Thursday 23 December 2021

You Are Not Their Customer If It's Free!


In gacha mobile gaming, its the Free-to-Play players that make the most noise and laughable complaints.

I'm FTP by the way. (Its an inside joke in the gacha gaming community)

But at least I know my place.

These FTP players are clueless they are not the customers of the mobile game. We are part of the game design!

Why do players dump money into a game as Pay-to-Win players when we can play for free?

Because it feels good to thrash other players!

I mean no one will brag about beating AI characters; we all know AI bosses suck.

But its different when we know there's a real life person behind that nick we are beating into a pulp. Wink.

There's a running joke that gamers have no life, no friends in the real world, that sort of thing...

So as a form of "escapism", who doesn't like the accolades and adulations you get as one of the top players in the virtual world?

Have the rarest of rare heroes, or god-like gear that we FTP cannon fodders can only dream of?

(You think why men buy flashy cars and women buy luxury handbags in real life?)

This only works if there are enough FTP weaklings for these PTW players to bully. 

Hence game developers have to attract enough FTP players or else the game dies.

Have you ever thought how do brokers that offer "FREE" trading make money?

Of course you are NOT their customers either.

With access to all the collective order flows (you are part of the product), these brokers will sell this valuable information to their real customers - the PTW institutional players.

You may also want to check around. Do institutional traders/investors, with their millions in transactions, use these "FREE" brokers? 

They could be saving tons in transaction fees alone!

Strangely, "FREE" brokers are only targeting retail traders/investors. Hmm... I wonder why?

In retail, when you purchase something for $100, and it turned out to be a lemon, of course you can bang table and ask for a refund.

The retailer will give you your $100 back. 

When you use a "FREE" broker, just when the market is most volatile exciting, the platform dies due to overload, causing you to either miss an opportunity of a lifetime; or worse, drowning you in steep losses because you can't get out in time...

How do you get compensation?

You paid "FREE"; they refund you "FREE".


  1. Replies
    1. Daniel,

      Hee, hee.

      Glad someone can see the humour side of my post ;)

      During my weekend sales gig, I often smile whenever clueless customers ask for "free" stuffs...

      That will be an easy sale!

      Tough customers are those who don't ask for discounts or free stuffs.

      Much harder to bait these savvier customers ;)

  2. Quote : "You paid "FREE"; they refund you "FREE"

    This is what I learnt for purchasing Goods and Services from vendors. Never has any items listed as FOC; always insist on pricing inclusive of this and that!

    Free what! Not happy then don't use or throw away! LOL!

    1. CW,

      I like when you shared how you opened that account to get the "free" share.

      Then withdraw out the cash completely!

      Now that's savvy!!!

      It's like that fish who only nibbles at the live bait to get a free meal; smart enough to avoid the fishing hook entirely!

      You old ginger you!


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