Monday, 27 December 2021

I Guess I Should Be Grateful?


This year blew by so quickly that it just occurred to me I just had a "lost" year!?

I mean I didn't learn or accomplish anything new.

Talk about "stagnation"...


Still, I guess I am grateful on how the year has turned out.

From the macro side, grateful that Singapore has no tornadoes, typhoons, or hurricanes! Imagine your home or life's work just blown away by the forces of Mother Nature?

Earthquakes and volcano eruptions? We lucky to born here or what?

How about 1 in 100 year floods? Ours reach ankle level we complain and whine; other people's floods can result in actual deaths one...

Must give credit when credit is due. Big daddy has done a good job on what we can control when it comes to flood alleviation works. 

What we can't control, as in actual rainfall, we leave it to the heavens.

On the micro personal side, no major accidents or health issues for family, thank goodness nothing to worry about.

I've tempered my expectations on this Wuhan virus thingy.  Beginning of this year was a bit angry and down as I thought the most this Wuhan virus pandemic would last was at most one year... How wrong I was!!!

Frustrating right? Just when we thought we can move forward and treat it as endemic, this new variant came knocking...

Now we have a few clusters of the new variant, hope we don't become like UK next year, that will already be a blessing!


Goals and resolutions for next year?


I'll follow the discipline from my trading and investing.

Focus on what I can Control.

Let go of things I can't control nor influence. (Of course be conscious and aware of what they are, but what's the point of getting angry or worry about them?)

Got time left over then maybe can work on things I can Influence. (Like encouraging mom to go for her booster shot)

We old fogeys have it easier. 

I mean 2 or 3 years don't matter that much at our age.

For youths below 18, they have already lost 2 years that's never coming back...

But there's something that no virus or pandemic can take away:

Youths, your strength is you don't know what cannot be done!


  1. Hi SmOl, a belated merry Christmas to you.

    This year, was a humbling year regarding investing. First time in a long while being fully vested and ventured into LsE US HK...

    With the action, there is more insight gleaned about portfolio management. Especially on tHe sell action.

    I do sell when I see the "thesis" changed, and these has helped reduced losses, but I didn't follow the lost to sell when the story played out and gains should be locked.

    But guess we just have to keep learning, and with experimenting. Books have diminishing returns when investment is concerned.

    Btw ... Just tell your mum takes is as taking tonic to booast immu system and is free TCM with accupuntire given by govt

    1. Sillyinvestor,

      Merry Christmas to you too!

      Wow! You have been adventurous! No more SGX only koala bear!?

      Yup. I don't think I've picked up any investment/trading books for the last 8 years?

      Not that I don't read, but like everyone else, I've read a lot during my climbing up the mountain phase.

      Now I'm more in the "assimilation" mode - throwing out what I've learnt that's no longer applicable to me; stealing with pride and internalising those that work on me ;)

      Just like most forget about "selling" when it comes to investing, this "unlearning" is just as under appreciated...

      To put it crudely, we eat and shit.

      Only eat, no shit?

      Someone gonna get hurt...


    2. Oh! I'll be bringing mom to get her booster shot tomorrow :)

      Mom is becoming more like "children" the older she gets...

      Talk reason no use; must use coaxing and "paint" pictures to her.

      I too am learning new things everyday. Mom is no longer the same mom when I was growing up.

      This old age thing is quite interesting. Not gonna lie, some days can be super frustrating!!!

      That's why I need to have my "days off" by working weekends...

      But on days when mom and I have our hearty laughs, its all worth it!

  2. Yes. Old age ... Like children.

    When I deal with my dementia dad last time, I need to also talk rubbish together just to play along, no point feeling frustrated.

    Also, I saw maids accompanying old parents to day care le.

    Quite unthinkable for me. But guess last time, maids dun fetch kids to and fro school. So u ask mAid to fetch kids to and fro school, so kids ask maids to feych elderly to and fro centers

    ( No judgement here. Just observation )

    1. Sillyinvestor,

      More and more Singaporeans have embraced the "outsourcing" culture from the West...

      You have observed correctly.

      If we "outsourced" parenting to maids, grown up children will naturally "outsource" taking care of aged parents when its their turn.

      Looking back, I'm quite blessed and lucky as I have ah ma (white cop) and mom (black cop) waiting for me after school.

  3. Smol,

    Good that ur mom is agreeable to booster. I suppose u alrdy boosted in Nov?

    Omicron is actually very good for covid to become endemic. Virulent enough to displace all other variants, yet mild enough to be tackled by boosters.

    Hopefully covid will evolve into another common cold, just like those produced by other species of coronaviruses & rhinoviruses.

    This year finally restarted doing regular pushups & situps in the mornings & afternoons after 15 yrs. Plus making an effort to jog 3-4X per week. Should do weight training though ... think I'm kinda underweight.

    As for my day job i.e. pretending to be a full-time investor, this year less profit than 2020. But can't complain ... combined 2020 & 2021 profits equivalent to 2014-2019. Seriously doubt that 2022 will be anywhere close.

    1. Spur,

      Yes, that's the "hope".

      Yup, I fully vaccinated and boosted!

      I'm with the get vaccinated camp ;)

      I only do walking as a city walker... Oh well... LOL!

      Glad you had another great investing year!

      As for me, its another flat roti-prata year :(

  4. Look like Panda/Koala investors are becoming rare species to be protected soon in our local investment bloggers. LOL!

    1. CW,

      If more youths start their first stock forays at overseas stock exchanges, who will help bid up our SGX prices?

      Its a vicious cycle as which promising companies would want to list in SGX then?

      Want to list must list where one can get high PE multiples mah!

      If SGX needs help, I think we old fogeys can help them (for self interests) shrill and pump up the merits of trading and investing in SGX stocks!

      We share stories of our 10 baggers, make money using rounds 1, 2, 3; etc?


      Don't laugh. Wait SGX stocks do become like my stamp collection - only old fogeys collect them!!!


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