Thursday 16 December 2021

Ultraman is here in Singapore!


This is so cool and nostalgic! 

Good job STPB!!!

I started watching Ultraman during primary 2.

It was the Ultraman Jack series (not this first Ultraman in the video).

And it was in Malay as it was from the Malaysian channel. 

That's how I learned "raksasa" in Malay for monster. Wink.


I think I used that on some of my teachers...  LOL!

Knew all the Ultraman brothers until Taro. 

My favourite is UltraSeven! (He looks different! I guess from young I never wanted to join the crowd?)

Its incredible this Ultraman universe is still growing strong in Japan. 

55 year anniversary!!!


  1. Last time always hear people say Ultraman and Kamen Rider banned here because they were deemed a bad influence on kids. Later, I heard it was actually because of some copyright issues that most Ultraman merchandise cannot be sold here and thus no sponsors and no commercial support.

    55 years to reach us but I guess better late than never!

    1. Hi Patty!

      Finally someone of high culture!

      I was thinking this community no chill one. What were they doing growing up?



      No anime? No manga? No 龙虎门? No Ultraman? No Gundam?

      I heard some urban myths that big daddy banned Ultraman because one young kid jumped out of the window thinking he can fly like Ultraman or Superman...

      Glad you cleared it up!


  2. Hi SMOL,

    During my time, i remember watching 中国超人. The head was round instead of diamond shape. Hope my memory is correct, or sometimes, young mind didnt think too much...

    1. Unknown,

      I've never heard of 中国超人...

      But thanks to you, I found it in YouTube! That's a cross between Ultraman and Kamen Rider!

      Oh! The lead actor is a younger version of Danny Lee (李修贤)!

      Its so fun to look at movies of the 70s. I think we can all agree the fashion sense of the 70s is a bit "orbid"...


  3. If you are really hardcore tokusatsu...

    Thank me later.

    1. Patty,

      WTF was that!?

      OMG, now I've seen everything!!!


      Thanks :)


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