Monday 15 October 2018

Singapore Best Place to Work and Live for Expats

We lucky or what?

Talk about blind cat catching dead mice!

The Best Countries to Work and Live in - And to Boost Your Salary

Not easy to get Singaporeans to move overseas right? Not when we are already so well paid...

Funny how those who are hungrier and more ambitious are eager to come and work here, yet we have Singaporeans eager to stop work ASAP!?

I'll take this as good news?

Especially those who owned rental/investment properties or shares in companies that profit from population growth in Singapore.

I mean even if we are not "investors", can't be good for Singapore if nobody wants to work in Singapore right?

If maids find they can earn more in neighbouring cities other than Singapore, that's probably when our graduates have to move overseas to find better paying jobs?



  1. Hi Smol,

    I am of view that this is a mixed perception. Like what you mentioned, this might be a good reason for those who desire to live in Singapore. I think that it's up to the individual's perspective. What seems like a gold to one might appears like a redding for the others.

    To each of our own.


    1. Ben,

      I hope you can detect a bit of sarcasm and irony in my post ;)

      We don't want population 10 million, but we know the consequences if no one wants to emigrate here.

      We don't want property prices to go crazy like in Hong Kong, but we don't want prices to "hentak kaki" either.

      We don't like the higher costs of living here, but we'll be even more unhappy if tourists come here and exclaim, "Wow! Singapore so cheap! Buy, buy, buy!"

  2. Err ... I think the keyword here is "Expat" LOL!!

    How many foreign workers here get a "modest" $10K monthly housing allowance or even over $20K, plus $50K annual international school expenses for kids, not to mention "free" GP & private hospital coverage for entire family ... but wait that's not all ... free rein of a few K of transport allowance or company BMW/Merc thrown in as an afterthought? ;) ;)

    And yes, there are quite a number of expats getting the above, including the >$20K monthly rental allowance.

    BTW these perks are considered as part of "earned income" by IRAS & subject to income tax LOL! Their tax bill are minimum $80K and above.

    1. Spur,

      To me, its the same whether the foreign talent is here on expat terms or on local terms.

      Or whether the foreign worker is here to do the work Singaporeans avoid.

      Who would come to Singapore for work if they can't earn more than what they can get in their home countries?

      I have the glass half-full perspective.

      Isn't it great companies can pay juicy expat terms to secure talent?

      That means I can also get the same benefits if I perform too!

      I have nothing aganst expats; I enjoyed being an expat ;)

      If you were still working in corporate, would you be more secure knowing your company is moving all the expats home?

      If still need to cut manpower costs how?

      Who will they target next?


      I've survived 2 rounds of downsizing at our Montgomery Ward Singapore trading office. That experience wasn't fun. I left before our US parent company went bankrupt in Chicago :(

      I much prefer working at a company that's growing and taking market share from others ;)

      Make a guess which company can pay better and provide career advancement?

  3. Singapore is safe place for the rich Expat and night birds

    1. CW,

      Singapore attracts expats with family and children for the reasons you've mentioned.

      For expats who are single, Hong Kong and Shanghai are a lot more fun and exciting ;)

  4. Hi SMOL,

    It is not neccesary so that locals can get the same benefits 'if they perform too'. Besides performance, many of these expats were 'relocated' to work here either due to their extensive oversea experiences (which locals cannot compare) or ties with upper management.

    We have Singaporeans eager to work overseas too. I have friends who have gotten Singapore citizenship and then migrated again to land of Koalas as they think life is better there for work and their kids' studies.

    Singaporeans who wants to stop work ASAP are most likely at the mid or bottom of the food chain. Why would they want to stop work if they are the 'shark' or the shepherds? ;)

    1. Rainbow girl,

      You are one straight talker you!

      All I can say the benefits and pay are "different" when people headhunt you to join them versus if you had applied for the job ;)

      Smart girl.

      Stay away from misers.

      Stay away from those who seek financial freedom to "escape".

      Unless you don't mind working yourself to feed them. Like that, make sure he better looking than Andy Lau!

      P.S. I myself looking for my sugar jie-jie too! I like my rice soft, soft kind ;)

  5. Expats with families are on a sharp decline for the last few years - I gathered it from working in an international school for the last 4 years. The only school doing well is a a non-national school running a particular country's curriculum who just opened a massive campus in Punggol, followed by mid-tier and low-tier schools in Jurong and Pasir Panjang, all targetted at their countrymen across on all spectrums.

    Anyway, the expats coming here these days are singles. And what had happened in the last few years are HR using the existence of such reports to justify higher manpower costs so they are not exactly being paid low.

    Singapore remains the most viable entry point for young single expats on their first overseas deployment. They get rotated from station to station every couple of years so nevermind they get paid slightly lower - it's still an overseas stint and a talking point on their CVs.

    1. patty,

      Yes, during my weekend gig, I do get landlords who want to pay lower prices for home appliance by getting display or "re-conditioned" models for their tenants.

      So I get access from the horse mouths about the lowering of rentals...

      Its a good market indicator to get the pulse of the economy ;)


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