Tuesday 14 December 2021

Warren Buffett's Story Telling On Earn More


Found this interesting speech by Warren to a group of entrepreneurs.

Just thought his story telling ties in nicely to what I've wrote last week on the Paradox of Success.


  1. Smol

    Reminded one of the toughest thing usually has the simplest solutions and yet is the most difficult.

    Slim down? Eat less than you burn.

    Good sales, delight your customers.

    Good grades, answer correctly. Hahahahahahahahhaha

    1. Sillyinvestor,

      How to answer correctly?

      1. We so interested in the subject that we read widely (even outside the syllabus), never felt it was "studying", and enjoyed the process of discovery. Study is fun!

      2) We hated every moment of it, learned all the necessary exam smart shortcuts and tricks to get the good grades, forget everything after leaving school... It was all objective driven...

      Its the same for our day jobs.

      And same same for our community of FIRE chasers ;)

  2. Hmm .. for our community of FIRE chasers. It is like after donkey years of working hard in the market and then passive income from Mr Market like collecting pensions from Govt after retirement :-)

    1. CW,

      Well, you are the "rare" ones who enjoy working hard in the market ;)

      If its just passive income, you don't have to do your rounds 1,2,3. do you?

      Why suffer and take Panadols otherwise?

      Unless you tell me without your profits from round 1,2,3 you can't meet your monthly expenses?

      No right?

      Its quite evident you do ENJOY being in the market ;)

    2. And that's the biggest difference between those who enjoy craftsmanship in the market from those who just want to do well in market "exams" ;)

      We tend to prefer self study over paying others to teach us how to study.

      We don't need others to tell us the 10 year series answer; we enjoy figuring the solution out for ourselves.

      We pay shepherds to EARN for us; we don't pay shepherds to milk or fleece us.

      And the biggest tell, its not work at all!


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