Monday 30 August 2021

Hard Is Good; Difficult Even Better!


Would anyone aspire to be a doctor if its easy to be one?

I mean anyone with a passing grade can get into the medical faculty?

And after graduate, no need pay your dues through the gruelling rigors of housmanship?

You know, just past exams with theory, and with zero real world practical experience. can immediately be a doctor?

Its the same for being an Airforce Combat Pilot. Or join elite military units like the Commandos or Navy Seals.

Notice the whole purpose of their training course is to "filter" out those who can't make it?

Never mind its already so hard to get selected into these elite combat units in the first place!

Its like this in the real world too.

A job that anyone and everyone can do. how much does it pays?

Contrast it with a job that requires:

1) Advanced degrees like Masters or Phds; 

2) broad and deep experience in certain fields (not 1st year experience times ten);

3) graceful social skills as in know how to wine and dine VIP clients;

4) and snake oil savvy enough to give speeches and talks to media (not always take umbrage at direct or difficult questions).


You think you pay peanuts can get?

Humans are funny.

We all know this intuitively.

But when it comes to certain activities that involve money, we become opposite.

Like taking "instant noodles" courses and just like that, we can become "Masters" - the course says so mah!

Or we don't have to know much about anything, or putting any effort whatsoever, we can claim the rewards... Look! Anyone and everyone can do it!

Eh? Isn't this like buying Toto?

Marry rich requires lots of smarts and effort to bait your catch. There are so many other bitches and toy boys out there... Easy? 

You think!


  1. How many realized that snake oils have rebranded their Passive Income, Get Rich or Becoming Millionaires in past to Masterclass courses?

    Masterclass sounds more like craftmanship or taking a Master course at advance level. Mai play play. Master liao!

    1. CW,

      We have been around long enough to see the evolution of how snake oils peddle dreams to milk and fleece bei kambings with different flavour of the decade slogans!

      "Who wants to be a Millionaire" is no longer "sexy" when more and more HDB resale flats are fetching a million and more...

      Plus the fact more Singaporeans can count nowadays to realise we "just need" to earn and save $50K per year, put it under the mattress for 20 years, we'll be a millionaire too!!!

      Look mom! No investing or voluntary contribution to CPF needed!

      Got to watch out for snake oils stalking the Earn More path, but "snake oils" on the Save More path are equally just as dangerous!

      Imagine when you had your mind flip moment decades ago, you have chosen 1M65 instead...

      Of course no salted fish and zero bagger heart pains, no Panadols, but would you be happier today?


      If something is easy to get (that includes women), would we treasure it?

      Would we take pride in what we have achieved?

      Nobody brags about pity fxxks...


  2. Sales is not a job that anyone can do well.

    I'm pretty sure that the "snakes oil" that peddles "master" class or other class successfully are the top few percentile of their cohort.

    It's not about the sales, it's about the MAN. Haha what am I talking.

    1. Small Time Investor,

      Different strokes for different folks.


      The trick is to find the right shoes to fit our feet ;)

      I'll be gentle.

      Just stating the facts; no twisting of the bayonet.

      Those who peddle "masterclasses" are definitely NOT the top percentile of any cohorts...

      If one is really successful in investing/trading/sales, one would be dealing only with institutional clients or high net worth individuals.

      The big money is working with whales; not ikan bilis retail customers.

      Store Manager, Area Manager, Country Manager, Regional Manager, Global Responsible - would the Global Responsible be dealing direct with retail customers?

      Pause and think for a moment.

      Would any successful top tier lawyer/doctor/consultant/money manager work the night and weekend shifts???


      I work weekends...

      That's why I'm only a man-whore :)

  3. Smol,

    Most people prefer to approach money matters like lottery.

    If you tell them it's going to take years of craftsmanship, thousands of hours on top of their day jobs, weeks (or months) of heartaches, sleepless nights & stress ...

    They'll tell you might as well focus on their day jobs, and enjoy the rest of their time with family, makan & holidays! 😂

    1. Spur,

      You are right.

      That's why those who are willing to show up every day to put in the hours have that EDGE over others ;)

      Just look at entrepreneurs during their startup days, or corporate warriors climbing all the way to the top - anyone seriously believe they just put in 40 hour work weeks?

      Practice work/life balance?

      Some retail "investors" even got the nerve to chide their friends for "gambling" with Toto or 4D - when their chosen investing path is not any different!

      Face palm.

      Its not any better for those on the Save More path who got their desired fruits after 30 years of patient discipline.

      Since no investment into craftsmanship on their part, its 1st year experience times 30.

      Hence we hear stories of seniors in their 60s, flushed with cash, losing $500K here, a few millions there, on some hairbrained "investment opportunities"???

      They don't have the tools or experience accumulated over market cycles to practice Trust But Verify.

      Its all "faith-based" investing...

    2. I got "chided" by my boss when I told her those retail investors who keep forget their login password should not be trading stocks, what makes them think they can trade well when they keep request for password reset( could be a few times a day or within a week).Oh well, in the customer service side anyways.

      They have higher probability of striking 4d than trading the market.

    3. Small Time Investor,

      Your boss is right!

      These "trading" customers are paying for her condo lifestyle and your next paycheck ;)

      The stock market is a negative sum game for SGX and brokers - you get your cut no matter whether your clients make or lose money ;)

      Transaction volumes and values are the lifeblood of your industry.

      The more often retail "investors" press the sell or buy buttons, the more $$$ kaching it is for everyone in your firm ;)

      Never ever say it out loud that retail bei kambings should not TRADE stocks in your day job. (Unless one day you moved to the Ying side of your industry)

      You currently belong to the Yang side - must ALWAYS encourage clients to trade!!!

      The Ying side of your industry is where financial advisors or money managers charge a % fee for Asset Under Management (AUM).

      Of course they would sing Buy-and-Hold forever and ever!

      If clients sell, AUM will go down, and that's bad for business...

      So no matter how much clients have lost in their portfolios, must always spin silly stories like its the darkest before dawn...

      Or the more you press a spring coil down hard, the more it will bounce back hard...

      Look how fast the US markets bounced back from the March 2020 lows!

      Of course this is cherry picking examples that favour your snake oil sales arguments ;)

      There you go!

      The Ying and Yang of your industry :)

      As for how to look at yourself in the mirror, well, that's for you to figure out.

      I never denied I'm a snake oil.


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