape" ;)

      Happy you are doing what you like! Nothing gets better than being appreciated for what you do!!!

      Lip service is getting "praised", but they stop your employment at 62 - thank you very much... Wait, what?

      Action speaks louder with the 5 year extension at SAME terms. If pay cut or with reduced benefits, it meant they not that sincere. Who wants a pity fxxk anyways?

      Anything that's worth doing has never been easy.

      Easy? If you hated your job, you could have easily "retired" in your 40s with 1M (minimum PC requirement)?

      4M is definitely recommended PC requirement ++!


      All the more impressive as your vehicle to reach 4M65 is your day job. What's wrong with taking the stable and consistent path?

      You the man!

      Wishing you a prosperous and smashing CNY!


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