Thursday 5 January 2023

Official Wealth; Speculative Wealth (正财偏财)


Trust our 5,000 years of Chinese wisdom to make a distinction between the two!

When you pray to your god/gods, set your financial goals, or dream about having bountiful wealth - which one are you focusing more on?

If you pray/set goals for career success, have a financially stable job, or always continuously upgrading yourself with multiple degrees/diplomas, that will probably be "Official Wealth" you after.

If you rely on 4D/Toto, play shares, hope your cryptos will shoot to the moon (again), not difficult to see you are banging on "Speculative Wealth" to change your life!


Look around your siblings, your neighbours, your colleagues, your classmates, your peers.

And especially your own circumstances.

Which one are they "luckier" with? Speculative Wealth or Official Wealth?

Now compare this knowledge with their chosen financial independence path - be it Earn More or Save More.

Are their financial goals and chosen vehicles still in harmony?

How about yourself?


  1. Earn more. Save more. Invest more for official wealth. In our retirement, once money cashed out of Investments portfolio is final outcome and definitely official wealth and never lost back to Mr Market ever again

    1. CW,

      I really like your money cashed out (selling) will never lost back to Mr Market again ;)

      This is something only veterans who survived one or several bull/bear cycles will say.

      Saw the Creative news yesterday.

      How many of us in the community "plan" for - what if tomorrow never comes?

      I not Buddhist (likes to steal a lot from it), but how is the "hoarding" of CPF and "lust" for wealth any different from the attachment to stuffs?

      Must listen to our 5,000 years of Chinese wisdom - go up mountain often, one day sure meet tiger...

      Wisdom is knowing WHEN to leave the casino.

  2. Smol,

    Hmm something new for me to observe during CNY gatherings heehee.

    Many are praying for speculative wealth to become their official wealth lol.

    (wow, been unable to sign in blogger for past 2 mths ... think this is only my 2nd successful attempt)

    1. Spur,

      There's a reason why I rather be lucky than smart ;)

      When Lady Luck kisses us, there's nothing that can stop money from flowing to us!

      Luck is a superpower!

      2nd successful attempt in 2 months?

      Eh... Is it you or me who is "lucky"!?


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