Sunday 8 August 2021

Find Shoes That Fit


When it comes to investing, FIRE, or just plain vanilla dreaming about getting rich, most just think of the rewards, end goal stuffs, or destination.

For me, the journey is more important. 

But then again, its no fun to embark on the journey when your ladder is leaning against the wrong wall from the very start...

The process is excruciating painful, and when you got what you wanted, you now discover this is not what you thought you wanted all along.... 

Let's be honest. Most goals you've set in life are not through deep introspection, its more about monkey see, monkey do.

Or to be what you think others expect you to be.

Don't believe?

Try spotting how many times people ask others how much they need to be financially independent? 

How much to retire on?

Buy shoes ask others what shoe size they wear?

Do you do that in real life?

No right?

Your own feet who better to know whether comfortable or not but you?

The irony when it comes to financial independence is that most people don't quite fully grasped the part about independence.

I find it hard to believe just because you hit your money goals, you suddenly become "independent" overnight...

Again, you can verify it quite easily by looking around your friends, neighbours, or relatives.

Some have very modest means, but super independent in thinking and actions!

Some maybe millionaires, but people say left, they go left; people say right they go right.

What has this got to do with getting rich or FIRE?

You decide.

(See? I not telling you what to think!)


  1. Hmm ... may be there are no Shoe Advisors, Gurus, Trainers or Bloggers out there to ask what shoes to buy and what size likely to fit our feet and will feel very comfortable and good too! LOL!

    1. CW,

      I find its the contrary!

      There are no shortage of "shoe advisers" in our community!

      Some offer "free" Indian Chief advice, some charge fees, some work on commissions, some are paid by their sponsors ;)

      "Look! I find this pair of shoes super comfortable! If they work for me, they must work for you too!"

  2. Mostly, our herd conformity is a good thing and it’s one of the reasons that societies are able to function (legal system, driving, etc).

    Nevertheless, we need to watch out for what we step into when we follow the herd.

    Don’t get swept away by the herd.

    Stand aside. Think independently.

    Because if we want to be excellent in anything we'd better stick out from the herd. The herd is always average - by definition.

    1. Andy,

      In human societies, I guess the closest to achieving the hive mentality must the communist states...

      I've told the story of zebras in the past.

      I much prefer to be those zebras "sticking out" at the peripheral of the herd.

      Sure, we must brave the claws and fangs from lions and leopards, but we also get first dip on the juiciest grasses!

      Those "hiding" in the middle of the herd have no view (only see the asses of other zebras), and get to eat what's left over...

      Sure, you may think its safe, but by being parochial, they are often the last to see danger until its too late...

      That's why those retrenched are often surprised, while those who can see the move coming 2-3 years ahead have already repositioned themselves to safety.

      No one wants to be "average".

      We try to stand out.

      When we fail, we become closet socialists and communists. Bring everyone down to our level.

      That's why some people are drawn towards sales or jobs that pay for performance.

      We are not motivated by the notion of same pay to anyone and everyone just because we share the same job title ;)

    2. Love the zebra-analogy.
      We say we want to stand out. But are we taking the steps towards it?
      One of my life mottos is 'Different is better than better.' So far, so good.

    3. Andy,

      My motto is "If I can't be famous, I'll be infamous!"

      Working in a MNC with thousands of employees all over the world, how else to stand out?


      Another scenario I do well is when I were working in smaller family owned businesses where the owners can personally see me do my song and dance monkey routine everyday ;)

  3. Smol,

    Those who like to obey orders can still become multi-millionaires. Just join uniform groups or civil service & get into YPAP lol.

    Although I do sense that Big Daddy is looking more for independent thinkers these days. And more importantly can debate & justify their views with open criticism.

    I think all along Big Daddy is amenable to independent thinkers, just that in the old days you really had to be ALREADY good.

    E.g. GKS for economic development & GIC, Lim Kim San for HDB, Phillip Yeo for FDI & MNC relations, Yong Pung How for the courts system & legal process.

    1. Spur,

      Big daddy is one of the biggest employer in Singapore. They have a front row seat on the calibre of our graduating students ;)

      You think why they have spent so much resources and focus on education "reform" over the years? And its still ongoing to the angst of parents!

      It goes to show big daddy not interested in producing workers who can only function "within" Standard Operational Procedures (SOP), and freeze when there's no past precedents to rely on!

      The problem for big daddy is how to retain those who are independent thinkers within their folds... Especially when those who know they are exceptional can easily join the better paying private sector or start companies of their own!

      I'm with the rainbow chasers :)

  4. I wonder why the focus on "critical thinking" in our education system hmmmm ...

    1. Kevin,

      You are sharp and spot on as always!

      Imagine a graduate asking the below questions in their day job:

      How much do I need to retire on?

      What stocks should I invest in?

      This stock at this price can enter or not?

      Would anyone trust them to lead other sheep by giving them a shepherd position?

  5. Smol,

    One usually does not know that the answer is available within himself/herself. This is akin to following the "Jones" in respect of looking for answer to FIRE. Only one knows himself/herself best.


    1. Ben,

      I'm checking my clothes right now.

      Maybe I have the winning Toto ticket sewn to my clothes all along!!!

      Happy National Day!

  6. Smol,

    If have the winning ticket, great. If no, it's okie. Make do with the dealt cards and put in the best possible effort. It's sufficient.


    1. Ben,

      Nope. No winning ticket :(

      Then again, its all good.

      I still have clothes :)


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