Thursday, 2 September 2021

Are You A Snake Oil?


People most often associate snake oils with salespersons.

Well, that's true and quite obvious.

Sales who can't snake oil won't survive. 

Look, those of us who can snake oil generally do better in life. (As for whether we proud with ourselves, that's another story...)

First, what is snake oil?

Its to say things to others that BENEFIT us. 

Now that's it out of the way, let's give some examples where we snake oil to make our lives better:

Guy do this all the time when we meet girls. How else to get inside her panties?

Girls, you not stupid to tell him you don't actually love him or even remotely sexually attracted to him... But he knows how to EARN MORE, and that's enough for you!

(Guys, you don't pretend pretend to be surprised. Why else you seek Financial Freedom if not to get girls?)

Some of your kakis got "lobangs" love to share with you. 

Of course most won't share the kickbacks they received for recommending customers to their "sponsors". Wink.

Affiliated marketing is not new. Since biblical times it exists. 

"Recommend new customers to my tavern, I'll give you free wine next time you visit!"

Why do you go back to your favourite hairstylist? Because each time he sees you, he makes you feel good!

"Chen tai tai! Did you lose weight! I almost couldn't recognise you!"

"Wait! Do you have a new lover? Why is your complexion so radiant!?"

Then of course we often snake oil our way out of trouble whenever we were caught.

"Mom, I didn't break it! 'Di di' broke it!"  (Di di is a 5 year old who can't defend himself)

"Daddy, I wasn't smoking... I didn't inhale... Swear!"

"Teacher, I didn't box him; his eye ran into my fist..."

If you are a doctor or car mechanic, and you found out your patient/client got insurance... 

What do you do? 

Snake oil for more "good to have" medical tests or parts replacements of course!

I'll give politicians and religious shepherds a pass this time round. Only because its painfully obvious.

The only question is whether Multi-level Marketing (MLM) stole with pride from religion and politics, or was it the other way round?

That's exponential compounding if you not already aware. 

Recruit 10 people, they in turn recruit another 10, and so on it multiplies.

That's how revolutions get started. And just like that, a new religion is born!

By the way, isn't that's how cryptos are being marketed?

How else for prices to shoot to the moon if we don't get anyone and everyone to buy in?

Its not new again. Someone did it with some flower in the past. 

I noticed women love to watch palace intrigue dramas. 

Is it because women are more into passive aggression, while men are more into overt confrontations? 

Snake oil skills come in handy when you want some idiot to do the dirty work for you... While you stay aloof from the fray. 

What? You play politics? 


Is snake oil the same as EQ then?

They seem similar...

Don't look at me! I didn't study psychology.

Then again, I'm a people watcher. (Less creepy than to say I like to look at women)

I'll say its same same but different!

But I'm at a lost to explain the differences...

Its like pissing in the snow on a dark winter's night. 

I believe I'm making a difference in the snow...

But its hard to tell!


  1. Smol,

    Snake oiling is a subset of EQ.

    Good snake oils require above average EQ.

    The best snake oils utilise >80% of all aspects/factors of EQ. Can ensure benefits from large numbers of people for years & decades.

    They control snake pits with thousands or millions of lower-level snake oils to do their bidding. Examples of snake pits include MNCs, international organisations, religions, central banks, countries & govts. :P

    Not so good snake oils utilise 10%-20% EQ to pull a fast one & make fast bucks. Quite easy for customers (victims) to feel buyer's remorse and then complain to police or CAD or CASE lol.

    It's in the interest of snakes-in-charge to stamp out these rogue snakes. 🤣

    1. Spur,

      Thanks for helping me out!

      Its a bit like trying to explain the difference between pornography and art...

      Its same same but different!

      When we stare at Michelangelo's statue of David, its full frontal nudity. We don't cover our daughter's eyes but admire the genius in Michelangelo's craftmanship.

      However, if a naked man stands in the middle of the street and calls it "performance art", I think you'll call the police right away!

      Sometimes its not so clear cut.

      D.H. Lawrence's "Lady Chatterley's Lover" was banned by several countries for obscenity in the past. Even went to trial and all that jazz...

      Today? You can borrow a copy from our National Library ;)

      I'm afraid this is the case here.

      For snake oils like me, and snake charmers like you, of course we can tell the difference :)

      But for those who rely on the opinions of others to tell them what is obscenity and what is art, how to let them appreciate the nuances when they have no clue what is even EQ!?

      Good luck trying to describe the taste of mango to those who have NOT
      eaten one before!

  2. More snake oils are disguising themselves as educators or giving back to society so many will find it hard to reject them or tend to believe what they can help us to level up wealth without too much of our own hard work. Snake oils are evolving.

    In my youth; snake oils found in 7th lunar month wayangs; nowadays they are in social media, forums and u-tube. 24x7 reachable at your own time, own target. How to escape from snake oil selling if our mind are weak! Sure kena sold by snake oils one day!

    1. CW,

      Ah! Social media, forums, and Youtubers!

      The bottomless pit where snakes and dragons mingle...

      But a wonderful vehicle to reach out to your TARGETTED audiences/victims.

      That's why SPH and most traditional media are suffering...

      Traditional "carpet bombing" style of reaching out to your base got outflanked...

      What's the point of advertising when those who matter don't read your paper or watch local TV???

      I'll bet Mediacorp is bleeding too; big daddy must be glad its not listed!

      Its interesting to see China clamping down on "too vocal" billionaires and celebrities.

      They know a thing or two about snake oils.

      Then again, so do our big daddy ;)

  3. Hi SMOL,

    Highest level of snake oil need to snake oil themselves too?

    All of us have buttons, like Spur says, we might know how to push the buttons or 2.

    The highest level, is everyone push their own. We have common culture, vision etc.

    But I kind of disagree there are many great snake oils out there nowsaday. Those that let people press their buttons in their own.

    A bad way to say it is cult, the bigger and nicer word is calling.

    Most are short terms carrot and sticks and u shout the same slogans and I give u a carrot

    1. Sillyinvestor,

      Let me rephrase what you've said about snake oils snake oiling ourselves???

      To look at ourselves in the mirror, we generally use 2 little lies to ourselves:

      Those who wear the black hat will tell themselves if they don't do it, other snake oils will...

      So might as well be them!

      At the very least, they only milk or fleece their bei kambings, never sent them to the abbatoir!

      Those who wear the white hats will do the Robin hood thingy...

      Milk and fleece those that deserve it, while being generous to those in need.

      To help others, we need to be strong first!

      Bleeding heart mud Buddhas are useless.


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