Saturday 27 October 2018

Traded My Brains Out Yesterday

What a day!

From morning till midnight. From pre-market to after hours market.

Made money but was totally wrecked mentally...

There were 2 new trading setups that presented itself: one at around 10:30 pm and another at around 12:30 am...

Too tired mentally to add on new positions; I was more in the mode to square off my existing positions so I can be flat this weekend.  

Could have doubled my yesterday's profits; that 12:30 am setup had a huge move during the night while I slept. Nice long candlestick.

I rode the move up and took profit. Didn't have the mental strength (not aggressive enough) to short the move down when I saw the technicals breaking (that's why I took profit).

But its OK. This morning checking the aftermath, feels good the price has gone down to near where I had entered previously. Let's hope can rinse and repeat next week!

I learned something yesterday.

I need to pace myself.

The trouble with stock index futures and currencies trading is the near round-the-clock 24 hours of trading!

Must focus.

Not only on my choice of trading vehicles, but also on the trading window when I'm most alert and fresh!



  1. Sharpening and retooling trading craft. Lol

    1. CW,

      Paid for with blood, sweat, and tears!

      What to do?

      I not smart like others who can relax relax do nothing, and money fall on them ;)


  2. Trade the best and leave the rest.

    And around the lifestyle we choose.

    Just like when a business owner decides to open and close shop.

    If you are not the 24h coffee shop, you won't harp on the 'lost' business from the supper crowd.


    1. Endrene,

      It reminded me of my days in Shanghai...

      In Singapore, no women would give me their time of day; over there, sit in Starbucks also got girls come and chat me up!? LOL!

      Yesterday, my screen was flashing so many setups that I got carried away... Shame on me!

      That's why I quickly wrote this post.

      I'm too old for this shit!


  3. Looks like someone is having fun! :D

    1. Unintelligent Nerd,

      Indeed it was a lot of fun! And very stressful too!

      I am glad I got the clarity of mind and courage to close ALL my positions yesterday.

      Today I felt calm and collected again.

      Monday is a new trading week; I'll start with a fresh slate ;)

      Broke a lot of my personal records yesterday:

      Longest trading hours starting at the screen - 8:30 am to 12:30 am with only 3 hours break in between for lunch and dinner.

      Most number of trading transactions in a single day.

      Trading in more than one asset class at the same time.

      And most number of intra-day trades! (Endrene is right. These ikan bilis trades I can pass in future)

      My broker finally happy I think!


    2. All my orders expire unfilled this week. :(

      Hoping for more red this coming week!

      I think I am a good case study for Borderline Personality Disorder. One minute cheering for my stocks to drop, the next minute sitting in a corner and emo because it isn't red enough. The next minute bursting out in song.

      I think our friends would have conveyed to you that this UN sot sot liao, LOL!

    3. Unintelligent Nerd,

      Ha ha! You buy-the-dipper you!

      You'll be happy when your orders are filled, provided the price don't slice through them...

      That's how you know when you have stepped into the path of an incoming train!

      Or trying to catch a falling knife ;)

      Then again, if you manage to catch the lows of this "correction" and ride the year end Santa Claus rally, this Christmas would be fantastic for you!

      If we end up on opposite sides of the same trade, don't say hi or apologise. Its all about stealing candies from each other ;)

      No quater asked; none given.

  4. temperament,

    Have you taken your medicine?



  5. temperament,

    You weren't so "chatty" in the past...

    Something must have happened recently.

    Jokes aside, if you need someone to talk to, the offer is still open - you can jio CW and me out for kopi.

    My treat.

    You special; you senior citizen.

    I am guessing you are around 70ish? Not many here more senior than CW!

    You're our lao da!

  6. temperament,

    There you go!

    Finally can speak from "I" perspective ;)

    That wasn't that hard right?

    Good job! Keep it up!

    Oh by the way, owe me one coffee ;)

  7. This week, my trades all see red.

    Finally learnt some lessons. I hope.

    Intra-day trades must have dexterity, inter-day trades must have 'stomach' for swings.

    1. Rainbow girl,

      That's the advantage of starting young when our trading account is not so big. There's only so much we can lose!

      You have the right attitude :)

      Most of the REAL learnings from veterans who survived more than 1 bull/bear are from losses and mistakes we've made.

      I'm not an intra-day trader by any stretch of the imagination. But as part of continuous improvement to my craft, when I saw opportunities to EXPAND my range, I took the challenge ;)

      I'm ominverous.

      Another reason is I'm sick and tired of leaving money on the table by getting profit-stopped by one day down and next day up reversals!


    2. Hi SMOL,

      Veterans get profit-stopped, I kept getting loss-stopped. New slate next week for me would be like 'Ah Q spirit'.

      I hate long candles and gap downs/up. :(

    3. Rainbow,

      You should see the school fees I've paid after the 2000 crash!

      Lucky I got a good day job to repair the hole in my portfolio!

      I focus on what I can control, what the market does on Monday I have no control.

      I can't get profit-stopped on Monday if I've taken my profits by squaring my positions on Friday ;)

      Which also means I can't complain on Monday if it gaps down further... But what if it gaps up instead? Don't know for sure? Stay on the sidelines?

      Trend followers get massacred in volatile up and down markets that don't trend in any direction. Whiplash!

      If the mountain don't turn; I turn ;)

    4. Now I understand why trading is craft. True traders can trade in any market condition.

      Indeed... if mountains don't, I turn. This week need to do something different.

    5. Rainbow girl,

      I am work-in-progress too. That's what makes it interesting!

      If nothing else to improve, that's the day I stop trading for good ;)

  8. Congratulations on your successful intra-day trades on 26Oct2018. Intra-day traders thrive in the kind of volatile markets that we can in today. It is a good skill-set to have during bear stock markets when stock indices tend to be more volatile and have larger intra-day trading ranges.

    For people like me, I confess I do not have this skill-set. Don't monkey-see, monkey-do. You can doesn't mean I can. I am happy enough to not lose too much money in this kind of markets and happy for skillful friends who can. Can learn more things from you mah. Haha.

    You have a profitable week next week but take care of your health.

    1. hyom hyom,

      I much prefer trending markets. But these 2 weeks of volatility were huge!

      1 day gap up, next day gap down.

      Expanding my skills sets as I don't want to end up to be an one trick pony ;)

      I am the cheerleader of discovering things for yourself. And it starts with knowing oneself first! Then the "right" vehicles and styles will come naturally - crash got sound!

      How many in our community will say investing is not for anyone and everyone?

      Its so bemusing to see many have the view what works for them must also work for others!

      And if others do something different, they act like the Dog in the Manger and tell everyone if they can't eat hay, others shouldn't too!

      Talk about hubris! LOL!

      You're not a monkey or a parrot ;)

      Find your own niche, at your own pace.

      Thanks! I'm totally relaxed and well rested now. That's why I squared all my positions by Friday.

      I focus on what I can control ;)

  9. I too had some fun. But it’s not profitable! Another lesson from Mr Market!! Haha

    1. sleepydevil,

      When we were studying, its all about cashflow out as in paying school fees.

      Once we have the required knowledge after graduation, the cashflow in will come once we get employed ;)

      The same goes for our investing/trading journeys.

      You would rather pay school fees now in your early 20s than paying them in your 50s or 60s!!!

      Have fun and stay forever young at heart!

  10. temperament,

    Of course I can see you were trying to troll and bait me!

    Its so amusing to see you waving your little axe in front of my door ;)

    You so cute! Tell everyone you just want to "oppose" me for the sake of opposition?

    If you are genuine in having a conversation with me, you know I never shy to share my REAL opinion :)

    But if you intend to persist in trolling or speak in the "3rd person", then you'll know how I'll respond ;)

  11. the past 2 weeks was the most welcome sign for traders! i just hope it will continue on forever!

    1. Welcome back coconut!

      Cool right?

      Lucky got Feb and this Oct. The rest of the other months I was like bored to death...

      Hope this week will be just as fun!

  12. congrats for ur wins!
    reading this post, made me recall many many years ago, when i wanted to try trading after seeing how easy people made their money. (more winners posted profits than losers posted their losses). in end, made a little, but it was very stressful doing so. decided that i am not suitable for this kind of thing.
    up to now, and i guess would be for many years to come, still treading along my boring slow investment road.

    1. Ang gong gong,

      Thank you!

      Its just small money.

      I still prefer my "meatier" multimonth trend following trades; intra-day trading is just a secondary skill that I would like to include in my toolkit ;)

      I am quite pleased with myself for venturing outside of my comfort zone.

      In the past, I would just have shorted and covered my position and that's that.

      Now I'm more comfortable going long for the same ride up when the opportunity presents itself :)

      For sure I wouldn't want to do this everyday. It too much on my eyes and I'm no spring chicken anymore!

      I am very mindful that overtrading is one of the reasons why most traders lost money ;)

  13. SMOL,

    If you want more fun and excitement, check out natural gas futures. LOL.

    1. hyom hyom,

      Am aware of it. WTI also had one of its fastest drawdown in recent years...

      That's why to trade leveraged vehicles, cannot have no idea what is risk and money management!


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