Tuesday, 2 October 2018

What happened to your Bucket List?

Everything is about cycles and fashion right?

Once upon a time, it was "fashionable" to have a Bucket List. Just like the FIRE goals many parrots are now mimicking...

Others have you don't have, cannot!

For those old enough to remember Bucket Lists and used to have one, well, what happened?

Forgotten about them right?

They are there somewhere collecting dusts...

And to think once upon a time, the items on your Bucket List were so "meaningful" to you that you must cross them out before you die! 

Would you believe your own self next time you feel like having a goal or a plan?

Oh! Want to bet 10 years from now anyone would mention about FIRE goals? 


  1. Next time may be work till death as you like it so much

    1. CW,

      Don't be envious of those lucky enough to find and enjoy what they do!

      I bet Mahatir goes to bed with a smile on his face :)

      I not sure which branch you belonged to... But what happened to the Protestant work ethic?

  2. There are 2 kinds:

    1. Those who are sincere about their FIRE goal. They would have achieved or close to achieve it 10 years from now. Naturally they won't need to advocate anymore.

    2. Those who keep chasing after new 'trend' of goals. By 10 years they might have clean forgotten what was FIRE.

    1. Clever girl you!

      An "active" bucket list is one where its dogged-eared, yellowed, and crumpled through frequent use ;)

      You'll see cross-outs on some or most of the items listed. That meant someone is actually working towards their dreams!

      Then there are those "passive" bucket lists that are in "mint" condition; protected by layers of dusts mah!

      Not a single item has been crossed-out...

      Its an "aspirational bucket list"!?


      P.S. This "aspirational" poke is a gift that keeps on giving whenever I need to parody those who say things they don't mean ;)

  3. I actually remember my bucket list, at least several of the items I wrote a few years ago

    1. Sillyinvestor,

      And the purpose of the bucket list was...???

      Have you thought about them within the last few weeks?

      Or worked towards fulfilling them?

      You know what's the ideal bucket list?

      A blank one ;)

      Not because we boring or no life can't thiink of anything worthwhile to do, but because we already have crossed-out every single item on our bucket lists :)

      If tomorrow never comes, we go with a smile and no regrets.

    2. Hahahahah OK

      Thanks. Didn't score too badly. 2 of which, Whwn the time is ripe. But if go without them go lor

    3. Sillyinvestor,

      That's great!

      Items on the list, if we don't cross them out we don't care, then they don't matter in the first place.

      Items NOT included in the list, but they are always on our minds; why not give them our priority and get them out of our systems once and for all?


  4. Bucket list. I don't have it. To me, bucket list is like goalposts. I prefer to have no restriction and do things as per my preference and mood at the present moment.


    1. Ben,

      Must wear clothes even at home OK?

      Wait you become so "unrestricted" that you become like Liu Ling (劉伶) of the Seven Sages of Bamboo Grove!

      In Singapore, neighbours see will complain!

    2. Smol,

      Draw on curtain. The unrestrictive barrier is unleashed.


  5. Some time in the near future :

    FIRE would stand for Financial Independence Remain Employed.

    Because it is easier to work hard on something we don't like, but difficult to find something we like working on.

    People would be like, "I've found my calling. What's yours?"

    1. Kevin,

      High five!

      You are GOOD!

      I personally feel our community is becoming a little bit "cultish"; how are we any different from Prosperity Gospel preachers?

      Open mouth money, money, money...

      Just like parsimony is using financial prudence as cover, greed has found its cloak of disguise...

      "I've found my calling" - that's financial freedom to achieve.

      "I'll retire when I hit X amount in Y years - that's putting off the hard decision making part in asking what's my calling?

      It's moving the goal posts procrastination; financial freedom to escape.

      But hey! Meanwhile you have a goal in life!

      However, the hole or void in the heart remains...

    2. Heh. Even the community could be a passing trend, be it cultish or not. How many bloggers have you seen, come along and made a big splash, but never to be heard from again?

      People come and go. And yet, many of us stick around. Not purely for the money (of course it is good to have some in the process, who am I kidding?!) but because we ENJOY doing this blogging thing.

    3. Kevin,

      Yup. Too many new faces with grandiose goals and aspirational manifestoes recently; not enough dreamers and hippies :(

      It would be interesting to see how many of us would remain 10 years down the road...

      I would be 61 then!?

      An old fogey!!! Yuks!

      Hope I will be still dreaming of babes and other cool stuffs to play with :)

    4. Hi Smol,

      61 will be considered as 41 as per 10 years' time. People are looking younger as time progress. This is the typology as per my perspective.


    5. Ben,

      Now that's a word we don't normally use in everyday speech - typology ;)

      Science stream people...


  6. I had one many years back and then I realised that I didn't need to curate one just to make sure that "I will live a life well-led".

    It felt pretty cliche.

    And still feels the same way.

    At least to me :p

    1. Kate,


      Its another of those feel good bromides to create the illusion we have a purpose in life...

      Life is not a list of items to be ticked off one by one.

      Life is to be lived :)


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