Friday 14 December 2018

The Difference Between School And Life


  1. Smol,

    In school, u pass or fail based on marks.

    In life, u pass or fail based on sustained happiness and bliss

    1. Sillyinvestor,


      Its never based on what other people's opinion of us - be it social economic status or financial networth ;)

      Whether we happy or not, we ownself know best!

  2. But the topic of happiness can go on and on

  3. Oily man says joy not happiness. Some.people take some pain for future happiness.

    Some say delayed gratification.

    All of them are correCt if we know what we are doing.

    Then again, Dow do u know u know, crash got sound is results analysis that can only do so much.

    Pardon me, mind going too wild

    1. Sillyinvestor,

      That's why I said happy or not ownself know ;)

      Its like trying to explain or describe the taste of mango to another person who have never tasted one before...

      Joy, happiness, bliss - same same but different!

      When I read your "In life, u pass or fail based on sustained happiness and bliss", I jumped the gun... My bad :(

      I thought you have 一语破禅关...

      Baby steps.

      Whether the shoe fits your feet, you still feel more secure if you first checked with the oily man, some people, and some say...

  4. It is easier to understand pains
    and sleepless nights worrying over something that can happen or happened. Some people hooked
    to drugs or alcohol also feel happy. Happiness within?

    1. CW,

      That's not happiness.

      Its called getting a "high"...

      A temporary sense of "euphoria"...

      When the buzz of drugs and alcohol wears off, we crash back down.

      Body acclimatized. Next time must increase the dosage to get the same feeling of "high"...

      Its substance abuse to "escape".

      Just like investing/trading to escape - no difference.

      Career going no where... Low self-esteem... Lack of respect from peers... Relationship problems... No ikigai... No purpose in life...

      You don't solve it by being finacially free or independent.

      If people don't respect you because of your behaviour, you think they will respect you if you became rich?

    2. Chop fingers are final lessons learnt in life. Full stop and no more taking tests.

    3. CW,


      It need not be a "bad" thing though.

      Its part of self discovery like learning you're a penguin or ostrich.

      Why try to fly like the other birds when we can outswim or outrun them?

      And knowing what shoes fit our feet ;)

      There are those amongst us who have chopped fingers when it comes to formal education, working for others, or trying to "invest" their way out of the rut they were in...

  5. Hi SMOL,

    Hmm, I think in school, you can also be taught lessons, be given a test, and let that test teach you another lesson. Likewise, in life, you can be given a test, that will teach you some lessons, so that you can re-sit for future tests that life will inevitably give you.

    In other words, there is no difference, because school is part of life, though a bit more sheltered. I think the main difference between school and life is that for life, the teachers, the syllables and the test are not obvious. But the good thing is that you can sit for the test again and again until you pass lol

    1. LP,

      There is a subtle difference ;)

      To learn and profit from tests in schools, a person needs to have a greater sense of self awareness and the ability to parlay an experience into other situations (举一反三)...

      Just today, another promoter was joking with me his experience with a customer who was asking specifically for detailed instructions on how to use an airfryer for chicken nugguts...

      The promoter explained in the brochure there's a guideline for chicken wings and french fries.

      The customer not satisfied. Insist she needs a detailed guideline for chicken nuggets!?

      This is what I call the 10 year series problem with some "educated" Singaporeans. What we learned in one area, once we move to another areana, suddenly lost...

      I'm amazed with those who are business admin or accounting graduates from poly and universities, still willing pay to attend fundamental analysis workshops!?

      When challenged, they sheepishly say business school never taught them about investing and financial literacy mah... Huh?

      Yup, the main difference is what you say - once the teachers, syllables and tests are not obvious - some are unable to think for themselves!


    2. Reading financial statement and analyzing is just part of investing.

      Don't mix up accounting, finance and investing. They are different fields with some overlapping. If know accounting and finance is good enough; then university professors in accounting and finance faulty will be super investors.

      Read? I am Finance Manager!!!

    3. CW,



      The basic building block of Fundamental analysis is the competence to read financial statements on your own.

      If academics, professional accountants, MBAs, and CFAs find investing hard, what makes you think a few days of fundamental analysis "short-cuts" will make investing easier?

      Of course the ownself lie to ownself justification for overpaying "give me fish now" courses would be better if one went for voodoo technical analysis ;)

      But to pay more than MBA lectures on a hourly basis for "fundamental analysis" workshops, when its just a watered down verson of business finance for dummies...

      Well, if you are Growth investor that would perhaps makes sense. But if you swear by Value investing...

      I mean for those who espouse "value" (don't drink attas coffee people), wouldn't you rather spend that similar amount of money on a 1 year part-time Finance for Non-Accounting Graduates programme?

      At least this boy scout badge is recognised by HR and looks good in your resume. If one wishes to continue to a MBA, the finance modules will be easy peasy. Scalable some more!

      Wait a minute. I idiot.

      I should have written to our polys and universities first for the affiliate marketing commissions in promoting their courses...


  6. In school, things are simple. Student is taught a lesson with clear right and wrong answer. He sits for an exam with clear and objective results - Grade A,B,C. If he scores A, he is good student.

    In life, it's not so simple. No right or wrong answers when making life decisions. Who is to say this career move is bad, that girl you choose as wife is bad? Even interpretation of test outcome is subjective. Suppose a person reaches financial freedom in his 40s. Most of the financial blogging community will probably give him A grade. Others may give lousier grade as they are of the opinion that if everyone is like him, hoard money and stop working, our economy will collapse. Both contradictory grades have sound reasoning. This is grade given by other people. Then, we have grades given by ourselves on ourselves. This is usually quite biased. Ownself grade ownself. There are Wall Street snakeoil, MLM snakeoil, financial training snakeoil who think they are doing God's work and they deserve to be rich but other people think they are earning evil money. On the other extreme, there are people who are unhappy with themselves but their friends/relatives who know him may have higher regards for him. Whose grade is the right one?

    When life delivers a lesson, people can learn the wrong lesson. An entrepreneur fails the first time and he interprets it as he is not suitable for entrepreneurship. Maybe if he persevere, he can finally succeed? But maybe he is right and cutting losses is the right move? No one really knows which is the right lesson for sure.

    So how? I think being self-aware of one's biases, being open-minded to other people's negative grades, having a good bullshit detector to filter out external bullshit are essential life habits and skills to learning from life's lessons.

    1. hyom,

      If we live our lives listening to others - like the story of the father, his son, and their mule - then we have wasted our time here on earth...

      Yin and Yang opposites have to co-exist together. Just like - tall, short; big, small - need to have the other to have meaning...

      Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

      Yet we have the opposite story of the miner who gave up just one feet away from striking gold...

      We have the conservatives who prefer to voluntarily contribute to CPF, and we have the risk takers who are willing to invest their money in the stock markets for potential greater returns.

      During bull market, the "investors" can talk down to the savers that after inflation adjusted, the real returns only 1-2%... How to compound like that even if its 30 years!?

      But during a gut wrenching -50% bear market, the savers can poke the earn more folks for investing to breakeven one day...

      Who is right? Who is better off?

      I just know a man gives the world its saddest sound when a risk taker voluntarily contributes to CPF, and when a risk adverse individual invests into stocks or properties.

  7. SMOL,

    I tell my son not to listen to me sometimes because although I mean well, I don't know what is best for him. Worse still, my advice may be selfish without me even realizing it. He has to make his judgment when to be disobedient.

    Good point about Yin and Yang balance. All of us are different. What's right for one may not be right for the other. Different strengths/weaknesses , different likes/dislikes for each unique individual. As long as an individual is true to himself, know himself, say what he thinks, do what he says, even if outcome is bad, who is to say he is wrong when nobody is harmed? However, there's such a thing as absolute wrong. That so-called man of God who got ultra-rich from preaching prosperity gospel probably thinks he is doing God's work. He used to own a Sentosa Cove property but encourages his followers to downgrade their HDB flat so that they can donate more money to the church. Pui! Our Singapore legal courts don't agree with him and I'm confident the judges are right.

    That sad sound is sad if the risk-taker and risk-adverse individual blindly follow others into doing things against their nature. I invest in stocks. I have also voluntarily contributed into CPF. Portfolio needs Yin and Yang balance. In a bear market such as today when risky activities have lost money, the conservative portion of the portfolio prevents devastating destruction. It also helps preserves one's psychology in the right state so that one can grab opportunities when the bull market eventually returns later.

    Have a nice weekend on your weekend gig.

    1. temperament,

      You are full of contradictions ;)

      Say its just the tip of the bear market then why you make recent buys?

      They are just "trades" for the Christmas rally right?

      Well, wait for tonight 3:00 am for what the Fed says lor!

      You either lose more money or recover of your losses ;)

      Good luck to you!

      I'm on the sidelines; I prefer not to have positions before big data events.

    2. temperament,


      I was poking you ;)

      Even worse if the recent buys were for longer term trading! LOL!

      You were the one saying its the tip of the bear market and you started buying???

      Don't need to explain to us; just explain to yourself ;)

  8. temperament,

    We've struck the ovarian lottery by being born in Singapore :)

    As for school, I think we can see in our midst those whose career are going nowhere... Yet their chosen path to "escape" is to take degree after degree, courses after courses!?

    I suspect these are penguins or ostriches that refuse to acknowledge who they really are. Instead of excelling in swimming or running, they rather cling on to slogan - "If others can fly, so can you!"

    We are not living in the middle ages where there's slavery. We are free man.

    Life's too short to be doing something that we don't enjoy!

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