Saturday 21 August 2021

What Is Your Dream?


That's the difference between goal setters and people with dreams.

The irony?

People who monkey see, monkey do and come up with goals, bucket lists, annual resolutions, etc; are still dreaming...

You just come up with new goals to mask your inactions all this while...

People with dreams you can see in their eyes. 

They jump out of bed every day as they have a reason for getting up!

Despite setbacks and obstacles, they never waver... (That's tough!)

Why dreams (in corporate world they're called Visions) come first?

If you have no idea what you want to do with your life, what's the point of setting goals?

Wait you ended up climbing all the way up to the top of the ladder and find to your dismay, your ladder was leaning against the wrong wall all this time!!!

You think why so many have mid-life crisis in their 40s?

When the stark reality of, "Is this it?" hits you!


  1. Smol, When u have a dream, "is this it", becomes "this is it"

    I guess even people with "dreams", "is this it" and "this is it" will keep crossing their minds.

    Well, what do I know? Do I even know.

    1. Sillyinvestor,

      I've always envied those youths who knew what they like to become when they left school.

      Dreams when we were 18, are unlikely to be the same when we reached our 30s...

      Then comes our 40s with the ensuing mid-life crisis! (Or is it just hormones?)

      If our dreams survive intact, we soldier on to our 50s and beyond.

      If not, hope we don't become those folks with brown paper bags over their heads lurking in the internet with false identities, always complaining or spreading false news, just to feel "alive" or their lives matter...

      I'm with enjoying the journey; not with achieving our dreams or goals.

      The moment I've achieved my dream, I still have to contend with "What's next?"

      I rather be constantly on the way ;)

      Journey man.

  2. Mid life crisis in our corporate life will mean that we may have reached the Y junction point where we have to decide for ourselves to take the breakoff road for a new dream or goal since old goal or dream no longer possible to reach!

    1. CW,

      That's the moment we've hit the glass ceiling...

      Most in our community seeking FIRE are those with holes-in-their-hearts or career going nowhere.

      If one's career is doing gangbuster, where's the need to seek FIRE?

      You are the few honest and transparent ones!

      Due to your medical condition, there's no need to lie to yourself.

      One door closes; another opens.

      Investing is not for anyone and everyone, but you have done not so bad as a Panda/Koala yield hog!!!

      And Panadol addict too!


  3. Mine is "Dream becomes Reality".

    1. Ben,

      Hope you have a ready answer when your dream becomes reality ;)

      Some people become depressed when they have achieved everything they wanted to achieve...

      What's next?

    2. er... next ah..can see some go try the dark side/go rogue/affairs/flings..

    3. Now that's what I call a unique nick!

      Yes, when there's nothing to look forward to, how else to feel "alive"?

      Fast cars, women, drugs, alcohol, gambling...

      Some join cults... (Cults love sheep with money)

      Some join politics (Which explains why some Chinese billionaires willing to take on the CCP)

      Simple is not easy.

      Hungry eat; tired rest.

      How many can so?

  4. Smol,

    No need for ready answer. Zen is the way to go.

    Minimalism and contentment are the solutions which give one the peace of mind.

    Life is simple. No need to be complicated.


    1. Ben,

      You are next level.

      Hungry eat; tired rest.


    2. Smol,

      You can do likewise the same if you want. It's up to you.


    3. Still on the way...

      The journey in cultivation never ends...

  5. Smol,

    My dream is not to have nightmare LOL.

    Seriously, I just prepare the best I can for SHTF situations. And be grateful & try to enjoy the present.

    Most dream & plan for success. It's interesting when planning to fail (or for failures). Then you realise that you can't 100% counter all bad stuff. You can only mitigate.

    And some bad stuff you can only mitigate 1% to 10% :P

    1. Spur,


      Just look at this Wuhan virus impact on businesses and personal lives.

      Those who assume life is a straight line extrapolation have it tougher ...

      Those who had contingency plans for a rainy day are better prepared.

      The rest is up to how adaptable and resilient we are.

  6. I'm pretty bad at this "dreams" thing.

    Other people choose their university degree by picking what they want.

    I choose mine by eliminating what I don't want - not quite the same thing :(

    1. Kevin,

      And yet life has turned out pretty OK for the both us :)

      Some try to connect the dots forward with goal settings.

      Some say nah! We can only connect the dots looking backwards (stolen with pride from Steve Jobs).

      Doing something we hate currently, and setting goals to "escape"...

      Wait a minute!

      Isn't NOT doing something we don't want or hate currently meant we are ahead oredi?


  7. Hi Jared,

    Frankly, when I was younger I use to have a lot of dreams. Dream of staying in a 4-room HDB flat. Dream of becoming a lawyer! Dream of finding my Dream girl.

    Nowadays, I just hope I am not day-dreaming. And yes, Mid-Life Crisis is staring at me now! Shit.....

    1. Rolf,


      Lucky you never achieved your dream of staying in a 4 room HDB flat!

      Sometimes goals can be limiting like in putting blinkers on.

      Sure, there is strength in single-minded focus...

      But what if something better or an opportunity pops up in our peripheral vision?

      Opportunity knocks; we can't see because we were blinded by our SMART goals...


      Hee, hee. Look out for male menopause too!

      Not common or as bad as women's, but it can happen to some men!

      Lucky I didn't get it; I still very much interested in women to get depressed :)


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