Thursday 4 October 2018

Everyone wears masks

East, west, we all same same.

Below is how we present ourselves to the world.

Only young children don't wear masks; they have not learned how not to say what we really feel, what not to say in public, and the art of hollywood in the workplace!


  1. Hmm .. how those about wearing mask on mask? :-)

    1. CW,

      You mean those that can "assume" multiple personalities and do a Szechuan 变脸 to lie to themselves?

      As for the rest of the audience, we all know its the SAME performer ;)

      To quote Shakespeare:

      Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player,
      that struts and frets his hour upon the stage,
      and then is heard no more.

      It is a tale told by an idiot,
      full of sound and fury,
      signifying nothing.

    2. I like Macbeth. My literature teacher in Sec 3/4 was a British lady who was quite unlike any of the teachers I have ever had in Singapore. Full of gusto and enthusiasm! She allowed me the chance to learn to enjoy the subject, although my engineering mind would never excel in it. I got a B, but my memories will last me a lifetime!

    3. Kevin,

      Its super when teachers encorage us to learn for the joy of learning; not for the purpose of "scoring" in exams :)

      I had a cool literature teacher too! She's the one who does not wear a bra to an all boys school :)

      That lasted until the system beat the "free spirit" out of her :(

  2. Kids u mean very young kids before P1?

    Political correctness is very ingrained from P4 onwards, the more model pupil the more correct

    What u mean is kids easier to take down mask, as long as they feel safe.

    Adults wear so many masks and sometime for so long that we forgotten how many masks we got. I admit it myself too. mask got face painting. batmat, the mask is actually the

  3. Sillyinvestor,

    I meant exactly what I've said - young children ;)

    You want to be "precise" like lao goh?

    I prefer to leave it "grey".


    Trying to put words into my mouth?

    No, I said young children don't wear masks. Wink.

    Young children will learn the value of wearing masks from adults soon enough!

    When they grow up, they'll learn its part and parcel of what we call EQ.

    Some adults never got the memo though...

    They step on toes and offend people the moment they open their mouths?

    Some of them can be excellent co-workers. So we put them in the back office where there's minimum contact with people.

    1. I would think that most adults working got the memo...

      But adults appreciate different masks for different settings ;) some think 1 mask fits all.

      Apparently we have a different perspective in this. It's fine.

      It's good that u think young kids dun wear mask. Perhaps your mask u refer to something more fundamental. Which I would then agree..

      If u thinking the warped EQ... But the while success is a mask, it makes one wary of image

    2. Oh ya,

      Dun compare me with Lao Goh,
      I feel offended. I rather u compare me with anyone with 2 decimal place. Obsseive with numbers is fine with me.

      I dun look down on people

    3. Sillyinvestor,


      That lao goh reference was an example of EQ and being "grey" :)

      Could have simply stop at we are willing to pay top dollar for talent; but no... Had to put in a precise $500K number. Then kenna and pinky had to do damage control ;)

      Personally, I don't believe lao goh was looking down on people; he came from humble beginnings too. He merely saying out loud what most land owners are thinking.

      I am perplexed.

      Where do we have a different perspective (in the broad sense)?

      Hee hee.

      Unlike you, I just don't feel like dotting my i's and crossing my t's.

      I simply said everyone wears masks; and young children don't :)

      Different readers will read it in their own ways.

      You have shared yours; let's hope we'll get even more totally different perspectives!!!

      That would be fun :)

  4. Smol,

    Facial mask will be better phrase to use.


    1. Ben,

      Facial masks as in face masks women put on at night?


      Please don't wear one outside the house!

    2. Smol,

      Man also use facial mask. You mentioned a salient point. As far as I can recall, no one has ever wore a facial mask in public. Worthy of an attempt. Ponder for thought.


    3. Ben,

      SK II for men?

      I think some guys fuss over their faces and bodies more than women do today.

      The younger salesmen nowadays are quite stylo with their 油头粉面 look; especially those that work in jewellery or fashion boutiques.

      They really put on foundation one!

      No bluff!

    4. I think I detected a bit of jealousy and envy on my part ;)

      Youths should do youthful stuffs; even if they are silly or frivolous.

      What do old fogeys with money want to do?

      Be young all over again!

      That's why old fogeys (men and women) have younger lovers - to feel young all over again :)

      Ah ber then?

  5. Wear mask until like 'Inception' is the highest form of 'achievement' and mastery ?

    Or merely so lost but no choice to spin another spiral of self deception?

    And there are those who stand on moral high ground who proclaim they don't wear mask at all. 'I'm not phony lor and can't stand people who are not real.'

    Oh really, so real as to spit at people you can't stand or scold them profanities? Huh cannot? Because that is uncouth and uncultured?

    LOL. Ok, knowing one's Ps and Qs is just good manners, not wearing mask.

    1. Endrene,

      I so good at self-delusion that I can look into the mirror after a shower, and compliment myself, "You sexy thing!"



      To strangers we don't know well, we put on our masks. First impressions mah!

      To buddies and best friends forever - we knn this, knn that; plus pepper our conversations with your father, your mother ;)

      Not spicy enough? We throw in 超级白 and 蓝叫 for that extra oomph!

      We call other girls sluts when they flirt with guys; when we do it, its called being ""friendly".

      When guys are being "friendly" to girls, we call them crocodiles. What? we just showing the girls a good time mah!

      Some adults are born with missing screws. They talk like young children. Say what they feel and think without filtering.

      If we can accept them for who they are, and not let our fragile egos be offended, I'll say they make great sounding boards if we want honest feedbacks :)

  6. No need masks, makeup also boleh!
    Scary transformations hor.

    Different moods, put different makeups. ;)

    1. Rainbow girl,

      I faint!

      That reminds me... Must verify her bareface before bringing her to meet mom!

      Must say young women nowadays are very good in makeup. I compliment them during my weekend gig :)

      People put so much effort; must show appreciation mah!

      They happy; they ask their husbands buy from me :)


      I man-whore leh.

  7. temperament,

    My non-politically correct reply would be:

    1) They can't say "No" to others...

    2) Care more about other people's feelings than their own...

    3) Have low self-esteem. They don't think they are worthy...

    From the perspective of those who are doing the abusing, manipulation, or taking advantage of others; of course it works better if they target the "nicest people" :(

    No one would admit they are the victims...

    The losers...

    They are weaklings...

    What better way to lie to themselves than to put on a mask and console themselves they are the "nicest people"?

    You can't fake happiness.

  8. Smol,

    Such effort of conceding the true style requires a lot of time and effort. Not worthwhile as per my perspective.


    1. Ben,

      It takes time to grow a spine and be confident to express what we really think or feel.


  9. temperament,

    You don't have an opinion of your own?

    You don't trust your own feet when chosing shoes? Must need others to tell you which shoes should you buy?

    I'm not interested to hear what Aaron Nitzkin has to say - I don't know him (and I bet 99% of the animals at this watering don't either).

    But I'm interested to hear what temperament has to say ;)

  10. Quote : "You don't trust your own feet when chosing shoes? Must need others to tell you which shoes should you buy?"

    Hmm ... After choosing the right shoes or any wearable; we often see he/she turned to the other she/he and asked "nice/okay/...".

    See difference. Buying alone or with partner. :-)

  11. CW,

    We men are terrified when our women ask us nice or not?

    Say nice, she retorts nice meh? Now jam...

    Say not nice, she now spanish inquitision us why we don't like? We need a rope to hang ourselves...

    After multiple crash got sound self-inflicted pain, we now know when its best to be as "grey" as possible :)

    My favourite is, "Whatever you like love! You always have good taste."

    How's that for returning serve?


  12. It is a gift to be able to wear masks at will, change to a different mask to suit the situation and person. If a person is able to 见人说人话, 见鬼说鬼话, he deserves to climb the corporate ladder. And no, I won't call this facemask person insincere. If he is willing to put on a mask and talk to me politely over an unpleasant and sensitive issue, that shows he respects me. Poking is good even if it hurts, as long as the poking is done politely.

    One problem with wearing masks for too long is that one loses sight of the objective of wearing masks. Mask is for others to see, not for ourselves to see. Do we end up deceiving ourselves with pleasant lies that we like to hear? Some pastors preach "The more you give to the church (or me), the more you store up riches in heaven". Believing your own lies because it yields tempting benefits to yourself? Most decisions a person make can be traced to his selfish need for money, comfort and vanity. Seldom is it done for the benefit of others (except family) although outwardly, that is usually the reason given.

    I hope that preacher has stopped believing in his own lies after he comes out of jail.

    1. hyom hyom,

      Yup, when we use our skill in changing masks for good, its called charisma, or high EQ.

      When we use it for selfish personal gains, its called "politics".

      You got the essence!

      Masks are for others to see. Its a sad day when we have to put on masks to fool ouselves... Capitulation of self-worth and self-esteem...

      Oh! That preacher will come out and have a bigger flock when the economy tanks. Everytime we have an economic crisis, church attendances go up!

      Human nature.

      When times are good, we believe in our own goals and plans. We parrot hubris-inspired chants like: If we fail to plan; we plan to fail.

      Or even more hurting ones like: Born poor not your fault; die poor its your fault!

      That's until you got retrenched, business fails, relationships turn sour, and everything blows up in your life...

      Then you capitulate and turn to Divine Providence!?

      There will be no shortage of "shepherds" with welcoming arms ;)

    2. Smol,

      Keep own belief close to the heart regardless of the circumstance. The going gets tougher. The tough gets going.


    3. Temperament,

      I believe that it's up to the individual's outlook on life. Positive and minimalist mindset go to great extent in making the life look interesting and worthy to live on. A simple deep breath is precious.


    4. Ben,

      Some of us are warm-blooded (ownself mind ownself); while some of us are cold-blooded (need others to shepherd us):

      Warm-blooded Cold-blooded

    5. temperament,

      I am not just song and dance. If need be, I can flash my fangs and claws ;)

      I'm definitely not herbivore... LOL!

      Faith is another way of saying Hope.

      And Hope leads to having a Dream.

      Dream is the colloquial equivalent to the corporate version of Vision.

      Once we have a Vision in our lives, even if we don't own a company, we'll have a reason to get up in the mornings ;)

    6. temperament,

      There you go! We are talking about the same thing; just from different perspectives ;)

      Words are like the different colours of the rainbow.

      We can argue over the differences (red is not blue); yet all the colours combined makeup the SAME white light :)

  13. temperament,

    Do that!

    Just share my comments to Aaron Nitzkin and asks him what he thinks ;)

    He'll probably say the same thing like me, "I don't know who is Jared Seah... But since you bothered to take the time to write to me, why don't you tell me what you think?"


    If you no longer want to be a parrot or messaging pigeon, and would like to speak to us as in your anonymous capacity as "temperament", without hiding behind someone said this... they said that...

    We are all ears!

    LOL! I too much snake oil? Don't try to deflect. Its all about you.

    Who is the one evading, dodging, being slippery...


  14. Smol,

    Let's not forget the grey areas. The bits and pieces make life more interesting with a variety of colours.


    1. Ben,

      Yup. White, grey, and black are still colours of the rainbow combined - just different intensity ;)

      More, its white; less its grey; none its black.

      One hydrogen atom combined with another hydrogen atom = helium.

      Keep adding hydrogen atoms, we get the elements in the periodic table.

      Who knew science is in harmony with Taoism's 1 to 2, 2 to 4, 4 to eight?

      And the "One" of Buddhism?


    2. Smol,

      The compoounding effect. That's awesome. This goes to show the flexibility of applying various theory in ever-changing circumstance.

      The only constant is change. Do not rule the exceptional circumstance of change snd the appropriate way is to be open-minded.


  15. Temperament,

    Life is super precious. Every moment second is valuable and I will definitely cherish every moment.

    On the side note, I see many instances in which people take life for granted and assume that such lifestyle is given and deserved without effort. To each of their own. There are only this much one can do in changing the perception. I guess that the best approach is to lead the life to the fullest.



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