Monday, 9 January 2023

Market Outlook for 2023


This is the view from my balcony looking towards Orchard to the right:

Rather ominous right?

Looks like dark clouds looming on the horizon?

But when I turned to my left towards Bukit Timah direction:


OK, not clear blue skies, but bright and sunny clouds leh!

I took both pictures at the same time last week. 

One thing I discovered staying at the 40th floor is that I can now look at the skies in panoramic or wide-angle mode.

Right side dark, left side bright.

Some see pain ahead; some see opportunities.

I guess that's the outlook for 2023 for most of us - we see what we want to see!

P.S.  Can't make money if we don't place our bets. 

But it's OK if you trigger shy. Thanks to rising interest rates, there are now a lot more "Save More" vehicles to choose from!

This is life.

Landlords happy with rising rentals and property prices; tenants and property buyers suck thumb...

Investors not happy rising interest rates causing their stocks to crash and burn; savers happy they can finally choose other "colours" beside "black"!


  1. Your left and right side views from your balcony is no different from buyers and sellers view in the market. Getting brighter or getting darker. We place our own bets or follow Gurus guidance or the crowd.

    1. CW,


      We need two OPPOSING views to make a market ;)

      That's the harsh reality of the Earn More path - got to make a decision; got to have a stand; got to have a thesis; got to have a viewpoint.

      Those who can't make up their minds or suffer from decision paralysis, would naturally gravitate towards Save More vehicles - Look ma! Brains not needed!

  2. Hi SMOL,

    A person can do both, that is keep a portion in "high" yield FDs, T-Bills and what have you and put another portion into equities. It does not have to be one over the other.

    Likewise a person can continue to work and live a fulfilling life inside & outside of work. Dont have to wait till retirement.

    A person can have good CPF savings, live in a nice house and have nice dividends coming in year after year.

    It does not have to be only dark clouds or blue sky. There are many other shades and most times it is the many other shades that we faced.

    I find having a diversified portfolio helped me face and endure dark clouds better and most times emerged stronger. And not only that, seeing dark clouds ahead does not spoil your day. And that is where having a ready war chest helps.

    Like CW shared before, his war chest rotting away. Same for me, that is until the T-bills started to become a good place to store that war chest and to earn some vacation money, while you wait for Mr Weather to make up his mind.

    We bought enough 6 month T-bills that we now have a T-bill income ladder, giving us roughly $3K per month. The wonderful thing about the T-bills is that the discounts are given up front allowing you to use them to buy the next T-bill.

    1. mysecretinvestment,

      Of course, it doesn't have to be black and white ;)

      Youths who voluntarily contribute to CPF with the primary aim to beef up their CPFIS to Earn More are not the same as those eyeing 1M65 to Save More.

      Similarly, you are definitely not in the same boat with those who crowd the banks to renew their fixed deposits or bidding for T-bills primarily for the interests alone.

      When the next shoe drops, pseudo "Save More" herbivores like you will reveal your true animal spirits!

      Especially when beaten down dividend stocks are giving double digit yields ;)

      Teochew yield hogs - where got shade, where we sit!


  3. May be those days of 5 to 6% FD interests coming back to town, then we can have monthly income from FD ladder. Less urgency to invest. LOL!

    1. CW,

      Well, CPF interest rates better rise in tandem ;)

      If not, a segment of the CPF 1M65 people will look quite sheepish...


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